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Mzungu Caught Breaking The Law In Nairobi Screams "They're Blaming Me For George Floyd"


[Inaudible] So we had this story coming out of Nairobi Kenya

Now you have this, you know, Missoula Now he's doing things that are illegal According to what you know, they sent to me and he was busted by doing something illegal I don't know the exact action that he was doing, but they call the cops on him Now I want you to watch the video and this Mazuma have the nerve to be in Nairobi in Kenya, calling black folks that same old name

They like to try to call us here Let's go ahead Roll that clip [Inaudible] [inaudible] get me out So as you saw that this Mizuno guru set up here and called them the N word in their country

Now, see, this is when, in the moment you need your brothers and sisters from the diaspora in that moment right there Because the moment he would have said what he said in this video, I was like, ah, open this gate Let him in Because according to what the post said, when they sent it to me, they actually didn't allow him to get himself beat down to the white meat because the people wanted to whip up on him And he still kept calling him the N word

See, he should open up that gate and said, Hey, you know what? You have edit You know what I'm saying? Because you shouldn't come over here like that See, y'all gotta stop on the corner Y'all gotta stop these people from coming to your countries They don't like you like that

Listen, I know, I know they, some of y'all not all, not all, not all, but some of you got this mindset about the [inaudible] and the Chinese and all it like they just coming to help you And they just come into invest And you know, some of you look at them and you want to treat them better than fellow Kenyans or fellow, um, wherever country they in, right? Treating them better than your own That's not right Listen, what they guys said

He said, and I quote, I hate this country He said he will effing kill your people Get what I'm saying We, especially as black Americans know the nature of the Muslim Gould and how he gets down and how he feels about people that look like me and you, we understand it But some on a condom, they will try to tell us, well, you know, you got to come to the right mind set

That's not America You know, you don't have to be so militant Listen, you need militant on a continent You gotta have it because you got to eradicate allowing that to come into your countries no matter where it comes from See, this is why I love, love, love the younger people of the continent of Africa, because they get it

They get it Trust me They really do And that's why for me personally, that's what I try to reach to And that's who I speak to is the younger generation of Africa, because they want to see one Africa, they're sick and tired of dividing on parties

They're sick and tired of dividing on ethnic lines or no, they're sick of that They want to come together and have a one, um, Africa They're sick of it because we all, as, as you know, a definitely a younger group of a generation, I'm saying younger generation, we all interconnected through the internet We could talk to each other We could WhatsApp each other like this, okay? Email, we all connected

You know, I can talk to people in Zimbabwe talking to people in Kenya, talk to people in Nigeria, South Africa, wherever in an instant, get what I'm saying The same people who are the leaders and who are older, didn't have that kind of connectivity And they divided in A lot of them are bought and paid for Negroes on that continent A lot of them are, and they're selling out the people

And as long as they get their little trinkets from the West and the East, now they will sell you out And the younger people are seeing that and they won't change And they tired of that So that's why that's the people that I know that could turn the continent around quickly and make the continent better than what it ever would have been with these older leaders Cause understand that certain issues that happen in the continent

Yes, the colonizers is one thing, but it's just like here in America too, you got bought and paid for Negroes that go along to sell out the people That's usually what happens They get a few trinkets, they get a little, you know, a above us And then this quickly sell us out Telltale sign of that

If you're a billionaire and millionaire, especially in America and you can't speak up for black people, you can't do for them and let you know you bought and paid for Cause you're scared to say something Like I said, that, that, that issue Isn't just on a continent It's right here in America too

We see it all the time Politically We see it So what I'm saying is we need more of the militant, diaspora on the continent was going to say, we're not going to tolerate this ill treatment Because when I see these stories like this, I'm like, why is he even allowed into the country? That's how I feel about that

Listen, if you're not that way, I don't have an issue with you I don't But w but the moment that that him or some of the Chinese are talking that way or treating you any kind of way, it said, Hey, get your stuff, get out Y'all don't care where you go, but you got to get out of here You cannot be here because this dude, when he came into Kenya, he hated black people because listen, the way he responded, he was the one caught doing illegal things

It's not that they ran up on him for no reason Let me tell you, I've been to Kenya Very nice people They're friendly people So I know they just didn't get at him for no reason

Okay? No, no, no He needs to go, but do not allow brothers and sisters in Nairobi or anywhere else them to come in there and call you the N word Don't allow that that word is meant to demean you, to dehumanize you and that word full of hate You look at all of the protests of George Floyd, right? All that STEM from that word right there that they call you Okay? And they're calling me so you understand something

They don't care if you're King and they don't care if you're black, American or whatever, to them, we're all one global black person That's what I try to tell all of us that So we need to join together as one global black person Sure We have different cultures

Yes We do different languages Sure Different foods Sure

That makes us like the most versatile people in the world Why would we want to change any of that while we want to demonize each other for being versatile? That's a beautiful thing is to be versatile, never walk right way from the versatility of black people We are very, very interesting people and they know it That's why they can't stay away from us no matter where we at, they can't stay away Listen, you have a whole year returned in Ghana

And they going over there to that black folks cave and do a year return without them showing up, just giving these a small example, but to my brothers and sisters and Nairobi, like I said, do not ever allow that to happen Like I said, in, in the brothers that sit up there and protected him, somebody needed to get their child to cause you shouldn't have protected him You should open up that gate and let him get, get some real justice at that moment Well, leave me a comment Let me know, think about this particular story coming out of Nairobi, Kenya

But you know, like I said, I can't wait to get back to Nairobi Like I said, it's a whole lot of things I want to do when I get back Uh, when you get these borders open, back up, but don't allow people like him to come into your country, treating you any kind of way He needs to walk the chalk line in your country Meaning he needs to walk on the straight and narrow

He needed to watch his mouth He needs to be humble the whole time And if he's not, he needs to go [Inaudible]

Source: Youtube

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