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Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management BA(Hons)


I'd been looking at universities in England I found a couple who had similar courses but none of them really stood out the way, to me, that Falmouth University did

Then I came across this course, specifically, which is not done at any other university when I saw it, it was a chance for me to kind of explore all of the options within the creative industry, so getting experience within music, within theatre, within entertainment to get a broader range of skills It's just incredible because it's in state-of-the-art facilities and we have the opportunity to collaborate with many other courses, so we can work with acting students, with theatre students, with music students, and just an incredible opportunity for us There are always opportunities to work with either local or international companies or people I have worked for Bloomberg which is a financial data company

Specifically within Cornwall there's a lot of site-specific theatre, which is all about bringing Cornwall's heritage to the focal point So there's a lot going on in terms of that at the moment In that movement within Cornwall, trying to bring culture and the arts to such an area Obviously, if you want to specialise in music, you can work with the Popular Music students You have more than enough bands to work with in terms of that and then there's obviously theatre, performers, that kind of thing, who are more than happy to work with you

So having the diversity of courses means you also have a diverse range of opportunities to work with people within AMATA So, as students we get to manage many venues around town, not only AMATA We collaborate between, like, different courses So, many times students will find themselves working with the acting students, with music students, with, basically, agents who are doing that because we are kinda like with a business side of the music So we do get the opportunity to work with festivals, like, within Cornwall

So the lecturers that teach us obviously have connections within the industry, specifically with local festivals that they may have put on themselves So, we have more than ample opportunity to get involved The tutors are amazing, I've never met more incredible people and they just, they help you with anything You can go to them, you can message them any time and they will come and help you, and it's just a great support and they have so much knowledge They have industry experience and it's just great

Especially within this course, there's a more personal relationship with the tutors, which allows for better professional development, which gives you more opportunities, more time to develop your skills Whereas, I think in bigger cities, somewhere like London, it's less personal, more informal in general and obviously, it being a more competitive market, makes it a lot harder to achieve that Our kind of mantra, if you want, is theory, practice, and reflection So, obviously we learn theory in our lectures and seminars, put that into practice both within AMATA and in our work and then also outside in events and reflect on that to then help our development Yes, I definitely recommend it to anybody who's interested in the creative industries and wants to go into management because it's just an amazing opportunity

I would say to come to Falmouth because you will get more ample opportunities, get involved with so much more and really have a personal relationship with your tutors and other students to enhance your skills and eventually better your career

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