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MTV Roadies Revolution Kolkata Audition


Women Safety is now a days a main issue Many Other Problems in Different issues if now you are still sitting in your room and cutting your nails if you are still sitting in your room and cutting your nails that it does not effect you so you will not stand for the thing or for others, its not the Right Way to Live As a Citizen of the WORLD you have to be the part of the thing for the Change You yourself have to Stand Up and Change It But This Time In Roadies We Are Talking About Revolution Revolution, Then You must be thinking What is Revolution It does not Happen Overnight

(People) / WE Have To Change Ourself, way of thinking We have to Stand up and change they we can THe Thing You Are Trying To Flaunt, We will help you to find the right way We will make sure that all of us Prince Neha, Nikhil, Raftaar Every one in The Roadies Team and The 20 ultimate Roadies Who will be going with us in the journey Where We (roadies team) are trying to do something revolutionary for the nation But you have something to change for the nation at least by seeing or by yourself SO THAT The people with you seeing roadies, gains a Josh from you or by seeing roadies to stand up against Injustice and do something for the country Now that will be a revolution OK ??? Best of Luck To all of You

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