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    My SM & JYP Entertainment Audition Experience in Seoul (With Proof!) | EL's Planet


    What do you often imagine yourself to be? – No~ – See? – It's nice! – Okay, let's It's perfect for you I'm gonna be honest with you guys, okay? Many people will get started about this, but I want to be a K-pop idol February 2019 is a month that I would never ever forget That's because I actually auditioned in SM Entertainment This is the proof I had

    I placed it on the phone case that I had during the time that I was actually thereand I also auditioned in JYP Unlike SM, I placed it over here on my passport and it wasn't printed like SM's obviously It has the number written on it and they wrote it on the spot there But before I talk about that let me introduce myself

    I am EL, I am the owner of this YouTube channel I'm gonna be sharing something that I haven't shared with anyone else Only my family members know about this, and really close friends of mine know about this experience of mine and the reason I haven't been sharing it is simply because if I didn't pass It would be really awkward to talk about it And if I did pass it would be nice to talk about it but obviously, I wouldn't talk about it because there would be contracts signed [saying] that I wouldn't be allowed to say where (what company) I'm from or what I'm doing To understand the full story of why I auditioned in Korea in these 2 companies I hope that you would listen to this story but we have to go back to 2011 (or 2010) to understand the story a bit better If you don't want to listen to the backstory you can fast-forward to this timestamp right here But it would really mean a lot to me if you would try to understand and listen to this backstory Because it does really mean a lot to me and the journey that I've gone through just to get to that moment Io get the full picture I grew up listening to English songs and OPM (Original Pinoy [Filipino] Music) I'm Filipino, yeah obviously! (Especially when I have black hair) That's what I kept hearing on and on and I liked it! But 2010 I was introduced to a genre that I was really surprised by like it was so foreign to me I didn't understand anything and I even made fun of it before it to be really fair

    (I meant to be honest) 'Cause it was a girl classmate of ours who played it in the room, she played Genie by Girls Generation and all the guys in the classroom including me were making fun of it at first But deep down inside I was like "Oh my gosh, this is a bop! I liked it" Eventually a year happened and I got deeper and deeper into the "K-pop hole" And I said to myself "I wanna do this" A young boy looking at this new genre of music Well it wasn't really new at that time but it was just so different to me than what I've always listened to So I really liked it and I really wanted to audition So obviously I'd talk about it growing up, and I'd tell my parents oh I want to audition in Korea I want to do this But they'd always just brush it off and they wouldn't think much about it

    They wouldn't really take it seriously but deep down in my heart, I knew that I was serious about it Years past by, 2013 came along I was about to graduate high school 2014 was the graduation my parents were already telling me "You have to apply to these universities and colleges in the Philippines" 'Cause I lived in Abu Dhabi back then but I didn't want to go to college I really didn't want to go to school anymore Because I've always heard stories about Korean trainees that started really young to me, I felt like my age entering college I think I was around 15 or 16? Yes, I went to college early I felt like that was the best age to audition It was really hard to convince my parents and my whole family 'Cause in the Philippines, if it's a [nuclear] family thing, everyone in the [extended] family will know Even your grandparents You know what I mean

    But it really reached a lot of people in the family and it became an issue, and a thing That we had to talk about it in my grandparents house (In the Philippines) with all my family members in front of me My other family members who were abroad that time had to go on Skype And I said front of them that I really wanted to do this But they all encouraged me to go to school before auditioning which I eventually did 2014 came along I went to the University of Asia the Pacific (UA&P) I made an agreement with my parents that said "As long as you finish University, pass all your subjects, and you graduate on time you can audition" That was it! I finished college on time, I didn't fail any subjects thank God! Surprisingly 2018 came along and my parents were really hesitant at first I mean, I think up to the point that I was on the plane they were still hesitant

    But eventually they did fulfill their promise and said that they'd bring me to Korea to audition and stuff like that But before that my other family members started meddling again and they'd ask me like "what are your plans?" And one of my aunts actually suggested that before I do a audition I should improve my skills by training a little bit more in the Philippines before going there

    So I did train! I classically trained in Ryan Cayabyab's Music School Institute? In Robinson's Galleria I stayed there for about

    I think one month or two months? And the I had either once or twice a week meet ups with my vocal coach We practice in the classical way I had to sing a lot of songs from musicals

    The typical Filipino style of singing like the "birit" style Which is really good training Not gonna lie I'm not gonna say that I'm a great singer, but then my vocal coach said "May potential (You have potential)" so I was like "Oh okay, I have potential, thank you!" (Mej kilig) And that was enough for me (to feel motivated) So we finished all of our training dates I flew back to Abu Dhabi From there I continued practicing for a few months until it was time for me to go to Seoul to audition I did a lot of research on what I should wear, how I should look, what song should I sing, how is the audition gonna be, where is it gonna be [held]? and if these companies would be releasing a boy group or a girl group soon First of all, I had to see who they're releasing because I wouldn't want to audition in a company that would be releasing a boy group already Because, that would mean there would be less chances for me to debut as soon as possible

    And my parents I made an agreement that if ever I do pass I'd only have one year to train with them And if I don't debut, I'd go back to the Philippines or in Abu Dhabi and I'd start working I had to find the best companies to do such but eventually I also had to know which ones were accepting foreigners and usually you'd know by applying online and if you apply online and there's an English translation obviously they accept foreigners But if there's none it's all Korean that's most likely they only accept Koreans So I made a schedule and I wrote down all of the [possible] company's [audition] dates for that month also January and the other dates that I was supposed to go to Korea for But we ended up choosing February 2019 from the 17th to the 24th of February And I had three companies on my plate at that time JYP, SM, and BigHit Fast-forward February 14th, I took a Valentine's Day flight to Korea I arrived there on the 15th I took a little nap and then I went straight to Hongdae, and I got a haircut Up to this day, almost everyone I know thinks that I was there for just a vacation No one really knew that I was there for an actual audition trip the date for JYP was supposed to be on the 17th I checked their Instagram, you have to follow their audition Instagram everyone's audition Instagram or Facebook pages you have to follow it to know the updates Because they might be changing schedules without you knowing

    JYP moved their audition dates from the 17th to the 24th and that was shocking for me because BigHit was over there And I'm not here to boast on how I look or anything I don't consider myself good-looking or anything But surprisingly in Korea people do find me good-looking People I've just met like they say it within the hour of meeting me or in the minute I know one person who said it's like while I was talking and I was like "ohhow?" because I didn't understand it and I still don't understand how I fit the way the Koreans I don't know what you call it? "The beauty standards of Korea" or how people are supposed to look? They say that my face is small, they say that I have a high nose, they say that my eyes are big and then I have long lashes and stuff like that

    and they really like that I'm not saying everyone thinks I'm handsome 'cause in the Philippines No one really thinks I'm handsome here which I don't question because I believed that ever since But I've heard that I kind of look like BTS' Jungkook Which I don't believe! And TXT's Beomgyu, which I also don't believe! Whcih made me think like if ever I do audition, Knowing that people are always saying that my looks are more suitable for BigHit Made me question if I should have gone to BigHit instead of JYP But then, it was at that time that TXT was about to debut

    So I was like "I have no chance and BigHit either way" Because if I do audition there, that means I'd have to wait again and my parents wouldn't like that If I auditioned in JYP although they already released Stray Kids At least we know that it Itzy is coming out and stuff like that So there was a lot of calculations So I decided to pull out of BigHit, and then go for JYP instead

    I had a playlist of songs that I would be singing for the audition The top one [choice] was one call away by Charlie Puth, but in my style 'Cause I have more of an R&B singing style Originally posted on EL's Instagram Story @luelxlu Which is more applicable to YG which all my friends said when they heard me sing I didn't fit YG's age thingy [1999 was the cutoff year for 2019 auditions] which is why even if they were on the 16th I wasn't able to audition I went to SM, the audition took place on the 23rd And I think I arrived around 8 or 8:30 but I messaged my parents around 9:05-ish

    I arrived there 2 hours before the actual audition There were already 10 people in front of me it's surprising I wasn't really nervous I was more of like excited to be there like I really wanted to sing for them I don't think I'm that great, but then there was just this feeling of me almost completing something that I've always wanted ever since I was young

    That's what pushed me through this whole entire experience I got number 11 from SM Entertainment They gave this I think around 10AM We were all outside waiting in the cold so if you do audition for SM or any other company even JYP We had to wait outside for about 2 hours or 1 hour It was really really cold so I suggest you wear something appropriate with the weather whenever you audition They say ideally you wear something black but I don't know how true because I saw a lot of people wearing different colors I wore black just to be safe Actually, everyone was practicing outside like little by little

    They brought us in at about like 10:15 I guess? They brought us to the elevator in SM Coex Artium that's where the audition was held They brought us to the floor right above the SM Town theater and there were a lot of chairs laid out for everyone Since I was one of the first I think I was on the second or the third row While I was seated there, they suddenly started passing out the forms I didn't take a picture of it but I found one online so this is it There is English on it so you can answer it in English but beware that when you audition everyone assisting is Korean They can speak English but really little Don't expect them to adjust for you It's simple really there's not much things that you have to know

    I don't speak Korean that well but I can understand a little bit If I didn't understand anything I just asked the girls in front of me and behind me and they were really nice Oh by the way! Yeah, there were more girls than guys So if you're a guy I think there's much more chances for you to get in? Who knows? They cut us by I think sevens or eights? [Number of people auditioning together] But the first seven people went in and they started the audition and everyone knew it Everyone knew it was the start Because the audition place in SM is a tiny room right in front of all the seats and it has no ceiling So literally when you start singing, you open your mouth, and the whole SM Coex Artium can hear you Well I mean not the whole one, but the whole two floors The theater floor, and the floor we were in

    'Cause it is like a balcony and that that's where we were They started singing I got a little bit nervous 'cause as I said I wasn't nervous at first But then eventually it turned into excitement again! Apparently the singers go first, and the dancers have to sit down on your left We're all standing at the back, there was a camerawoman holding the camera that zooms close to your face really close And there's a person who is judging you and she's writing down stuff as you perform Those are the only two people who were there, but surprisingly it was SM! So I was really shocked because the two people judging us (Judge + Camerawoman) looked like celebrities so I was like "Oh yeah, SM is really SM They have these good-looking people!" I was excited, I was ready we were nearing and nearing and then it was my turn! I started singing and

    Everyone looks at me Again I'm not a great singer, and I don't think that I'm really good But I don't mean to boast, I really don't

    But then just in my personal opinion I think I was the most different not just with looks (as a Foreigner), but sound because everyones sung in the usual way The way I even practice in Ryan Cayabyab The thing that you'd consider as good singing But I went the R&B route which maybe led to me being focused on a little bit more And I knew this because after I started singing, there were people after me who haven't gotten to sing

    I was the second to sing I think? While they were singing, the lady judge in front just kept glancing back at me She moves her eyes back to me even if the other person was singing Kinda felt that was rude to the person singing, but then at the same time, I was like "Oh yay! That means I have some sort of a shot here at SM" After the singing auditions, we were all made to go out when the people were dancing So I didn't get to see the dancers in SM but what was crazy was that as soon as I passed by them (the ones waiting for their turn) 'Cause like this is the room, this is the waiting area, you exit here on the left side of everyone The walk felt really long from the audition room to the exit Everyone (sitting waiting for their turn) was looking at me and they're not looking at anyone else They weren't like that the first time I entered 'cause like, they just saw me and they were like "Okay there's this guy" Now they're like

    All their eyes darted to me which made me feel like "Uhh, I don't know what I did?" I don't know if I was good or maybe I was singing the wrong way because I was singing the YG style I believe And then [maybe] they're like "This is SM you're not supposed to sing like that" Or maybe they like the way I sung because it was much different than the others I don't know what they were thinking After the SM audition comes JYP the next day Now that I've experienced SM, I was a little more relaxed in JYP

    Not because I was confident It was simply because I already knew what was about to happen I arrived in JYP at around 11 or 10:50 around that time I messaged my parents again told them what was happening and yeah! Surprisingly there were a lot of foreigners in JYP's auditions Maybe because among the other entertainment companies, JYP really has always been a little more open to foreigners Because back in SM everyone who auditioned was either Korean or Asian When I got to JYP it was Korean, Asian, and I guess European? 'Cause they look European to me? I don't think they were American The vibe and JYP was much more chill

    Everyone was much more friendly 'cause in SM, it seemed like a competition Like "You're my competition I can't talk to you" But in JYP it seemed like "Oh we're all auditioning, and this is all of our dreams!" It was fun to audition in JYP I think one of the girls that I met was Mongolian and the other one is Singaporean I think? We did have a conversation

    A good conversation It made the whole atmosphere really chill even the Koreans who were there were really chill The line just got longer and longer we were still waiting outside And same with SM maybe about 30 minutes before [we started], they gave us the number And we were brought upstairs to a dance room while we were in the dance room like SM we all had to wait there in a line

    We were just seated on the floor, the TV was just over there playing music videos of JYP and songs of JYP on and on Like SM they gave the audition sheets that we had to fill out Same with SM it was in English We just answered it and then we gave it to the front And then I think here we were only divided by fives? We waited there for a few minutes, and then after waiting in the dance room the first group went in

    When they were almost done they called my group I was in the second row, and our row just went to the hallway passed the lockers of all the [alleged] trainees We were like "Oh my gosh, could this be ours in the future?" The audition room and JYP is separated from the other room that we were waiting in So it's another dance room There were a lot of dance rooms inside the JYP training facility Well it's a training facility versus SM's which was in a mall

    We were waiting outside and the lady suddenly brings out her phone She was talking in Korean, and she was encircling stuff and then she drew something Like a small layout of how the room would look like when we step inside At first I didn't really fully grasp what she said she just said "Apeuro nawa juseyo" Which means like just go forward So I asked

    "If we're gonna sing are we supposed to go in front?" I asked her that in English and she replied in Korean Again, you need to know a little bit of Korean, but if you can't just ask the people around you She was like

    "Norae? Norae?" because they're gonna ask you if you're singing, dancing, rapping, or modeling (or acting) For both SM and JYP, you can't do singing & dancing you can't do modeling & acting together You can't do that

    You only choose one, so I chose singing for both She said, "If you're gonna sing, you're just gonna stay where you are But if you're gonna dance you're gonna move to the front" Unlike SM where we just came as we are, we just auditioned with their jackets In JYP they may just remove our jackets remove our bags you left it down there and the hallway before we entered into the audition room Unlike SM where the dancers came [performed] later, in JYP the dancers and singers did it after the other depending on whoever's next I think I was the last, or second to the last (in our group) for this one they started They singing, they started dancing, and to my surprise, that's when I realized that you really shouldn't judge anyone based on their looks 'Cause there was this one girl, I don't know if she was gonna sing or if she's gonna dance because she looks really shy, she looks really quiet She just stayed to herself the whole time

    She was Japanese She stepped forward like a really really shy girl The assistant who was in JYP played the song Because there are three people The judge, the assistant, and the cameraman that's how many people there are in JYP The judge is a guy so the assistant starts playing the song for her and she just starts dancing and I was like "Oh my gosh, she's really talented and dancing!" Among all the other dancers inside the room, she's the one who stood out the most and she was the most quiet and she was the most like even you'd never expect it! So I got so much chills watching her dance and I hope that she did get in JYP that time Because she's such a talented person

    I was really amazed And then the singer that came along Surprisingly, I have to say I don't think this is based on the company or anything But then surprisingly all of the people I auditioned with in JYP are really talented So the [Korean] guy beside me also sung his song he sung it in Korean

    His singing style is if you know Park Hyo-Shin, that's how he sings! So he's more of a balladeer more than a pop singer And then after he sung, I sang my song the same thing that I did before, the R&B version of One Call Away After that, we were all made to go out (meaning we were free to go home) But just based on my experience, SM versus JYP when it comes to auditions The atmosphere before entering the audition room in SM was much tighter, but once we went into the audition room in SM it was really chill

    because the judge and the camera woman were smiling whenever they talked they were really really nice But then in JYP it was very fun outside but inside the audition room it was really dead serious There was no smiling coming from the judge And the judge in JYP was really a dude that looked like he really worked for JYP like in the higher offices He's a bit old, I think he's around his 40s or 50s

    He just stared at us and then after staring at us he goes to the screen Because unlike in SM where they just have a camera, in JYP there's a big TV here where he could look closely to your face and how it would look on a camera But he doesn't put a smile not a single smile After both of the auditions I felt honestly really accomplished And even talking right now I still have the chills whenever I say that I've auditioned for SM and JYP and I was able to do it on my own My parents weren't with me they were abroad I was really happy because it was a bucket list of mine ever since I was young like 2011 There's such a different feeling of doing something that you've always wanted to do even if you didn't pass And that's the sad part of it all In the end I waited for about two months

    Usually it's just about one month but since I had such strong hope and faith I waited I waited until April to finally say yes I didn't pass in either SM or JYP That downtime of mine was really really hard and my parents know it Especially coming from the last year of my school which was really really It was another down part of my life It changed my life I know it seems dramatic like "Oh wow and the audition changed his life" But then it really gave me a lot of perceptions of the world and experiences in Kpop in general And made me think a lot about what I do want for the future I grew up seeing K-pop filled with these people who looked Korean and eventually seeing people who started to look a little more diverse and a little more Southeast Asian Seeing people like Bam Bam or Lisa and the members of Z-pop I mean Although [some] Koreans don't consider Z-pop as K-pop, It makes me happy seeing people who have accomplished what you've wanted to accomplish

    When I was young, seeing a Southeast Asian there who almost has more Southeast Asian features gives you a little more hope and happiness that there could be diversity in K-pop I was one of those people that actually wanted to be one of those people who made K-pop a little bit different I've always loved K-pop music, their dances and everything even up to now Although we are seeing little signs of diversity, it's still very Korean, but you can't blame them It is Korean music after all Even if we do see these successful K-pop Southeast Asians or foreigners well-loved by the international fanbase

    In Korea, the Koreans are still the ones who are still more well-loved I don't see that as a bad thing Because in the end is Korean music for Koreans

    After this experience, I've realized a couple of things First, just because it's your lifelong dream doesn't necessarily mean that it's for you It was hard for me to swallow that But once you come to realize that there might be other opportunities for you in the future which may not be exactly what you want It's still a good thing for you and maybe it's even much better! Which leads into my second point Because of this experience, I was able to actually take my mind out of my sadness, and actually focus on something that I've always wanted to do before

    I was able to rethink my channel, and tried to bridge both South Korean and Filipino culture And I think I'm doing it successfully?Hopefully I am I think I graduated with around 29,000 subscribers or 26? Now we're almost 100,000 subscribers! 💜 Number three, I want everyone to take this as one of the most important lessons that I've learned and that you should apply to yourself Take what you've learned and use it to your advantage to improve yourself 'Cause you might say that "Oh you went to singing school and eventually you didn't even pass anything

    " I didn't see that as a bad thing because now, out of the sadness I had I know how to play guitar a little bit but I didn't know that I could compose Out of my sadness I couldn't really put it into words, so I put it into song

    *A secret song EL's working on~* I made a bunch of songs already regarding my hopes and dreams of the past and how hopeful I am of the future I don't know when I'll be releasing this or if I will be releasing these songs But I've been producing a lot, I've been writing a lot, and I've been singing a lot, and I'm in such a good place right now in my mind, my spirit, my [personal] happiness This video, I hope it's not just something that you would watch and be like "Okay he auditioned in Korea then he didn't pass now what's next?" I hope that what you got out of here is that Just because you fail doesn't mean you're a failure Because there are a lot of better things for you out there, and you can do so much more Because I didn't even know that I could write songs, and I don't even know if I'll be releasing itbut I hope that if I do that you guys would be there and you'd listen to it and you'd understand the deep meanings behind it because honestly some of them made me cry Some of these songs

    But yeah I don't really have the script with me right now so I don't know if I said everything that I wanted to say So if you do have a few questions just write them down below I'll try my best to answer them I also have a friend who auditioned in BigHit Not in Korea but in Hong Kong

    So I don't know if you can make a video or anything, but he's a really close friend of mine So he better do it no I'm just kidding I'm sorry if this video wasn't what you expected or, I'm sorry if I said stuff that might have offended you or your bias Or if I said anything offensive, I'm really sorry I don't mean anything deep or negative about it

    I just wanted to share my experience so yeah Remember that EL's Planet is your planet as well, so spread the love, God bless, and I'll see you next time! Buh-bye!

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