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– I'm supposed to room with Aimee – No, I was supposed to room with Aimee

– Girl, I got the text message – I got the phone call – I'm just a lot of fun (electronic music) – Everybody wants me to room with them, and I don't know why, because I feel like I'm like the dirtiest bitch here – I thought I was gonna be rooming with Aimee, because Aimee had told me that we was going to be rooming together

Remember? – I just thought that it was a given that me and you would room together We are best friends inside of the house, best friends outside of the house – When your friend passed away, you know, like, I didn't hear from you for a little bit Well, when you called me, and you were like, "Hey, Aimee, I'm not in a good head space You have to room with me," I called Candace, and I was like, I've got to room with Nilsa

She was like, "That's fine, girl I'm gonna room with Kirk" – Kirk didn't room with me because Kirk decided he wanted to room with the dudes I don't know if it's just, like, Candace germs or if people don't want to be around me, but I ended up being in a room by myself – It wasn't like she was hurt or sad

She was legit angry – I don't have my own (beep) anymore, so go (beep) all of y'all – Candace, now you're acting like a (beep) crazy-ass bitch! – I'm not a physical person I try to keep calm at all times, but guess what, honey? I will still turn it on if I need to Period

– Y'all some spoiled-ass bitches in this mother(beep)! – I'm not no spoiled-ass bitch That Louis Vuitton you see me carrying around? It's fake I got it from Chinatown I'm still a trailer-park-trash-ass bitch, and I'm proud of it – I can't be in this environment

Plus I just graduated anger management I can't be in this environment They taught me when I get mad to start counting, and then after that I go, like, (hitched breathing) like a pregnant lady She came outside, and she called me a ho And she made fun of my tiara

She was like, "I ain't never had no tiara!" And I'm like, "Bitch, I ain't never had no tiara, either, but this one's still fake and cheap" Don't call me no (beep) ho! I ain't done (beep) to you! That switch in me will flip real quick, and I'll be hitting somebody One two three four five six seven eight nine ten (hitched breathing) – I was more so upset because I never felt like I belonged I have different hair

I don't look like these ladies I don't come from the same place these ladies come from – And I am sorry if I ever made you feel left out, because I don't want anyone to feel like that – I never felt like I had anybody to pick me up in my low moments – Damn, I was scared to after you threw a beer bottle at Nilsa's head

– I'm sorry, ya'll That was a bad Candace moment

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