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Meet the World Record Man: Breaking Insane World Records One at a Time | Localish


DAVID RUSH: I'd been promoting STEM education through talks to students and educators for about 10 years, and I thought, what better way to challenge myself, push myself to the limit, and give a tangible example that if you set your mind to a goal, believe in yourself, and pursue it with a passion, than breaking a "Guinness World Records" title? And so I set out to make my very first "Guinness World Records" title I trained for over two years

I ran over 2,000 miles to try to run the fastest half mile while juggling And at the end of that two years of training, 2,000 miles, I hurt my knee, and I could have given up And so instead of giving up, I decided I was going to pivot to a different record And so I juggled blindfolded for 6 minutes and 34 seconds to break my very first "Guinness World Records" title What it took was having a growth mindset, this idea that you can get better at anything, instead of a fixed mindset, where your talents, skills, and abilities are innate to yourself and all you have to do is discover how good you are at them

I worked hard at it over a number of years, and I'm a 130 Guinness World Records in, with– and I'm still on pace for one a week this year The vast majority are ones that existed already I found them, and I applied for them, and I broke them There are a few that I've created, like the World's Slowest Juggling, the fewest juggling catches in it So some of the ones that I'm most proud of are the World's Fastest Juggling, with the most juggling catches in a minute, and crazy ones, like the most kiwis sliced in a minute with a sword while standing atop one of those round Swiss exercise balls

If you apply yourself, if you believe in yourself, and you work hard and you fail instead of saying, I can't do that, if you push through, figure it out, work hard, get the help you need, then you can be successful with it And– and it could be breaking "Guinness World Records" title, which is the tangible example I've got Frankly, there are a lot more important things you might want to do in life And if you have that belief, you can literally become better at anything

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