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Meherposh – EP 01 || English Subtitles || 3rd April 2020 – HAR PAL GEO


Tell me about the songs did you write the songs I told you about? Those songs I crossed out, they were very old and rubbish Mehru, she crossed off all my songs What saree is this? Who wears this old of a saaree, I wish you had gotten a new one made I have a new saaree, it’s your dad’s wish, nobody likes anything of mine, she crossed off all my songs and you don’t like my saaree Where is my daughter? Dad, we are here, come on in Here, see I got hot pretzels for you dad! You get pretzels! They are so delicious Go, hurry get them in plates Trouble Where’s the hing? The thing is that because of pretzels, I forgot about the hing Okay It’s delicious Dad, it’s very delicious Here, have pretzels That’s not how we are going to eat it, I’m only going to have it if you feed me yourself Impudent Eat Actually, whenever you are mad at me it really hurts me from inside and whenever these pretzels come in front of me it’s the best thing ever Although this responsibility I have now given to your husband, Now he is going to be getting the pretzels for you from now on No, all of these work will always be done by you, you will always bring pretzels for me, because you are my dad and I’m your dear daughter and after some days in this house only 3 people will remain Brother, I came here with a lot of hope It’s your love, but as we said we fixed up the date just some days back My luck, where did you talk? Shahida, you know them, they own furniture shop, Naeem The kid’s name is Naeem and he and his family deals in furniture Sakina bhabhi’s son? Yes, yes that’s the one, oh great you already know them? She is my brother’s wife Such a small world you see Yes She is very nice, Sakina Bhabhi Yes, Sakina Bhabhi is very good with her luck The kid is very nice as well, Naeem, he is kamgoh but very nice She didn’t tell you? I was actually out of city Oh, that’s why, they are wonderful people Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister! Sister! Great sister great! Not even 1 but 2 I have told you 10 times not to give me riddles, can’t you talk like normal human beings Oh yeah, now you will definitely show off, do you know? There’s an aunty here to ask for your hand for her only son, and right now she is sitting with mom So? So, what? Mom has clearly declined and that your marriage has already been fixed, you had to see aunty’s expressions, if you were there you would have never stopped laughing Sigh, when am I going to get married? Why do you always keep talking about marriage? Focus on your studies No! definitely no, I can’t keep studying, seeing books makes my heart stop beating, I’m not sure who those people are who keeps studying all the time If mom hears all your nonsense, she is going to give you a beating that you will remember, now go away, let me get back to work, and see if there are any dirty clothes lying around, they leave them here and then mom keeps screaming at me Okay, okay, I’m going I’m going Listen, who took that cylinder? Don’t tell me dad went? No! the dad’s personal assistant, whose only objective is to serve the neighborhood, Izzat ma Shahjehaan Sing it loud you are going to fall down, get down here

Here he comes What’s up? Taking the cylinder and all? What are you saying? What I’m saying is that now you are taking cylinder? Why do you talk like this? You know this is not how it is But what’s in your heart we know very well, our minds are not empty Mind of yours, is completely empty, don’t push it too hard, it’s gonna explode Just stay quiet for a minute Yes, Master Sahab, yes, yes I’m almost there, Yes almost there Okay bro, I need to get this cylinder to master sahab’s home, I’ll meet you later Oh Master Sahab! 1 minute 1 minute, Baa adab, Baa mulahiza Hoshiyaar, Shahjehaan is coming Will you come back? Will meet tomorrow Okay than, I’ll take your leave now I’m very sorry Thank you Thank you, thank you You sit, I’ll go drop her off to the gate Let me have atleast one No, Nothing Okay my lord, alright Yes, come in come in Here you go master sahib, is there anything else I can do Who is it dad? It’s shahjehaan, he has brought the gas cylinder Shahjehaan, bring it inside and put it here Yes will do Mehru jee Should I go? Master sahib do you need anything else? No no, I’m very thankful to you Please don’t say that, I’m just like your son, Master Sahab Dad, did shahjehaan leave? Shahjehaan, listen, need to get yoghurt and the sweet one, dad please send him immediately Okay so you get it? Bring the right yoghurt or you’ll get a lot of beating Yes, I will bring the sweet yoghurt I’m thanking you because, I deal with bad kids every day and when I see a good kid like you, I feel it from the heart to say thank you No, Master sahib just please remember me in your prayers May god bless you, when you bring the yoghurt please have dinner with us, your aunt has made chicken pulao You are always at the wrong place You are too much What? Without even looking into the kitchen you have asked him to stay for dinner So what? You haven’t made the chicken pulao? It is, but that is for the order, it’s too little now how bad would it look if it finishes off on the table Oh ho, he is kid of the house, if he eats with us it won’t be a problem and even if there is nothing left for him, he can just have yoghurt You stop him for dinner and feed him yoghurt? Why? What’s wrong with that? You are too much, only you can do something like this Mehru Yes Bring out the kebabse Fry them, quick Kebab, here’s the prosperity, now will get to eat kebabs as well You shut me here and wander off all day long purposeless Eaten my son, I hope you die, I hope you die Quiet! Mom? Mom? What happened here? What happened here? Mom, come here com here, what happened mom? Be careful come from here Sakina Bhabhi has pledged to always defeat me What happened now? What world cup has she won now? She got there like an eagle, where I was going to give your hand You know how these matrimony agents work right? Must have bribed her with some money and shown her the house This time she has attacked me right in the heart, I’m boiling and I just can’t get this off my mind How I wish I would have gotten their sooner before she got there, she slipped through my hand such a wonderful girl she was Mom, leave it, does your son has any shortage of proposals By the way, when is the marriage How would I know? She’s going to send in a sparkly card in a day or two to make me all jealous Mom, you just say it I’ll go and get that girl right now, you just say I’ll get her now May God get someone else to get her, so that my heart can be content, oh God she had a government job, and 40,000 salary including bonuses and medical Mom, I don’t want to get married to someone who makes money I can make enough money myself I can make money myself, you can’t do anything, anything, have you seen noor? How she has been spending money on her in-laws for the past 3 years Mom, please fear God, I can’t be as shameless as Waleed Noor and her mother, who doesn’t know about them? I have said it, I’m not going to marry anyone who has a job Listen, sit down, sit down, look at me, you don’t like someone do you? Mom, what are you talking about? I don’t like anyone, your suspicion will never go away Don’t even dare, your marriage will be my decision The girl slipped out of my hand, oh my God Seriously interfere with her future What happened? My son is not eating pulses these days Master Sahab Yes, my lord did you talk to moeen bhai? about what? First you get your eyes off of that book please, leave it, answer my question Oh that, yeah the money will be arranged by next week Oh, so how much time is he giving us? Same, month to month just as you said Oh? That’s fine, Mehru was saying that she will be arranging for her jewellery and clothes her self so you don’t have to worry about that Yes yes she may do that, but I will also give her my mother’s jewels too You seem to be too optimistic about that, as if you know she will leave them, I’m talking about the ones excluding those The thing is that marriage expense sometimes go out of hand and that’s why in case of emergency I have talked somewhere else as well that is IMF IMF? How much do you intend to spend master sahib? Imtiaz monetary fund, though I think they are going to charge the same interest as they take Master sahib, I told you before too I don’t want this Yes, yes I know you don’t like this, this is not the right thing but this is just in case of emergency maybe we don’t have to use it I don’t even like taking money from Moin bhai When it’s someone this close, loans become somewhat of a risk, it is better that money doesn’t get involved in the friendship, this is too fast, if we had some time we could have done this our self I wish you would have heard me 20 years earlier but you simply crash landed my plan before it even took off Which plan? Bribing to get our children ahead so they get some benefit and we do too and the life becomes better , we get 3 or 4 cars, we have servants Cars? Master, Master, I will tell you something, you won’t be able to do it I won’t? I saved you I am not an amateur, I will not get caught

You wouldn’t get caught, but you would be you I got caught once in my life by you, which is why you are my boss Yes, boss I have so many complaints, you have hid so many things from me, put a hand on your heart and tell me, does someone else care more for you than me? Hey, why are you getting so upset, sit down Actually, it all happened fast, I couldn’t tell you

If there are no distances in the heart then the physical distances don’t matter and you get time if you try Trust me Shakeela, I am telling the truth He liked a girl after so long, or you know, he doesn’t like a girl Yes, all that is fine, but hold on for a minute Hello Hello I came here specially to congratulate on your wedding, that’s another thing that sister in law didn’t ask me I have heard you found a diamond

You will tell me when you see her Your liking, you would know better What do you ask him, I will tell you One minute, I am going to meet a friend, I will come back and meet you Ok, son

Okay She is a good girl, beautiful, educated and good family, I am sure he will like it God bless I am sure it will be great I will not delay further, I will get the daughter in law today and bring her home

We will start the functions 8-10 days in advance Do that Do that Tell me, what is Waqas doing? Did he start working? Yes, he is working at a store, I am thinking, let him learn then I will have him work with Naeem With Naeem? Why sister in law, any issue with Naeem? No, I mean get him a small store, at least when he gets married, he will be able to support his wife and kids

Sister in law, I am a widow, where do I get him a store from? He will work and earn and open it Don’t mind Shakeela, you have never focused on your kids Look at me Ok sister in law, I will go Have tea? No, thank you very much

Bye I am going Hey, where are you going Mehru? I told you not to go today, sister in law Sakeena is coming to fix the date Mama, I have a very important meeting, I cannot miss it Everyone must be waiting for me

It’s the matter of my job Fine, go you stubborn girl, you never listen to me Okay, don’t get upset, it was really important or I would take the day off and not go Honestly Go, come soon

ok, listen I spoke to your father, you were talking about the job, even he feels you shouldn’t resign You spoke to papa? Yes, working is your personal decision, no one has a right to pressurize you If those people have an objection, then? Mama, I don’t want to quit my job Its up to you how you talk to them and make them understand I don’t think they are like that, they are smart

I don’t think they will pressurize you We are talking to them, your father will talk Are you happy? Your father really praises the boy I hope you stay happy in your home Can I go now? Go, come soon

Don’t forget I will come back, bye Bye You and your father, never lock the gate Sorry mama

I will talk to you later Sorry, I was on the phone, I accidentally splashed dirt on you You were riding a bike, and talking on the phone Hey, what is this? Look how much he is feeling shy She will be impressed for sure

Its ok, you didn’t do it on purpose But next time when you ride a bike, put the phone inside Fine, can I drop you? No, I will go Wow my friend, that is great What was happening? Nothing man, I was on the bike, talking on the phone, I put dirt on her clothes accidentally… Leave it brother, we know the dirt

Tell me what is it? There is something, the glow on your face tells u there is something special Tell us Tell us Yes, it was special Today Mehru’s wedding date is being fixed

When someone calls you with love, you will remember a man You guys won’t stop being cheap Ok, tell us something, tell her whatever is in your heart, you will be safe from crying for the entire year Are you an idiot, what are you saying? I would pray where ever Mehru is she is happy in her life You have gone mad

You know I respect lovers from the depth of my heart That is true Listen, if there is anything I will be there We all will be there

I will call you, but I am going Where? I have to drop these things at home We will meet in the evening Lovers won’t be less, but I won’t be there Okay, really? So this is the story? I wouldn’t know, everything is hidden from me

I swear till this day I have not been able to realize what this woman is jealous of me Yeah Don’t mind, she is your aunt’s daughter, but she is thankless Mama was right, the one you favor protect yourself from them Yes, I am cutting the call

I remember your medication Don’t worry Yes, bye See this woman’s work What happened? What did she do? The whole city knows and she is hiding things from me

She is going to fix the wedding date, instead of taking me along, she didn’t even tell me I even went to congratulate her Why do you get upset? she didn’t tell you, fine Don’t even ask her for the wedding I swear to God, I will teach her a lesson, but doing something hastily will cause harm to your own self

Really? What will you do? What are you laughing on? What is funny? Okay I swear I will hit you on the head with this, don’t talk to me Okay, why are you upset? I am upset from the day I saw that girl I don’t know what sister in law did to get her daughter married there, I don’t get it I am sure they were helpless, they had to marry their daughter

I cannot digest the fact of this girl and Naeem’s wedding and I will find out I will not leave this woman Okay mama, relax No, I have had enough, I am getting insulted for so long Okay, my lovely mother

They have all got me to insult me Okay, listen to me, you always get upset, you know I saw your wedding pictures Really? You looked so pretty Leave it You have ruined your face by getting upset

When you have so many sorrows, how do you stay happy? Your father didn’t give me any happiness, all my life, I was after his mother and sister and made my life hell I swear, I will never forgive Aslam Mama, don’t say that Papa has passed away, his soul will hurt, don’t do that Wow, you are really worried about your father and you don’t care about your mother who is in front of you

I don’t know I want everyone’s betterment and everyone is after me I will not care about anyone now Mama Mama, fix food, I am hungry, I have a lot of other things to do Where you went, did they not feed you? Huh? No, they forced me to eat, I said no, I will only eat what my mother cooks

Okay, the one who talks to the walls alone, the one for whom you don’t have time, whether she lives or dies, you don’t care You just care about the work of the world and make a name Why do you say that mama? Don’t I care for you? You call this care for me? Have you ever thought what I want and how I want it There are so many things at home that need to be done Did you ever ask? Liar

Who does all the work at home, paying the bills, the work at home, work from outside, cleaning, washing, I do all of it But you are never happy with me, I have seen that When the whole locality tells me that my son works as a servant in someone’s home like a servant, will I be happy? Not like a servant, like a son Mama, master has done me a lot of favors, I cannot forget them, when no one was there, master was there to support us He has no son, his daughter’s wife is near, if I do his work, support him, what is wrong in that? Those who have daughters should take care of their responsibility

You shouldn’t care Mama, we are neighbors, if I help them what is wrong in that? They are our neighbors and they have rights There are other neighbors too, do they have a responsibility or not? You took all the responsibility He considers me his son, not the neighborhood That’s it I won’t hear any justification, I would say, stop going there

Fine, I won’t go Once his daughter gets married, after that SO you will not learn Now I cannot learn so fast, it will take time I am not doing anything, that you feel embarrassed in front of the world

Have you ever listened to the world? I am tolerating it People only talk, they do nothing good If someone is doing it, so stop them, That’s it, there is no need to discuss this further Have food and come to the market with me Give me food, then I will eat it

You fix it I am getting it Just getting it ]Yes, absolutely, this is it You got that right

I said that, yes fine, bye What is the matter mama? You look happy Why shouldn’t I be happy, all my work is getting done well, I pray my daughter in law comes home soon, so I can go to the holy pilgrimage One minute, wait, what is the hurry to do everything What is the need to fix the date so soon, investigate first

Hey, I did that, they are old acquaintance of Nafeesa, she knows them for a long time and I also have some experience I have spent an age, I can judge people well You don’t recognize your son, do see if that girl can survive with me Why not? She will be okay You will be happy in your life, you will praise me

That is fine, but the one who is coming should know that she is not marrying someone ordinary, I am special, I have waited for my ideal a long time Your wait won’t go to waste, think your search is over I hope my search is over, but being my ideal is difficult I know well who your ideal is, a shy girl, who has not even dreamed of someone, and she is yours after the wedding Idiot, Mehru is just like that

You will see Okay This means that my search will be over Yes, the most important thing, you have to go to the market with me, so that you get what you like for your wife If I get something you will say why I got it

You don’t worry, my future wife will wear what I want I wanted that No Child, don’t do that Take me please

No child, you won’t go, everything has come for you, your list is complete No, there is some… You have to submit your project I will do it You will not get time during the wedding, complete your studies That is it

Mehru I am here Coming Lets go That’s it? I don’t get it, why can’t I go with you for getting them things, although I have all my life have been an expert lifter for your mother, my boss

Not only have I gotten her to shop, but I have lifted it too Papa, she has gone 3 times to shop in her life, any kid can lift those things She is such a miser, she doesn’t spend a money, she doesn’t let me get anything or eat anything What? I am right and yes, taking you along, you forget about it, you will get tired and sit, and your boss will leave us and focus on you We cannot take him along

You are right So why don’t we do one thing, you do your heavy shopping keep it at a shop I will send Shah Jahan, he will get it Yes, I will call you, then send him or he will get bored All 500 rupee notes, do you see this master, I am taking this stack with me

Whose yellow dress is this? You have it here too Who can it be fore? I will hit her Yes, hello master Okay, I will get there in 10 minutes Yes

What is left mama? What happened? I am tired Hey, there is lots to do What are you doing? I am sitting here Why are you sitting in the passage Sit down for a while

You have the shopping bag with the peco? No didn’t you have it? did you not take it from the shop, I gave it in your hand Mama, we left it there Mehru! Ok, we will get it, we will get it Come on, lets go Where will we go with all this stuff

You give this to me and Shah Jahan must be coming, you go and get it quickly, I will be here Fine, I will get it, but if Shah Jahan comes before me, then do get the bags at the shop picked, don’t forget them Fine, okay Come fast Stay here

Mehru, where is aunt? She is coming, she left something at the shop You pick this and keep it in the car That’s all of it? I will take it I am keeping it all in the car Hey, is that not Mehru? Who is this boy?

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