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MTV Roadies Revolution Pune Audition 2020. #RoadiesRevolution #Roadies2020


The Line Was really Long Really Thankful to all of that you people came for the roadies audition On top of that Pune is the Last audit ion centre and i know You all are not only from Pune and Maharashtra but Many of You have are there Who came for the audition in Delhi , Chandigarh and Kolkata and now here best of luck to You guys Prince Was Selected From Pune Whereas He is from Chandigarh So Any audition centre is not for those people who are the residents of that Particular city But These Those Who are The Ultimate Roadies They can Come from anywhere and get selected from anywhere And those Roadies can stand for any type of revolution and Use the Word Revolution What is Roadies Revolution its not like that a new season so a new name Roadies Heroes , Roadies Rising its For the World and your Surroundings

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