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Melii Talks About Working With Tory Lanez & Summer Walker | MTV News


– Do you have a different preparation process for a festival versus if you do a club appearance or something like that? – Yeah, like– – What's it like? – I'll take like a little Henny shot – Right, true, true

– Yeah that's it, well this time it was D'Usse but we did it – That's a vibe! – What is it like preparing for festival stage versus some of the more intimate shows you do? – You gotta come with that energy because people usually have energy already and they just want to turn up I mean every show is like that but you know festival energy is way different – What's interesting about your rise as an artist is we got a taste of your versatility with the way that you approached the "Bodak Yellow" track But then throughout that we hear Latin influences of course, you got songs in Spanish

We hear Afrobeats influences How do you craft your sound and fuse all of your influences into one cohesive sound in a record like 'Phases?’ – I'm Dominican so I speak Spanish and English, so technically it comes natural to me So it's something that like there are certain words that I won't really know how to really like swag out in English that I will swag out in Spanish So that's really like why certain songs come about with Spanish – Would you ever do a whole album in Spanish? – Yeah, I'm actually working on a project in Spanish

I'm gonna release a project for Spanish, a joint project with Tory, tackling all different genres even Spanish, and then a rap project too So that's all coming – That's a vibe – And there's videos back to back – That's a vibe

I feel like you just broke some news I didn't know about this one yet – Yeah, yeah – How did you and Tory first meet? How did that partnership come together? – Well before I got signed to Interscope Records, I had the record, "Slow For Me" in the works, and I'm like yeah I know that Tory would be a person– because you know after "Bodak Yellow", all the labels started just flopping in and stuff so once I got to sit down with Interscope, which is what he's signed to, I had that conversation I'm like, "Yo I want Tory on this" And then once I was already signed probably like weeks into it, he called me and he was like "Yo I heard the record

I'mma hop on" and after that it was just like label-mate stuff and he became like a friend who just kinda taught me certain things in the game and now we work together So look how the world works – How to do navigate as a new artist the challenges of dealing with different management, different labels especially as a young woman in this industry that is so male dominated? How have you been able to come out on the other side of that successfully like you have? – You always gotta just keep your head strong It’s all about just being stern with what you want and also realizing that your team is here to help you So the more that you work together, there's no reason to fall apart

– That's what's up Before I let you go, another powerful woman you're going on tour with, Summer Walker – Yes, Summer – How did that come about and what can we look forward to? – Well we're label-mates She signed to Interscope Records so you know that came about and they were like "Oh Summer wants you on her tour" and I'm like "Summer?" And then you know it was a good opportunity and I just love her, I love her music so I'm excited

You know we're about to rock the stage – And we're looking forward to it, Harlem's own, double album coming out with Tory Lanez man – Project, project Dont album it – Project not an album

– Don’t album it – So now what's the difference between a project and an album? Break this down real quick – It's also the amount of songs too you know? Its like were giving y’all a taste – Got you – Just a taste and then the album is like here's the whole service, you feel me? – Well we can't wait– (laughing)

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