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MTV's +1theVote, LogoTV and Trans LifeLine's Youth Microgrant Recipients


– A deadname is the name generally given to you at birth Removing it from your official documents and having your real name there, that's huge, that's the last big step

– [Kim] What if you couldn't vote as the person you truly are? MTV's +1 the Vote, Logo, and Trans Lifeline are giving grants to help trans youth update their IDs to be able to vote as their true selves I'm Kim Petras, and I'd like to introduce you to three grant recipients, Coral, Owen, and Aidan, who will tell us more about their ID journey – As soon as I have to show my ID, their eye will track to the picture, and then they'll look at me, and then they'll look at the gender marker It's a terrifying moment, because I have no idea how someone will react to that – In terms of people misgendering you, it's like nobody's actually seeing you, and feels like you're walking around like a ghost

– Going to the voting booth without an ID that matches your true identity is very uncomfortable – It's frustrating that other people in more socially accepted situations, such as marriage, have a much easier time of changing their name than transgender people Trans people will have to wait months, years, fill out all these forms, pay all these fees, and do all of this extra stuff that doesn't make any sense – [Coral] The moment the grant money hit my account, it was just like, jubilation – A feeling of euphoria, just knowing that somebody was there looking out for me

– [Owen] This is my first Pride where I will be officially recognized as who I am – I was concerned that it wouldn't be a realistic possibility I'm really grateful for Trans Lifeline – [Aidan] Having an ID is the first step to being able to use your voice, and to make that choice to make change – [Owen] Voting is excruciatingly important

– [Coral] It's a real opportunity to express discontent with the current state of things – Please, please, please, go out and vote – [Coral] Trans people need to be heard – [Kim] MTV's +1 the Vote, Logo, and Trans Lifeline are here to help people navigate this process, so they too can vote as their true selves in the 2020 election To make your voice heard this year, register to vote at translifeline


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