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MTV Shuga: Alone Together | Episode 17


So I got some really good news bro Oh yeah? Talk to me, talk to me

So I spoke to some of the companies that I asked to watch you live and guess what? They would like to sponsor your next concert after lockdown is lifted Are you serious? That's awesome man! Thanks man your my G! No problem bro Dude you’ve done so much even in the lockdown man Bro, the hustle has to continue Bro, what's going on? Are you sure you don't have coronavirus? It's just a regular old cold bro

Yo man, you need to keep an eye on that cough man, then contact all the people you were in touch with Trace and track, that’s how you kick corona’s butt You're being paranoid Not everything is corona, bro Hahah Yes! What happened? Ah man look can I call you later? I just got some really good news bro

Sure, peace man Peace Yes! Yes! Hey Dineo, I’ve been so worried about you Hi Daniel I’m sorry I went awol on you You okay? Yeah of course

Stop making a big deal about what happened I'm sorry but I think domestic violence is a very big deal Domestic violence? Really Daniel? I mean, Kabelo just lost his temper this one time And it's my fault I shouldn’t have talked about our personal stuff with you That's absolute nonsense, it's not your fault

Dineo, if he hits you once he will probably do it again! No, he won’t do it again You should see him: he won’t stop apologizing Daniel, you know what, can we just move on from this please? Okay So, what are you writing there? A letter to my neighbor Ahh thats so nice

Is she that cute? It’s not like that It’s the old lady across the road I see her going out to buy groceries and I want to offer to buy her essentials for her You know old people need to be protected They are more at risk than the rest of us

That's really sweet Daniel She waves at me all the time, I think she’s lovely It's the least I can do I will slide the letter under her door later Hmm I see your one of those

Those who? Those people who help everybody but themselves As long as I’m looking after myself, especially up here and then helping other people becomes part of the solution I hear you… You were pretty down the last time I talked to you You know you can talk to me if you need help, right? Yeah that was then The isolation was getting to me and I was heading to a dark place but then I started exercising more, meditating

Well I’m really proud of you, that's awesome Thanks! I even sing in the shower! Why do I have a feeling nobody wants to hear that? Hahah you are right, I can’t sing to save my life! But it makes me feel amazing, amazing! Ah man that's all that matters really You know what, let me leave you to your letter

Chat soon? Okay take care Dineo, and remember, I'm always here for you Yeah, yeah

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