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Hello friends welcome to my channel tech series in this video we will learn about the paths of legendary beliefs of the order In adoptive daughter with your friends I request him to subscribe my video possible and Let's go through the emission fitted back me

So let's start the video Hi friends Let's go through the animation I hope you will enjoy this video in the animation You can observe the various types of machinery freely available in the frame parts of the old in the animation you can observe that there is a legend three books an Opportunity over the face you observe the new and newly simply buildings You can also observe the locations of the changes building and the person who constructed it There are some few beliefs are mentioned in the animation blue the Video with the most important agenda beliefs are we can say they are given a high product One of us building keys, please believe me Please believe mania was one of the first completed building by a MP in partnership with Henry and cop and Transferred the skyline of montre Similarly loose memorias shuttle station Tiber 1963 one of the face most striking buildings the loose memorial service bus completed in 1953 and stance is the central landmark of tonga University Miss elaborated National Center for Atmospheric Research It is one of such example of the gentry building An example of I am facelock of blending mode honest and vernacular trust metal operated in famous forest Anasazi inspired architecture and use of both hammered concrete or material common to the area Next Dallas City Hall It is one of the famous rajendra building in the world was a direct result of the programmatic requirement of the building It is mainly based on Friedman East Building national gallery I This addition to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC straw or remarkable uncut with John Cruces books original neoclassical building Another such building is the possible type of building and john, f kennedy Presidential Library and Museum It is pollen third cavity of John F Kennedy assassination about like to dig sir Tipene was needed for the Presidential Library and so it was reconstructed Bank of Santa Consider one of the Hong Kong's most iconic skies capture a MV Bank of China Town is stunning a Symmetrical construction set in the center of the city skyline Next Sanja building is low Grammy and la Rama Universal love proves It's their native name of even by them After nearly 20 years of existence the glass and steel profit that's of istil of hoops Men's chance is one a young face signal Rock and rock Rock and roll hall of fame our take after opening in 1995 Robert must have wrote that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame pitcher saucy geometric forms kettle invert up from the middle of six story child coming up Chappelle hip a passion in metal and glass Mirror museum surface texture garish Mihoko Aoyama Commission I am paid to design this indeed evil museum ship within a living and forested landscape calling the project is Shangri-la, it is housed the private collection of famous Asian and ocean and cheese Next one is Museum of Islamic art the real axis Thousand seven hundred foot span of Museum of Islamic art is sick of the coast of Doha Carnegie greeting his own private island dedicated to the collection and preservation of Islamic art Macao Science Center, I am pissed 23,000 square meter a union plaque cultural and institutional facilities Tick on the surah Macau apparatchik Hong Kong was wanna the reason rebuilding of the old when completely in 2009 is a symmetrical monocles it became instantly in kanji ever is a sample of Macau its distinctive design includes the climbing spiral starfish towering Adria and how our wonderful, TC planetarium the museum houses interactive exhibition galleries conferences facilities and education spaces These are some of the campus of the central building explained in my animation and That divert and explain in any video I hope you have enjoyed my video fully and I hope you will subscribe my video without any variation and in final thanks for watching my review to get the latest update and to gain, some knowledge and put in our lab, please watch my video and See this video to maximum number of people to enhance the knowledge in the world Thanks for watching my video and data by best team See you in the next video

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