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Mom Gone Missing: Runaway or Murder Victim? | Season Finale Sneak Peek | True Life Crime


– I'm Nev from Catfish, a series that investigates social media mysteries Tonight the new series, True Life Crime, investigates the most harrowing true crime mysteries rocking headlines and social feeds

These victims were young, the crimes against them shocking, and haunting questions remain True Life Crime is here to expose the truth In tonight's case, 21 year old new mother Hanna Harris goes out to celebrate 4th of July with her friends, but never comes home Hours later her car is found abandoned with a flat tire Did Hanna ditch her car to continue to party, or did she hitch a ride that turned deadly? MTV News Reporter Dometi Pongo heads to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana to uncover what happened to Hanna Harris

(hip hop beat) – [Dometi] A 21 year old mom is celebrating the 4th of July – It was Hanna, but like times 10 that night – [Dometi] She disappears into the night – Something's happening, something was keeping her from coming home – [Dometi] Her Native American community is rocked by her disappearance

– I was raised that if something's wrong, you don't call the police, they'll never show up – [Dometi] Did she run away? – I was thinking, "How dare you?" – He's like, "She's out partying," and I was just like, "Hell, no, she's not" – [Dometi] Was she taken by a stranger? – We do have some issues with human trafficking – And I said, "Who the (bleep) was that?" – [Dometi] Or was she hurt by someone she knew? – Where's Hanna, have you seen Hanna? – I think I smell smoke, we need to go check for a fire – And I kept thinking this is all just a bad dream

(dramatic music) – So where was Hanna's car? – Hanna's car, it was parked right up here by this hill right here – [Dometi] You're at the trunk and you're trying to decide what to do next – To me, it was so hard to even think about her being in that trunk But we also knew that there was a possibility that she could be in there – I just remember my mom reaching over and going like this and holding my hand

(dramatic music) I just used my two fingers, opened the door – The car belonged to Hanna Harris, the 21 year old mother of a 10 month old boy She was last seen at the annual fireworks display in the town of Lame Deer on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana This is my first time in Lame Deer, Montana And my first time on a reservation actually

I've always been fascinated by the customs of indigenous people because they remind me so much of my family's customs in West Africa The respect for elders, the respect for tradition and protocol and such Only 5,000 people live on the sprawling reservation And like many native communities, it struggles with high rates of poverty and joblessness Hanna grew up on the reservation, and even when she lived elsewhere, it was always home for her

We're gonna find out how the family's been coping and really dig into what really happened to Hanna – Hanna was like kind of spontaneous Like you never knew what you were gonna get with her You know, everyone loved her She had a smile, oh man, her smile

– Me and Hanna grew up together since diapers basically So we're basically sisters Cousins, but sisters Hanna was definitely the mischievous type, the character in the group that had all the bad ideas, was always getting everybody else in trouble – [Dometi] Just after high school Hanna met Skylar, her first serious boyfriend

She moved in with him in Billings, Montana, two hours from the reservation where she grew up Before long, she was pregnant – Finish this right now – [Man] Right now, I'm trying to Hold on, hold on

– Hurry up, my hand's cramping – [Dometi] Jeremiah was born on August 28, 2012, and Hanna instantly embraced motherhood – Yeah, she surprised me after Jeremiah was born She grew up on me, I guess We're the same age, I'm actually older than her, and she matured a lot faster than I did

I was still a bone head back then – [Dometi] But things didn't work out with Skylar, so Hanna moved back to the reservation with her now 10 month old son It was nine days before the fireworks party Tribal member Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear grew up on the reservation and knew Hanna She has seen the struggles of the local community firsthand

– Lame Deer is a small town, everybody knows everybody I think as a tribal community that close-knit kind of interconnection, it's very valuable – Lame Deer around the time of the 4th of July, what is like, what are people doing? – When we have our 4th of July powwow, lots of people come Thousands of people come to the reservation Everybody who lives off the reservation comes home

So families have, for generations they've camped in the same place Camping would mean like setting up big tepees, big tents Generations get together There's dancing, there's music, there's food Lots of fun, lots going on in a usually very quiet, sleepy community

– [Dometi] The celebrations began with a party on the night of July 3rd Hanna's cousin, Marti Fisher, was there – And we usually have a stage set up right here in front of the building They have deejays and stuff that play music Fireworks be going off on top of the hill behind us

– How did you remember Hanna that night, July 3rd? – She was just out having a good time I was out having a good time We just kind of met up and had a good time together there – Was this like one of the few times that Hanna would get a chance to leave the house? – Yeah, Hanna didn't get very many chances to go out This was one of her golden opportunities

– Did she have the baby with her, or? – Naw, she got a babysitter That's why she was out and about She had her Uncle Elton watching him that night She was just like a little bit more lit than usual I never seen her dance so much in my life, tell you that, man

It was Hanna, but like times 10 that night – [Dometi] Got you (fireworks exploding) – Right at the end of the fireworks show, probably about 11 that night, me and my group of friends were trying to talk her into letting one of us drive her, give us the keys She wasn't having it Argued with her for a long time, too

At least 20 minutes, 30 minutes, trying to get her keys from her, and it just wasn't working – [Dometi] Her Aunt Myra also saw her that night – I said, "Are you okay?" She said, "I'm all right, I'm all right" I said, "Be careful" Hanna kind of grabbed me and she said, "I love you

" And I said, "I love you too," and I kissed her, and that's the last thing I told her (tense music) – [Dometi] 5:00 AM on July 4th, five hours after the fireworks and festivities ended, Hanna's mother, Malinda Harris, arrived at work at the gas station on the reservation – The very first person that walked into the doors told me that Hanna's car was parked up at Mighty Creek – [Dometi] Mighty Creek is a dead road on the edge of the reservation, miles from Hanna's home – I was kind of surprised that it was there

– I think somebody had gone up there and said that the tire was flat – [Dometi] Malinda hoped that her daughter had gotten a ride with someone and was sleeping the night off somewhere In the back of her mind, fear was growing that Hanna could be the latest victim of an epidemic of missing and murdered native women – For the past two years MTN News has been following the disappearance of Ashley Loring – The Montana Department of Justice issued a missing and endangered person advisory for 14 year old Henny Scott

On Friday night her body was found by a search party near Lame Dear – Everybody knows missing and murdered indigenous women We all know them They're in our families, they're the stories that are passed down from grandmothers to mothers to daughters that say don't drive by yourself at night Try not to look so Indian when you're driving off the rez in Montana

Take somebody with you if you need to go somewhere These are the things that we're told, and it's because we know – [Dometi] Hanna's older sister Rose lived in Billings, but was visiting the reservation for the powwow weekend Recently married, she had a wedding reception planned for the following day, July 5th, when lots of family would be around She arrived a few hours after Hanna's car had been found abandoned and went straight to her Uncle Elton's house

He had been watching Hanna's baby, Jeremiah, during the fireworks party the night before – When I got up to my Uncle Elton's, I remember my uncle asking me where my sister was – [Dometi] Elton hadn't seen or heard from Hanna since she dropped the baby off 18 hours earlier – Hanna didn't show up, and he didn't know what was going on I could hear Jeremiah crying

– [Dometi] After work, Malinda drove out to her daughter's abandoned car Besides a flat tire, there was nothing that looked suspicious She also sent Hanna a message on Facebook, but never got a response – I'd ask everybody has they seen Hanna Everybody kept saying, "Not since last night

" – [Dometi] Hanna was now missing for almost 24 hours Before long, everyone in Lame Deer was talking about Hanna's disappearance – It was actually my brother who was like, "Hey, do you know Hanna Harris?" And he said, "Well, they're looking for her" And we were like, "Oh, my God" – Something's happening

Something is wrong, something was wrong Something was keeping her from coming home (dramatic music)

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