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'My Turn' Rapper Lil Baby Reacts to Lil Wayne Comparison | #MTVFreshOut


(electric humming) (upbeat music) (audience cheering) – Yes, yes, welcome to Fresh Out Live, your destination for new music Unreal performances and surprise drop-ins

Lil Baby's in the building today Lil Baby's in the building, huh? (audience cheers) All right, hold up First we gonna talk about the music of the week Congratulations to Meg Thee Stallion released her Suga project despite her legal battles My picks from that album is "Savage" and "Hit My Phone"

How many people got Meg's album? Make some noise (audience cheers) Song and pop it Jhene Aiko's album Chilombo is here, she's coming together with a who's who of artists like Future, Miguel, Ty Dolla Sign, Big Shine and John Legend, that sounds like a certified home run and Lil Uzi Vert's second album, long awaited second album, Eternal Atake is out right now after multiple delays in his three-year hiatus This album dropped, gave fans exactly what they need and a lot of fans been talking about the song Silly Watch Y'all know that song? All right, get to know it all right? Plus Katy Perry's singing for two, she revealed her pregnancy in her new music video "Never Worn White"

Congratulations to Katy Perry and at least, at last but not least, Demi Lovato rounds out this week's releases with her new music video "I Love Me" It premiered at 12 am earlier today on MTV, let's check that out right now ♪ Oh, why do I compare myself to everyone? ♪ ♪ And I always got my finger on the self-destruct ♪ ♪ I wonder when I love me is enough ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ I wonder when I love me is enough ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Why am I always looking for a ride or die? ♪ (audience cheers) All right, in other news, the lovely Jamila chopped it up with Lil Wayne on a yacht in Miami, Jamila I'm not sure where my invite was but I know you got a chance to talk to Wayne, you guys got deep and Wayne revealed juicy details about his video for "Mama Mia" which premieres tomorrow at 8 a

m, make sure you watch it during our Fresh Out playlist See for yourselves, take a quick look at this (steady music) – What was special about "Mama Mia"? Why that song? – Put it like this, the video, I tried as much as I can to put the visual to the words I came up with the treatment and it just worked

– [Jamila] Are you a actual Harry Potter fan? – Truth be told, I know nothing about Harry Potter Hogwarts, when I was trying to come up with something, I think was on the stuck on hog cough, like Hogwarts but I was like "I don't know what the hell it means" So, you know, this is 2020, (phone beeping) Hey Siri, (Jamila laughs) what is Hogwarts? (phone beeping) Still don't know what it means just know it has something to do with Harry Potter and I made it work (audience cheering) – All right, you already know it's Fresh Out Live This is the place for big news and drop ins

This guy has an impressive repertoire Released his seven projects in two years And he's got a brand new album out called My Turn Please join me in welcoming the one and only Lil' Baby (audience cheers) (upbeat hip hop music) Hey! ♪ None of you guys get high as me, whoa ♪ ♪ Post my drip up daily just so they can see, whoa ♪ ♪ Turn me up some more so my haters can hear it, woah ♪ I said Welcome Lil' Baby! (audience cheers) Oh, man, hey, I'm just gon' stand next to him for this picture

You see how he's shining right now Applied the jewelry alone is a come on I like that Y'all like his jewelry? (audience cheers) To me that's a sign of success, right? This man has come a long way in a short period of time He's on his sophomore album which is projected to be number one, okay? Give him a round of applause for that

(audience applauds) What's interesting about that, there are a lot of artists who dream about having the number one album, been in the game for years but never was able to reach that hype This yo' sophomore album And it's already about to take place You still developing as an artist, right? So can you talk to us about how the process of making this album was different from Harder Than Ever which was your first debut album? And how was My Turn different? – Well, for my first album, I just was like just fresh getting in the game I didn't really know what I know now, I really wasn't rapping to a audience, I ain't really know what my audience was, or none of that

And to now that's been like two years, know what I'm saying? So like over the course of two years I done made money I seen different things, changed I've been through so much over that 'til like now It's a whole different me from when I first put out a tape – When you look out in the crowd, what does your audience look like? Like is it diverse, is it white, is it black, what is it? – It look like this crowd right here – Okay, there you go

(audience applauds) I like that – Every show be like I don't got no all black shows all white shows, like every show is like real concert know what I'm saying? – Your music appeals to a lot of people You released a video with Lil' Wayne, Forever How many people love that song, Forever? (audience cheers) What's interesting about your trajectory and your career, there are a lot of people that are comparing you to Lil' Wayne and his trajectory and his career You know your work ethic, putting out so many albums in such a short amount of time

All the features that he does All the songs that you appear on How do you feel about that comparison? People comparing you to Lil' Wayne I would be honored – Definitely a honor like that's the perfect word for it, know what I'm saying just to even if it's far-fetched to somebody but just for more than one person to compare me to somebody like him like, definitely a honor

And that make me wanna go harder like to the point where one day like hands down that what it is – That's what it is, right? When y'all do videos together man, how do y'all interact? Are y'all just hanging out like homies or are you a little nervous because after all it is Lil' Wayne? – See I done got over the nervous stage but he the only rapper when I did meet him, I was kinda nervous, know what I'm saying, that's like anybody else I meet I don't even really be too phased but Lil' Wayne I definitely was kinda But that was my first time meeting him By the time we shot the video, we all right then Made a couple songs, met each other so the video just vibed out you know like homie homie type shit

– Vibed out You been around a lot of big artists Young Thug is one of those artists you've been around Lil' Yachty is one of those artists You've had that advantage of being able to be around them, work around them

You had a chance to watch them work What is it that you picked up from them? What did you learn from them that help influence who you are today? – Not even knowing, I think I picked up a whole lot from them just by being around them Just say for instance if I hang around you everyday, this what you do If I just keep being around you, eventually if I had to get up here and take yo' job for a day I probably could do it, know what I'm saying? If I hang with you so much – Yo' hold up man

– You don't think so? (audience laughs) You feel me so in that aspect like I watched them the way they were, how they freestyle, then writing it down, then without me knowing when I went and tried it, when you try something especially something you ain't never try before either, you go about it a way you think you know how to do it, you know what I'm saying? Like what yo' mind already trained to go that way, you know what I'm saying even though you never done it, yo' mind trained to do it a certain kinda way off of just instinct And I guess my instinct or just from being in my head from being around 'em so long I automatically picked up on it – I like that man I don't like the fact that you're trying to take my job though, man

But I would switch places for a day, if you wanna do that – I know you would (audience laughs) – All right one of the things that I admire about you and we talked about this earlier on Sway in the Morning was the fact that if you don't know Lil' Baby stopped going to high school in the 10th grade, right? Booker T Washington High School where he's from You went back and got your GED, correct? Why was that important to you? – Definitely important to get my GED 'cause I was going through a stage of my life where if you didn't have a that certificate, not even a GED or diploma like

I needed that to open certain doors for me If I had never gotten that certain doors wouldn't be open for me then like It's a bad way, I don't really like to speak on it like this but even just my sentence in prison Like because I had a GED it's like a lesser sentence, just 'cause I had a GED, but I don't want nobody to get a GED for that reason But just like a solid example, know what I'm saying? – It helps you out

One of the things you did that I commend is you went back to that same high school that you dropped out of and you created the My Turn Scholarship and you donated $150,000 (audience applauds) Why? What made you do that? – Well you know I coulda gonna like donated to anything or try to like but a school to me was like that's the best way Even though I don't really know too much about the school boards but I gotta, I can feel like I got a better chance of knowing they go the right with a school versus like, 'cause if this girl say she got the scholarship, it gotta be shown that a scholarship got paid for this and, versus just giving it to a charity or– – Yeah – You know and then you don't know where it go Like scholarship I feel like I almost can see where my money going

– Yeah, and you gon' help somebody change their lives Give it up for Lil' Baby, ladies and gentlemen! (audience cheers) I look forward to watching yo' career I wanna thank you for joining us at Fresh Out Live, Lil' Baby okay? Don't forget to stream his new album My Turn We're here every Friday at 5PM with the hottest artists out so make sure you come back, tell a friend, Fresh Out Live, Lil' Baby right here (upbeat hip hop music) ♪ Ain't like he tough 'cause he gangster or he just ♪ ♪ Ain't got no car– ♪

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