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Myth of Breaking Soft Tissue


“The myth of breaking soft tissue” The propagation of myths and misinformation is due to confirmation bias Confirmation bias is a closed system of information that only reference each other

Confirmation bias is also known as an echo chamber or walled garden ecosystem It is because of confirmation bias that popular memes can propagate, regardless of scientific validity Hi My name is Jnanam, and I’m a myotherapist In this video, I would like to address and dispel the myth of breaking soft tissue

There is a common myth or popular meme that manual therapy can break, or release, soft tissue, which is incorrect Breaking soft tissue means causing harm and injury Recently, there have been efforts to remove the word “release” from the names of techniques because none of the techniques break, or release, muscles For example, I use the term “myofascial tension technique” instead of “myofascial release technique” because the technique does not break or release myofascia Myofascial tension technique has two intended effects

When a shear force is applied to myofascia, it engages the Golgi tendon organ This causes the muscle to proprioceptively relax The second intended effect is the temporary decrease in the viscosity of the ground substance It reduces myofascial restrictions and improves the quality of movement This massage tool is called a rumble roller

The points of contact on the rumble roller help to stimulate trigger points on your body, which are sensitive to pressure The technique basically involves compression and decompression to the trigger points When trigger points are being stimulated, your nervous system synthesizes opioid neurotransmitters in the dorsal horn and this helps to relax your body Please understand that there is no breaking, or release, of soft tissue in this technique That being said, please like and share this video to show your support for this channel

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