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NASA Announces Two New Missions To Explore Venus



  1. Thanks to our greatest president ever Joe Biden all this is possible!✌️🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😃😃🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😃😃

  2. Don't forget when the FBI released documents showing the government believed Nikola Tesla was from Venus! LOOK IT UP

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  5. The way things are going Earth is going to end up just like Venus and it will be caused by us!

  6. I’m under the impression that Venus was an earth and we f’d it up like we’re doing to earth. We’re locust.

  7. Venus, we are told, has an atmosphere that is almost pure carbon dioxide and an extremely high surface temperature, 750 K, and this is allegedly due to the radiative greenhouse effect, RGHE. But the only apparent defense is, “Well, WHAT else could it BE?!” (besides/also molten core volcanism)

    Well, what follows is the else it could be: (Q = U * A * ΔT) aka a contiguous participating media.

    Venus is 70% of the Earth’s distance to the sun, its average solar constant/irradiance is about twice as intense as that of earth, 2,602 W/m^2 as opposed to 1,361 W/m^2.

    But the albedo of Venus is 0.77 compared to 0.31 for the Earth – or – Venus 601.5 W/m^2 net ASR (absorbed solar radiation) compared to Earth 943.9 W/m^2 net ASR.

    The Venusian atmosphere is 250 km thick as opposed to Earth’s at 100 km. Picture how hot you would get stacking 1.5 more blankets on your bed. RGHE’s got jack to do with it, it’s all Q = U * A * ΔT.

    The thermal conductivity of carbon dioxide is about half that of air, 0.0146 W/m-K as opposed to 0.0240 W/m-K so it takes twice the ΔT/m to move the same kJ from surface to ToA.

    Put the higher irradiance & albedo (lower Q = lower ΔT), thickness (greater thickness increases ΔT) and conductivity (lower conductivity raises ΔT) all together: 601.5/943.9 * 250/100 * 0.0240/0.0146 = 2.61.

    So, Q = U * A * ΔT suggests that the Venusian ΔT would be 2.61 times greater than that of Earth. If the surface of the Earth is 15C/288K and ToA is effectively 0K then Earth ΔT = 288K. Venus ΔT would be 2.61 * 288 K = 748.8 K surface temperature.

    All explained, no need for any S-B BB LWIR RGHE hocus pocus.

    Simplest explanation for the observation.

  8. NASA, China and others should send drone carrier rockets into space.

    Countries and Universities around the world could sponsor the drones deployed from the carrier rockets.

    Many hands make short work. Many drones could make coordinated exploration and coordinated space projects.

    Each university could have a set of exploration drones that could be sublet to colleges, high schools and even primary schools.

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