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Michelle Grace BEAT Her Kid for Breaking Jeffree Star Alien Palette


what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you're new to my channel my channel is all about mental health and what I try to do is take different topics going on in the YouTube community and try to see what lessons we can learn from them and today we have a very very valuable lesson to learn so if you're into that stuff make sure you subscribe and bring that notification bell alright so I just put up a video on the main channel while it was exporting I hop on Twitter and I see this story blowing up it seems like a young woman named Michelle Grace hit her child for ruining her Jeffree Star alien palette I don't know if I want to use the word beat because there's no video footage of this but anyways let me share with you the clip that's going around so that clip right there is circulating like wildfire right now I went to go check out her channel to see like I was I don't know I don't know what I would have seen like I was hoping that you know maybe she was exaggerating or you know whatever and just make it clear like I don't know we don't know right but she is clearly getting blown up right now that video has since been taken down I checked her last few videos they're getting dislike bombed and the comments are shut off so she is clearly aware that the news is spreading about this in this clip is spreading um I went to check and see if she was on Twitter she's deleted her account and everything like that alright so I don't know what's gonna come from it it's first thing let's talk about is child abuse laws are very very difficult it's almost like sexual assault if there's no proof or whatever because spanking a child I believe it's it's not illegal in any say in in any state but like beating assaulting your child definitely is so I saw some people like trying to figure out where she lives and all these other things and you know they want to you know do something about it and like I'm just a realist you know what I mean like these are very hard to get convictions on right like if you remember the daddy of five situation where his kids two of his kids got taken away like that jackass was recording everything so like all the evidence was right there you know what I mean but the only evidence anybody has of this is a woman on there with a kid crying in the background and her saying what she did you know what I mean so like I said like I don't know if anything will come from it especially with this story popping off but anyways my videos are for all of you like it's so easy for us to sit around and like watch all this stuff go down and not take anything away from it like listen I'm a father I'm a father and man like one thing that I realized a long time ago is like it's crazy it's crazy that like just any human being can have a kid you know what I mean like anybody you don't got a pass a test or nothing all right you can get a dinghy and another thing and baby you know what I mean like there's nothing preventing a bad person from becoming a parent and like I remember I remember like dealing with just my son crying as a baby I've never spanked him but like I remember him just crying when he was younger and like just reminding myself over and over and over and be like this is what kids do babies cry right the terrible twos like you you know what's gonna happen right and for us to get upset about that we need to step back and be like listen this is what children do like it's part of the deal it is part of the deal when you have a kid stuff is gonna break stuff is gonna get destroyed whatever it is I think that that young woman said that her kid was like – that's not prime age for them just fucking shit up you know what I mean like are we gonna get upset of course of course we are that is a natural human emotion all right I'm gonna talk about how we work on that in just a second but anyways we have to get our anger in check and it's not even just for parents like it's for everybody man like Twitter is just like Twitter is prime time we're just seeing people lose their shit and there's so many instances of domestic violence and so many other things all out of anger like you guys want to talk about mental health like yeah there's there's diagnoseable disorders like anxiety depression PTSD you know bipolar disorder borderline personality disorder but one of the biggest aspects of mental health is just getting our anger in check right like there is no anger disorder anger can be part of other disorders but we have to get our anger in check right like first off if you do spank your child like I know I have people from all over the country some summer from different parts of the world like there is spanking I was spanked as a child right I don't think it messed me up too much like I I became a drug addict an alcoholic I don't think it was because of the spanking though um but anyway it's like like rule number one rule number one is that you never spank a child out of hanger that is rule number one like if you are going to be one of those those parents who does spank the like like it's not illegal but don't do it out of anger like that is how kids get injured that is not teaching them that is you venting out your anger on a human who is much smaller than you right Mike if for some reason you are a parent who spanks you need to go chill the hell out and if that's how you punish you need to come down come out after you cool down because hitting a child out of anger is the worst thing you can do all right my son is older now he just turned 11 on New Year's Eve uh and like there are times when I you know I snap at him you know what I mean and when it's when it's unfair or was unjust like the other day we were driving and like there was traffic and was raining and all these other things and he wanted me to check his phone right I was like Dylan because my anxiety was all over the place and it kind of kind of shook him a little bit but after like you know traffic calm down everything like I apologized to him like you know as our kids get older we need to let him know like when certain things we do might not be okay now trust me kids screws up plenty and sometimes like I get that you know sterling dad boys like hey right and sometimes he needs that to like get himself in check right but anyway so the last I want to talk about and listen this is gonna sound hippie dippie as fuck but bear with me like I've been reading recently I've been reading a lot of books about Buddhism Buddhist philosophy meditation like I'm reading this one book right now called the Buddha's brain it's all about the neuroscience of about like you know what happens like when you meditate and all sorts of not like self love self compassion you know building your attention dealing with conflict with other people all these other things right how to calm yourself down anxiety depression so many things many ways part of Buddhist philosophy is non-attachment right everything is impermanent non-attachment like one of the great quotes I just heard in one of the books I was reading it might have been no self no problem I just finished that book today doesn't matter but it said desire isn't the problem craving is the problem right because craving is what leads to this attachment and we attach ourselves to things okay I was thinking about doing a video on my main channel about this but two days ago in my apartment complex people are constantly flying around here like assholes right and I was on my way to work I was backing up slower than a turtle I was checking my blind spots and everything I have a little backup camera thing and then all of a sudden at the last second this dude is flying backwards yeah I'm backwards in Reverse okay and I saw him at the last second pop my car and into drive so I can try to scoop up and boom this dude hits me right and here's the thing and here's how I know I'm making progress with my own anger issues I didn't care I didn't care this car is just a thing right like I could have got out I could have screamed at the guy what the hell are you doing down about it out but because I try to keep this thing in check and realize it's just a car I am NOT attached to this thing I was able to do it calmly and get the guy's insurance information and he was apologetic and everything that you know what I mean but like when we see what this young woman did to her child it's that extreme attachment right like like I I get it I get it like everybody wanted the shank Dawson pallets these jeffree star fellows they're like hot commodities when they first come out and all that kind of stuff but the attachment we put on them these things right then when something happens to them we get so angry then we do something as dumb as hit our child over it you know what I mean we all need to work on these attachments like things are gonna happen you know what I mean so we we have to work on that we have to work on how how attached we are to everything in life sometimes it's all relationships you know with other people or you know a significant other or whatever right but especially when it comes to just things you know like gotta keep that in check man have to as a huge part of our own anger management all right but anyways let me know your thoughts on this down below if you have any anger management techniques that you can suggest do your thing down in the comments okay anyways that's all I got for this video if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you're new make sure you subscribe and ring that notification bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody supporting the channel over on patreon so was everybody who supports the channel by buying my mental health boats at the rewatch allcom as well as the rewired soul merch alright thanks again for watching I'll see you next time and calm down

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