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MONAT Breaking News with CEO Ray Urdaneta and President Stuart MacMillan


– Here we are together! – Hey, good to see you! – No, no, no, no, no – Oh, oh

– Still, still (claps) (Stuart laughs) – It's amazing! – It's amazing – It's been – We haven't seen each other for what? – Three months – Three months? – Three full months, yeah

– Well, we're still connected – Yeah, I see your face like this all the time, (Ray laughs) but yeah – It feels good – It does feel good – We're back at the office, we're not fully back at the office, but we're back at the studio

– Right – Had a face-to-face conversation – A real face-to-face conversation, the same way we always do, with me leaning on your desk It was just like old times There we go

(laughs) – It just feels great It feels great Hopefully, we can (claps) be back full to normal soon – Soon – But in the meantime– – We'll keep doing what we're doing, right? – We'll keep doing what we're doing at this time

– Seems to be working – It's working – You guys are killing it out there – It's working I mean, we're adapting and we're thriving

So, hello, MONAT family Thanks for watching We're here today to bring you some Breaking News, and that's why we decided to come back to the studio– – Let's do it in person – For this, right? For this important day And the breaking news is about our 2020 events, specifically about Reunion and MONATions

We know you are very eager for details, and have been asking us– – [Both] "What's the plan?" – "What's the plan?" – "What's the plan?" What we're doing – Every day, every day, twice, yeah (chuckles) – And we really appreciate your patience As usual, our team has worked tirelessly to prepare during this crazy year and defined our new plants – Yeah, so without further ado, MONAT family, are you ready to get together for real later this year? I don't know about you, but I am absolutely itching to see all of you up close, face to face, in the flesh, six feet apart, for a genuine all-out MONAT-style celebration

And we're here to announce that we'll be doing exactly that at Reunion 2020, which is finally coming this October So if you've qualified and registered for the original Reunion 2020 Las Vegas in April, we've got two options Option number one, you're invited to join us in the flesh, in Las Vegas, this October 26th through the 29th What a Reunion this is gonna be Your qualification will include round-trip airfare and three nights of hotel accommodations

If you qualified for tier two, you'll still receive your $300 food and beverage credit, which, as you may remember, is good at any Caesars Las Vegas property And if you're tier three, you'll still receive round-trip flights for two And while we won't be holding our usual general sessions, that probably means even more time to connect, create, and celebrate together with your MONAT family Or– – Or (claps) we have option two If you don't join us in Vegas this October, because you decide that maybe it's a bummer that we're not having a general session, you may defer your 2020 qualification to attend Reunion 2021 next April

– And there'll be a lot of details to come, some FAQs on how that's gonna work But you have those two choices Either come in October, or you can defer to Reunion 2021 – So I can wait, right? – Yeah – Reuniting with all of you is going to be an absolutely epic celebration

– Especially since we haven't seen them (laughs) – Yeah, it's really great to reunite, to see each other, like you said, at least six feet apart, (Stuart laughs) but I mean to have the MONAT community together You know, the MONAT events are where the spirit and passion of this family come alive like nowhere else – That's true – So get ready, because even though it's gonna be with certain limitations, October's gonna be fun

– It's gonna be a great event, 'cause it'll be great to be back in Vegas, won't it? – But Stuart, we have something coming up before that – We do, (laughs) as a matter of fact, yes, we do! – September? – September, of course We also want nothing more than to be together with all of you when we host the most extravagant event of the year, Impact: MONATions United 2020 And even though current circumstances have made it necessary for us to spend a lot of time kind of rethinking our original plans of joining you in Atlanta, we are excited about the plans and vision we do have, you get excited every time you see this, for what we are calling MONATions Impact Week 2020 We even got the shirts! Look at that

– With Impact – Impact – Impact – It's one of your favorites – Yeah

– Out of all the names of themes, yeah, yeah – The themes, I like Impact And we're still up for creating big impact – Absolutely, we are, we are – We're actually doing it, right? MONATions Impact Week will be a live virtual event that will take place from Thursday through Sunday, September 10th through the 13th

And we promise you, this is not an ordinary Zoom call or just video on YouTube – No, no PowerPoints, no – No, at MONAT, we don't do ordinary when it comes to events And we have to adapt, we have to adapt

We'll do something virtual that's gonna be extraordinary – Extraordinary MONATions Impact Week will still feature our two world-class A-list speakers, Ed Mylett and John Maxwell And speaking of world-class, Ray, our virtual Dream Bigger Gala will honor the spectacular impact made by our top-performing MONAT market partners – I think it's gonna be nice

– It's gonna be nice – I've heard the ideas – We got a few cool ways to do that, too, yeah – Right, it's gonna be interesting, it's gonna be interesting (claps) One of the things I'm most excited about is the moment when we unveil our entirely new line of products that will absolutely amaze you

I mean, MONATions is about new products, new announcements, and we're still gonna do that visually But once again, we have some amazing, amazing ideas So in 2019, our Healthy Skin Revolution started And this September, I promise you, MONAT family, The next revolution begins – I know you just love saying that, that this year, the next revolution begins

It's so exciting And as we do every year, by registering for this event, you will have the exclusive opportunity to get this year's I Want It All Pack That I Want It All Pack will include every new product launched, of course, at an incredible one-time-only discounted price Registration for MONATions Impact Week is only $79 US

, and it will be opened very, very soon But as I like to say, wait, there's more! (chuckles) With your registration, you're gonna receive, this is so fun, you're gonna receive something extremely cool at your doorstep before the event starts It's a special package that we're calling Impact in a Box – [Ray] That sounds cool – It does sound cool

We're already having a ton of fun, aren't we, coming up with some of the ideas for all the goodies that we'll be sending you in this exclusive box And let's just say it'll be the perfect at-home complement to your MONATions Impact Week virtual experience We want it to be interactive We don't want you to be just watching, we want it to be interactive, and the Impact Box is gonna help make that happen – Absolutely, but we're also thinking, once again, part of how we can adapt when we cannot get together 14,000, 50,000 people in a room, maybe we can do 50, 20, a hundred in a room, who knows? – And maybe you can have a hundred of those! – Exactly, that would be cool

So because of that, we're also planning something special For those of you who gather with your local teams to view Impact Week together, you will be able to register these MONATogether-style events and receive some special items from us so you can enhance that MONATogether experience – That's gonna be fun, that's gonna be fun If I wasn't gonna be here doing this, I'd probably wanna be at one Anyway, now, we know that if you've already registered for MONATions, you wanna know, what happens? So we've created once again, two options

Option one, you'll have the opportunity to defer your registration to MONATions 2021, which is still taking place in Atlanta on September the 8th through the 12th, 2021 And the good news, Ray, is that's at no additional cost to you, because we already know that next year's MONATions is gonna be $250 So effectively, anybody who has a ticket, we're grandfathering the fee that they've already paid So it means that they'll save money, and I think, almost more importantly, save a seat for an event that we know is gonna sell out I mean, we're already sold out

– Because for next year, MONATions 2021, the tickets will be $250 – $250 – So that's more money, that's gonna happen But we have option two – Yeah, let's tell 'em more about that

– If you choose, we will provide you a full refund for MONATions 2020 – [Stuart] No problem – No problem, but be careful, because if you choose to get the refund, there is no guarantee that you'll be able to secure a seat for 2021 We're sold out for 2020, we're gonna use the same venue for 2021, so if you get a refund, there is no guarantee you will get a seat – I'd say my guess is, if you give up your seat, you're giving up your seat

But yeah, that's all right – And one more thing, if you still have an unused MONATions voucher code, it's valid toward MONATions 2021, and the deadline to redeem has been extended through April 30, 2021 – That's super important So we've extended the deadline, so if you have a voucher that is yet unnamed, you now have till April 30 of next year to make sure that you get a name on it So I think it's gonna be amazing

– I think it's gonna be great – Yeah! – I'm really excited about this I think we're gonna be able to have an amazing virtual event, and I think we're gonna set up, maybe, a precedent in the industry – I think so I think people are gonna look at us and say, "How did they do that?" I mean, the teams are on fire, and we have a ton of teams working on this

We literally have 13 subteams all working on the various elements of making this spectacular – One of the great things that we have in MONAT is our passion And we have an amazing passion on the field, that's what we thrive on, but we also have such an amazing corporate team, so passionate to do it right and to do it with excellence – And they're excited – Yeah, I mean, I'm telling you, they are seriously on fire right now, creating an event that not only will meet, but will exceed your expectations and will deliver all the impact that MONATions is known for

So be on the lookout for more details coming your way, maybe in the next few weeks – In the next few weeks, things will be leaking out to you over the next few weeks as we get you excited about this, get you as excited as you can tell we already are And get ready to be part of an event you can enjoy every minute of, from the convenience of your own home, which means not only will you save on the time and expense of traveling, but we'll also be, we believe, reaching more people than ever before with this event Now, you and I have played with some numbers What's your number? What do you think? – Well– – Well, we were gonna have just over 14,000 to 15,000 – Right, in the arena

But you know what? Our family, our community of market partners have tripled I know, we're bringing in 40,000 a month – Right – Yeah – And that is gonna be more convenient, because they can do it from home

– Right – It's only $79 You still get the I Want It All Pack – Right – Still get the exclusive announcements

– Still get who knows what else in that box? – What else, that MONAT in a Box, it's gonna be very cool – Yeah – So I'm guessing at least 50,000 people will join us – You heard that, five-zero, 50,000 people getting an Impact Box on their doorstep and joining us virtually So we just wanna take the time to thank them for their patience

It's just been a real unprecedented and very strange time – But we have thrived They have thrived And you know what I feel the most proud of? That our community, our market partners, our corporate team, MONAT has been a light for so many, and still is a light for so many, as you said, in these unprecedented, strange times Congratulations to all of you for this incredible moment

– Yeah, I didn't believe, when we started this thing six years ago, that we would have such an amazing platform to lead in such extraordinary times, so thank you So much is going on in the world right now, and you guys are all there being lights each and every day So keep being part, as you said on a call about a month ago, keeping part of the solution– – And keep being? – And keep shining and be a light – Be a light – Thank you

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