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Morbius (2020) Official Teaser Trailer- [Marvel Entertainment And Sony Pictures]


Michael I've learned you since you were a child You always have If there's an answer to the disease, we'll find it I should have died years ago Why am I still here, if not to fix this I have a rare blood disease, and I'm not that at a time This could be my last chance You're up to something, what is it?That's not exactly label Now I want to see you get hurt more than you already have

This would be a cure At what cost, It's happening, I went from the time Of increased strength and speed The ability to use echolocation And then overpowering urge to consume blood How far are we allowed to go, we'll fix something that's broken Until the remedy is worse than the disease Michael Morbius attentive doing a little good guy Hang up What's up guy?

Source: Youtube

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