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Natalia Dyer & Wolfgang Novogratz on 'Yes, God, Yes' & Their Paths in Hollywood | MTV News


– What was your reaction when you either saw or touched my fake arm hair for the first time? (laughing) I think I saw you when you saw it, your eyes went, like– – Yeah, I think that the instinct was to be very gentle with it – Thank you

– Just an eye, like that’s artwork Don’t wanna mess that up Yeah, how did you feel? Remind me, what was that like? What was– – It was an hour in the morning to get on – That was brutal – And then about 30 to 40 minutes to take it off at night

But anytime I would cross my arms, my arms will like get stuck together, so I was just kind of like this the whole time – How would you describe the movie in three words? – I would say witty Tender – Aww – And needed

– What do you mean by needed? – Well, I think for me, when I first read the script, I just thought, I can't think of many films, teenage coming-of-age films, that have showed female sexuality and discovery in such a humorous, but also very delicate way I think we've seen the male perspective many times, but not the female's I actually– I do have a question for you You have been with this film literally since the start The short film a couple of years ago, to making the feature, then we go to South by Southwest, and now finally, it's coming out for everyone to see

I guess, what is your feeling and response been that, you know, the film's received wonderful reviews we won best ensemble? How does that make you feel? – It was, you know, really encouraging, I think, yeah In some ways it's felt like the little film that could I think the accolades speak very much of Karen It is needed I think it is so different from a lot of the stories about females and female sexuality that we've seen, that it was kind of a little nervous, you know, that it might off-put some people

But not moreso the fact that I think some of the best art is challenging, and even if people didn't give it great reviews, I think even if it just opens up a conversation and makes people think Was kind of the goal But yeah, I mean of course I hope people like it and, you know, we've put some good work into it So Wolfgang, in what ways could you relate to your character? – You know, it's funny actually, when I first read the script, Chris instantly made me think of Tim Tebow, actually You know, the football player? So, I spent a lot of time when I was preparing before shooting, using, kind of, Tim Tebow as a jumping-off point and source of inspiration

So, I would study a lot of interviews and speeches he had given Every morning before heading to set, I actually, kind of, made a playlist of what I thought Chris would listen to as this devout Catholic kid in Iowa – Yeah – So, different kinds of Christian rock music, and even some hymns, to kind of just put me in the mindset and spirit So, every morning I'd go like, on a jog or something and that'd be my playlist

– So, your character plays this, sort of, senior group leader Do you feel like you're a natural leader type of person? – Now how do you say this without sounding completely arrogant? Yeah, I enjoy being in leadership roles I'm the oldest of seven kids, I was a point guard when I played basketball, I've produced and acted in some plays So, I enjoy, kind of, being in a place to give other people opportunities to shine So yeah, I enjoy that and tried to bring that to Chris

– I will support you in that I definitely get that energy from you, that you're just someone who, I think, you naturally, sort of, look to because you're somebody who's really going after it, and then also is like, "Come with me" So, yeah, I will– that's not going too far at all For me, I think, you know, understanding that there are people watching you, you know? People kind of following your career and watching you And young people watching you is, you know, maybe it was never inherently my intention going into acting to be a role model, or to show people how to be

But I think when you know there's eyes on you, it kind of makes you check yourself and check in with yourself You know, be the person that you can stand behind And I think that there's an importance of saying that, you know, I'm not perfect, none of these people are perfect and they're just people, and, you know, trying to figure it out – You know, for me personally, I didn't grow up acting I started professionally acting just about three years ago now

And now, as you start to do– For me doing interviews for the first time, people ask, "So what attracted you to this project?" And I'm like, "Well, I auditioned for a hundred things and this was the one I got" (laughing) "And I took the job 'cause I'm trying to pay my bills" But I think because I'm not, you know, in a position where I'm making choices, I'm just trying to just work, and get lucky, and hopefully continue to grow To be a part of a film like this so early on in my career, I just remember being in Austin with everyone, and you, last year and seeing the response to the film, and how proud Karen was, and how hard she had worked I was like, "Gosh, I got really lucky

" "I'm really proud to be part of the movie" – It doesn't, yeah, it doesn't always turn out so– – Yeah (laughing) – I think you're totally– I do think there's that thing about, you know, how much power as an actor do you have? 'Cause a lot of times you are just waiting for someone to, kind of, give you the green-light to play pretend with other people You know, it is something to think about in the future about like, why am I taking this role? Is this something? Is this story, is the message, the way this is going to be portrayed? And a lot of it's out of your control as an actor, as far as what ends up being actually put on the screen But, it's definitely something to think about

And, you know, working to promote the right stories and the right voices – You know, I kind of think there's very few of those actors, that we all, you know, admire, that are working, you know, with the best directors in the world, or have the opportunity to green-light a film based on their name And I think if either of us are lucky to one day get to that position, then I do think, you know, there's some responsibility to create opportunities for people that maybe haven't had them And to try to create a inclusive and diverse environment around you Yeah, I think if you're lucky enough to get to that place, you gotta

"To whom much is given, much is expected"

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