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Myoui MINA | Solo VLive at Company Office(JYP Entertainment)


Hi Are you here yet? There you are

Hello Hi Yes, Minari is back Hi Guess where I am now

Guess I am at our company office Yes, I see the comments Please write comments for me Yesterday, we practiced for our concert

Today, we had a work schedule Other members left So I am alone Let me ask you again today Are you coming to our concert? Yes, I cut my hair today

You can't tell, right? It was long up to here but I cut it today What do you think? Should I cut it more? "How was your day?" My day? It was fun I was happy Did you eat dinner? What time is it now? A little past 6? 6:30? Did you eat dinner? "I love you" Thank you

"Minari, did you eat dinner?" Not yet What should I eat? What should I eat? "I ate pig feet" I didn't eat it for awhile But I want beef sashimi Beef sashimi

"I ate chicken" I envy you "Eating spicy-grilled chicken" I want some Korean Braised Chicken Beef sashimi

Other members are not here Only I am here "Pork cutlet" I ate bread for my lunch "How long did you live in Korea for?" 3 years

Time flies I met some trainees at the training center They were so cute I guess I am getting older "Give spoilers about the concert"

We gave one yesterday I won't say it today I think we gave many spoilers We gave many spoilers already Jihyo gave one yesterday

I will repeat it again You have no idea, right? This is a spoiler You will come to our concert? That's right Our teaser is out Please watch it

"I can't go" That's right You sent me many penguins "I'll be there" Thank you

"KNOCK KNOCK" I gave out a spoiler I didn't know It's still cold, right? It's cold here too Please bundle up

You will be cold on the concert day Until you get there Please bundle up Let's have fun Please look forward to it

The comments are flying so fast "Mina, where are you?" At our company office "Cute" Thank you "My sister will graduate"

Congratulations Yes, we went to Dahyun's graduation yesterday We ate black bean noodles too I can't believe Dahyun graduated Dahyun looks like a student

School uniform looks good on her, right? I feel like she will wear her uniform again and say she will go to school Can't believe she graduated "Wink for me" "Where is Momo?" Other members are not here This is my solo V LIVE

Heart "KNOCK KNOCK" Are you looking forward to "KNOCK KNOCK"? You want me to give out spoilers for our new song? I can't I don't give out spoilers So

Spoiler? Like what? Spoiler "KNOCK KNOCK" No It's what you are imagining now No spoiler Just look forward to it

I almost sang it "Sing the killing part" Nope That's worse than spoilers "Do TT"

"TT" "God Mina" Please say it together with me "God Mina" What are you doing? I didn't eat yet

What should I eat? Many people recommended a menu for me earlier I want to eat many things I don't know what I will eat I didn't eat beef sashimi for awhile Because I am hungry I haven't had it

Hungry, right? How does it start? Start with what again? Do you remember it? What was the first food? Rice Great memory! I kept thinking of pork cutlet "Because I am hungry"

Yes, I am hungry "So mean" Why so mean? I saw French Fries just now "Mina, are you alone?" Yes, that's why I am on V LIVE alone V

V "Shy shy shy" Steam pork sounds good I wish we can have an eating show one day We will order everything we want to eat

Chicken soup Did you get cold? Many people have cold nowadays I guess because it's cold Be careful Act cute? Act cute? This is for you

Just for today It's still very cold Please be careful not to catch a cold Eat well and bundle up! Got it? See you again This was a surprise V LIVE

Bye, bye Hand heart? Bye Bye, bye I won't do it Never mind

Bye, bye

Source: Youtube

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