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Nasty Cherry on Forming Under Charli XCX & Their Upcoming EP | MTV News


– Charli XCX – Yeah

– She's like our mentor and she said, "I wanna put together this girl band "An amazing, like, pop group" Groups of women that are so fearless and, like, insular in their– what they think's cool and anything else can just kind of you know, do on Are we allowed to swear? – [Reporter] Yeah – Great! Everything else can (beep) off

("Win" by Nasty Cherry playing) – One of the first songs we put together was "Win", actually, and that was with Charli, she co-wrote it We produced it with Justin Raisen and, yeah it was just mad to hear something you've made sound like something that could be on the radio Like, blew my mind That's really exciting – I feel like the anticipation of the project was just, it had already exploded before we had even arrived to the house

– Yeah, we'd rented the house and we got there and had this like quite weird– – We all just cried – pizza on the floor – We just all sat on the floor – [Deborah] Yeah, we lived together, but not before we'd met one another, but like that happened at kind of the same time So it was like

– [Georgia] So we met in the house and were like– – Flatmates – "Oh my God, I'm so excited" – I'd been talking about this band with Charli for years until we actually started living in the house together – [Deborah] Yeah, same – So– – [Gabriette] Yeah, like three years, I think

– Everyone had had, like, the same, like, massive chunk of time talking about it, but not– – There were a lot of ideas thrown out there, but for me they were ideas and, I, you know, I, until we're actually in the house together, like, I thought the whole thing was gonna fall trough You know, 'cause that's, like, the manner of my life, you know? Up to this point – I was at Charli's house with her and there was a long list of bad ideas and Nasty Cherry was good – I heard some of the ideas that were vetoed – Don't know that it's true

– But I didn't hear Nasty Cherry But some of the others I was like– – I know one that was vetoed – Let's just say it's lucky we went with Nasty Cherry – Yeah, it was lucky They're all so embarrassing when you just say the name, until there's, like, actually until it's a real thing

You could just say anything like, "Kettle" – Totally – "Toaster Girls" – [Deborah] Kettle! – Like (beep)ing anything – The new pop group, Kettle

– I like Toaster Girls – You get really tragic and then you're like, "I can't do this, I'm embarrassing myself" (laughs) Nasty Cherry's tricky for that, 'cause we say it so different If we all have to say it at once it's like, "Blah, Cherry" – Mm-hm

– Really? I kind of just say it with a British accent and sound like the Spice Girls – Nasty Cherry – Chloe's got a really good British accent – Yeah – I do, I do a killer Charli

– Oh yeah, you do – [Deborah] Killer Charli XCX, it's true – Okay, um – Are you gonna do it right now? – I mean I might as well, just a little snippet – Yeah, I feel like you should, yeah

(laughs) – Okay What's up guys, it's Charli XCX (laughs) I wanna see you get your (beep)ing hands in the air Let's go! (applauds) I love it! – We wrote so much together when we were living with each other and we have a lot of things in the bank right now But it's more difficult when we're separated and we'll send each other lyrics or a bass line here or there, whatever

But nothing never really ever gets finished, so we are really trying to see each other as much as we can 'Cause I'm sending voice memos at two in the morning and wake up and forget what I– – I mean– – Yeah, so Georgia and I live in London – Yeah – Because we have such a limited amount of time together, when we do come together it's very fast – It's insane

And, like, I'm genuinely proud of the newest stuff we've done Like, the third single "Live Forever" is one of my favorite songs that we have And that was done in, me and Debbie came to LA for three days

– We don't have so much time to get, like, choice parameters – Yeah, no time – You just have to go – Just, like, two hours, write the song, boom, go – And because of that we've got so much

I think it's, well, we haven't decided fully what the body of work's gonna look like but it feels like everything we've got, I can't imagine anything not being a part of it So it's gonna be quite hard to, like, narrow it down to one – Whittle down

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