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Movies and Entertainment Put On Hold… What Now?


what's up everybody today we're going to be talking about the entertainment business and how this the thing that cannot even be named on YouTube affecting entertainment in general and also disrupting our lives but I will be focusing mostly on entertainment because that's what I cover in my channel but before I get into that I just wanted to say that I know these are tough times but don't let fear take over your life get information from your sources like the CDC you know or a real doctor you know be careful just listening to what youtubers think Franks is because you know like people are asking my opinion what do you think about this I am as qualified to talk about this as an NFL coach would be to talk about cooking rice for instance so just get you your information from the right sources don't panic don't let an anxiety take over your life because that will just make things worse it will affect your immune system but do things that make you happy you know at this time if you're taking classes from home which is what's going on with me right now I'm gonna have to be doing a lot of online classes play a lot of video games watch films that make you feel happy watch channels that lift you up you know I don't know like do anything that will help you get through this prey you know this is one of the things I've been doing too it helps me a lot and we're all in this we're gonna go through all of this together do your part wash your hands 20 seconds you know don't go around spraying your kids with disinfectant like this person here you know I know there's also the toilet paper crisis going on people are freaking out but the truth is everything's gonna be fine we're all gonna go through this just do your part I know that all of this stuff that all of these events are closing closing seems extremely but I believe that this is a way to stop the spread of the virus so it's it's no it's not it sounds like we're living inside a movie right now you know I'm having like the walking dead vibes but just keep yourself calm watch things that make you feel happy you know distract your mind read a book things like that and just be careful when you are in public you know everything is gonna be fine but now let's talk about the entertainment business so CNN posted a a article over here will movies delayed by the Ferrara shift to streaming the reason why I'm not saying this is because YouTube is not don't want people talking about this I kind of understand I think they're concerned about people spreading fear and not only fear fake news out there which those things happen so I understand but it's kind of annoying that is something that is affecting us all and we cannot even mention it it's it's you know but anyways so let's see what they're saying here so we have three major films that have been delayed due to this pandemic and of course this would have to happen you know like I said this measures seem extreme but it's the best way to stop this from spreading anyways it seems like the world itself is not prepared for this you know we're not I think we always live life as if there's no tomorrow a little bit a lot of the time we tend to not prepare for things and I just think that the world right now it's not really prepared for this but the fact that airports will be stopping travel the movie theaters are delaying films a mass gathering events are stopping is a way to at least stop the spreading so I think those are good things it's just kind of annoying because now we're all like stuck at home you know bored and hopefully people are not killing each other at home you know but anyway so the three major films that are being delayed right now we have Mulan we have James Bond James Bond actually the first one I have quiet place I think quiet place was the second one and fast and furious so these are huge thumbs and fasting fears actually delayed themselves for like a year so this is like a massive delay but how is this going to affect I mean I guess economy itself is being affected everywhere and there's no way that they would like for instance if you look at the box office for this weekend VIN Jesus bloodshot is on but not only perhaps is a movie that wasn't marketed very well but at the same time he's Vin Diesel he has his fans but even with that people do not go to see it and of course I'm pretty sure it's because people are scared to be in public so it's not really the time to be releasing films and I think that if things don't change the next one might be Black Widow you know all right so let's see what are they saying here Hollywood is in a bind students are stuck postponing major films release it's not only that they're stopping production itself like a stranger things stopped our production like I said this is all a cautionary measure to stop the spreading you know experts say it's unlikely the site will premiere on streaming services like Disney Plus now I see a lot of people saying why didn't you don't put this just put these films on streaming but it doesn't work like that you know streaming service like these films they're they spend so much money making these films that the only way that they would make the money back is with the box-office and as far as the streaming service you're not paying to see each film you're actually paying for the service so what they make money off subscriptions not from individual films so to me it only makes sense that they would delay the film it's perrolli I mean its core it's a better option because also most films that are designed for movie theaters they're not really designed for streaming you know I mean the experience at least I don't know about you but experiencing the movie theaters is different for me you know I've always preferred watching these films like major films in movie theaters because of the sound and all of that and sometimes you're just laying in bed watching Netflix it's also great but the experience is not the same it's also like a quiet place for instance the director at Krasinski secrecy but sees me I always get his name right you guys know who I'm talking about he's says that this film is meant to be watched with an audience and I think an audience it's always brings a vibe to the film you know so it makes sense so facing green prospect upcoming releases including Disney's Mulan New Mutants this film the New Mutants seems like it's never going to come out you know Sony's James Bond no time to die paramount a quiet place eco and Universal latest Fast and Furious adventures 9,000 fewer Knight have been all delayed but though many of those companies are hungry for product to propel streaming ventures economic consideration so that suggests that these new movies or at least most of them won't be it because these blog posts are specially a period piece like Mulan don't have an expiration date there's no reason to rush them to the market well I haven't thought about that but that's true like you know sometimes if you're watching those comedies that their place in in Halloween or Valentine's Day those are kind of like movies that should come out at a certain time but these could come at any time right so that I think it's a safer bet for them to delay it and make sure that everyone it's now safe to gather again and socialize right I think someone is going to come up with a very entertaining app for socializing in math socialising you know cause right now did you hear like some sports will be playing with no live audience which is something historic I don't think it's ever happened before it's kind of weird there was also a few live shows that being have starting filming without live ordnance but now I think they're gonna stop at completely I mean it's all going to depend what the situation happens to the following week right Oh Friday Disney did announce that it would move up availability of frozen to on Disney Plus okay so – March 15 offering it early to help families through these challenging times especially now with all the kids at home I think parents are gonna go crazy movie like Mulan has a big budget and it's been marketed already as a three theatrical film not only that China has a big role when it comes to helping the box-office right and if movies if they're still in lockdown over there I mean this this is definitely going to be a disaster for the studios not only the studio's to be honest with you this is going to affect everybody know the service industry hospitality hotels restaurants you know Airlines it's definitely something that walking dead vibes dude that's what I'm telling by contrast Netflix the premieres the premiere streaming service has experimented with some bigger budget action movies the building on its platform the bra yeah the shoe bright okay Ryan Reynolds six on the ground I tried watching that film and I couldn't finish it I don't know why it was just oh it's a Michael Bay film that's why I'm not I'm not really a Michael Bay fan I think that the way that he directs films especially the way that he shoots is so like he shakes the camera so much and I just don't scream like stop stop but that's why but anyways content is what it's not we have tons of content that between Disney Plus Netflix HBO and even those that are not do not have that kind of cess you you could still watch a ton of content free online you could watch youtubers you fake your favorite youtubers you know I think a lot of us will be doing a lot of streams right now so he can get to this together laugh together you know and maybe forget a little bit so you know um what else I wonder if there's anything else worth saying here but anyways guys I guess that's the gist of it and then they don't really know what it's funny is that most of these films don't really have an a specific date to come out apart from fast and furious because I faster fuse I think they already pushed it over to next year but the James Bond film I think they're trying to do it in October a quiet place does not have any time or release yet and not only that I think a lot of TV shows have stopped their production to make sure that the crew will continue to be safe and anyways guys that is it for this video and just like I said at the beginning of this video do your part don't forget to wash your hands when you're taught to touching things and don't leave your life by fear you know try to do things that make you happy you know get away from that anxiety because I know watching the news is always like that's why entertainment is out there now go watch your favorite film or go play video games go do anything that you know will at least help you deal with this situation but anyways guys drop your comments down below let me know what do you think about this I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you enjoyed this video don't forget to hit that thumbs up and subscribe for more

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