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Michael learns about Isabel's arranged marriage | A Soldier's Heart (With Eng Subs)


Equipment! Attention! Formation! Okay, rangers! Five minute break! Fall out! [WHISTLES] Dear Michael, I need your help They're arranging my marriage

We need to meet as soon as possible I spoke to our man from the inside I asked for Aris' documents He's a Moro like he claims Not all Moros are on our side

I know that, boss I spoke to him several times We have the same enemies He attacked the people who insulted us He can fight

We'll see about that Wait here What can you do? Whatever you need Can you kill? My gut is telling me he's military intel Take the gun

You can't do it?! You need to do this to join our group See? He can't do it Next time, don't recommend a coward

Source: Youtube

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