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My Top Plays from Madden 20 !!! Like Comment Subscribe ( Entertainment Purposes )


the second down possibly a good spot here to take a shot as they come out with three receivers to the left on second and less than a yard to the air get here rivers the light has gone it's intercepted this return and a question now how do they want to work the clock here on first and goal a field goal would give them the late lead now to Biscay to throw daddy takes this rule to this next drive time for a final kneel down or a safe run and then they can head to the locker room with a lead yeah or they can even run a screen you know something that feels somewhat safe that might actually pop and turn into a big now that'll be tipped and intercepted it's ha ha Clinton dicks with her pick he will be blunt it is because their ability to make people miss in the open field can really generate big plays for an offense looking to throw again on second down Jackson accelerating it off he goes there he will take this one home Amari Cooper 74 yards then the Cowboys have taken the lead now it's blocked the Saints have got it that I think he's gonna go they're not gonna get him and on their first drive the offense staying out there they're gonna go for it on fourth it's shallow rating to speed in there and this time now crank to the 30 I'll be down at the 31 yard line on 2nd and inches fills the open man is Westbrook a gain of fire good enough for the first down running left it's burner

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