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Moms Take the Kissing Challenge ?Lip Locked | MTV


– Justine, is it your turn or? – Oh no, girl no! I don't want to get my ass whooped I don't want it with Bree

This is Lip Locked, the show were we get up close and personal The rules are very simple I have a couple coming in to join me and one of them is going to be blindfolded They're gonna have to kiss a lineup of people One is their partner and the rest, well, they're decoys

Can you kiss and tell? Ladies! (whistle blows) Hello! How you doing today? – Hey How are you? How are you? How are you? – What's your name? – Treasure – Treasure, nice to meet you – Bree – Bree, nice to meet- Your parents loved you, Treasure! Hi, I'm Treasure

– And I'm Bree and we've been dating for three years – So we met at – A bowling alley – A bowling alley So I was a server, she was a front desk The first time I seen her, I was like "Oh my god, I need her

" – You're like "I have to put my fingers in that" – So we're moms of a three year old Being a mother changed the dynamic of our relationship Bree is very jealous – You can be jealous too though

– I can be but not as much as you – You hide your jealousy, I'm just 'gon air it out – She airs everything out – You can never trust a girl with colored hair They're a little wacky

– Like how do you go through my CashApp, everything? – CashApp? She trying to see if you're sending any of your old hoes some money (laughter) All right, so you're a little crazy, Bree All right, so if you're the crazy one, I'm gonna assume you're getting blindfolded today (negative mumble) Ah, great It's gonna be a fight

All right, Treasure Let's go ahead and get you blindfolded – All right I was so nervous when they were blindfolding me I'm like "Who am I gonna be kissing?" – Let's bring in the decoys

Ladies, you ready? Hello, hello ladies, hello How you doing? Don't answer The rules are very simple, ladies No talking, no touching, let your tongue do the walking Now, this first round is just gonna be like a lightning round

You're just getting to know Treasure It's just a quick kiss The second round's gonna be a little more intimate – If you get this wrong, I won't talk to you for like a month, literally You know my feelings would be hurt

– That's extensive – Not a month but like a month – She's already blushing, I like that All right, all right, all right Kisser number one, you're up

She listened to the regimen, I like that Good student All right, kisser number two Short and sweet Kisser number three

Kisser number four Treasure, how you you feeling about those kisses? – I can't say nothing 'cause she 'gon get popped in the car – She's gonna whoop you later, don't worry You got her permission for the show – Y'all see me on the news

(sirens) – You should just know my lips You say you love it so you should know (sighs) – Did anyone stand out to you? – Three – Three stuck out a little bit? – [Treasure] And four – Okay

So you know what I want to do for this round? I want to get a little more intimate, a little more passionate And I promise, I won't let Bree swing on you All right, kisser number one, you're up Woo! What'd you think of that? (laughs) Treasure, you gotta respond She's gonna whoop your ass either way, you're kissing them

– [Treasure] Right, no that was good, I liked that – [Justine] That was good? You were feeling that? – [Treasure] Yeah, that was nice, yeah – [Justine] All right, kisser number two, on you boo Keep it going, keep it going I'll let you know when your 10 seconds is up

Yee! All right, all right Yikes, what'd you think about that Treasure? – Yeah, that was good I liked number one though She was kind of reserved, the second one – [Justine] Oh the second one was a little reserved? – Yeah, like you know

– [Justine] A little scared? – Yeah Don't be scared – Oh! All right, number three Okay What'd you think of number three? – That was good

She kind of came full force She came in with it ready – Yeah, I think number four might come through kinda strong too so number four, it's on you What'd you think? You liked that one – She was nice too, yeah

– That was nice too, huh? – Yeah – Number four, that was a lot, that was a lot, that is a lot, it's still a lot Justine is it your turn or? – Oh no, girl no, I don't want to get my ass whooped because she looks I'm telling you, she got just that that little wiry strength where she hits you and you're like "How did that punch come out of that little arm?" I don't want it with Bree – Kisser number one, she was good Number one came in for the kill

– No she didn't – She tried to take me home I'm thinking number one could be Bree but I'm not 100% sure You guys have great lips Kisser number two, she was very hesitant on kissing me

She was okay I didn't think it was Bree Kisser number three, she can kiss I had no idea number three was Bree, at all Sorry

Kisser number four, now, that was one of my faves – She's not coming home You belong to the streets – Gone with the wind Out of all these kissers, – Don't tell me what I want to hear

– Out of all these kissers, I like number four – So I don't think she's gonna pick me the way she's kissing number four because she probably thinks that's me – Treasure, the question we all want to know is which three of these are you gonna trash, which one you gonna treasure? – I like one and three – You like one and three? She's over here, steam's coming out of her ears so make sure you choose wisely – We're gonna have a problem if you don't pick me 'cause you should know

Three years, a baby, you should know I would know – Which one you think was Bree? One or three? – Number three – You positive? I'm just saying Are you 100%? – Yeah

– All right, number three, step on up One more kiss – I got my fingers crossed – Me too, I got everything crossed for you A kiss to seal the deal

Oh, that was a nice little lip action I'm gonna use that move tonight All right, Treasure You ready to see if you're about to get your ass whooped? Are you going to a happy home? – Man All right, here we go

(laughter) – You was smiling too hard though – Well she was number four though You missed it Hold on 'cause let me spill the tea, sis You had your back to her and when she was done with four, she went like this

– I see – Oh yeah! – I see, I see – She got some nice lips, look – Well for all you at home, you know happy endings are real If you find your mate, hold on to them forever 'cause one bitch's trash is another bitch's treasure

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