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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – January 10th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News


  1. I love Idaho, the fastest draw wins, it's like the real wild wild west, like Matt Dillion law, from gun smoke

  2. There police academy almerota, is to instill post pardem depression, on there own civilians, welcome to idaho

  3. Trump’s legacy—starting no wars?! Are you serious?! Trump killed an Iranian General, approved killing an Iranian Scientist,& economic terrorism/sanction on a nation with 80M during a pandemic. We are not at war because Iran showed incredible restrain. Don't give Trump credit. Wake up!

  4. We don't allow this?! Yeah, we just do it to other countries! We create war, pain, and suffering to others. Just let that sink in!

  5. So if a gang member in Idaho, is in trouble, for recruting Gang members, the attorney general state of Idaho, puts them in Federal prison for 20 yrs

  6. Senator Blont, We have sufficient time to see which Republicans have the courage, for once, to hold Trump accountable.

  7. Seems to me the real threat to Democracy is the politicians, MSN and social media, These three entities have done nothing but divided all democratic countries around the world.

  8. 😡😡😡The producers of South Park would have thrown that storyline in the faces of the writers and then call the nearest psychiatric ward.

  9. Unbelievable so you think is the conservatives that is attacking liberty but it’s the other way around is the Democrats who wants socialism and communism already big tech is limiting conservative voices so don’t come here what you are attacking on democracy it’s you Democrats!

  10. Lol if thats the best those trailer trash can do then bring it on. I honestly want them to try again, they need to feel the lesson they deserve.
    Once there little fantasies come back to bite them they will fade away back to there parents basements.
    America, you allowed your country to become a dumpster fire. You deserve yourself.

  11. Its what he does in the filter that matters. No one gives two craps about what he does in private, thats the point these cult members can't seem to process.

  12. Mrdarthkermit thanks for your post.

    Mike Johnson I can mike Democrats are leftist views which means they want more government control so control over daily lives and businesses…
    (That's why I'm libertarian party-belief in individual freedom and less restrictions from Washington D.C. or my state-capital-Sacramento.)
    which you can already see happening on the media platforms such as google and Facebook.
    (I'm torn on this issue. Maybe you csn help. I believe in free speech but I also think private business should have the ability to make their own rules. Like when you go into a business. There's a sign-We refuse thr right to refuse service to anyone. Your suggestions?)
    The reason why people are upset about this is because they think that the election was stolen which I can see but not totally agree upon. So you maybe thinking oh but we are heading to Socialism not communism like it or not Communism and socialism are from the same branch of government. The democrats want to move closer to communism and the democrats have taken over every branch therefore democracy falling the republicans have no voice not only that people dont like paying high taxes for things they dont even need and want.

    For an example if you take an 18 year old kid and send them off to college whether you like it or not kids arent going to try as hard because it is free do you get what I mean?
    I agree that college or university should not be free. But we could encourage other training-like auto repair, plumbing. There's no need for every single student to go onto college. Some don't like school, others some don't have a Scholastic aptitude.
    Also socialism has lasted to only 100 years while capitalism lasted all the way from the 16th century. Also wealth and power will only stay with the rich because its not getting distributed. If people cant have privately owned businesses then the power and wealth will die with the middle class and lower class of society in america. long story short watch your country fall within 100 years due to debt and other things. we are already at 27 trillion dollars in debt and the money has to come from somewhere!

  13. Lies, lies, lies!!!! Demonrats planned it all!! Trump Supporters are NOT violent! It was BLM & Antifa! Of course there were rogue people but Loved ones died, Americans died, Trump Supporters died ….. because the Democrats are so power hungry!!!!
    Get friggin' WOKE!!!

  14. President Trump didn't do that incite that stop lying I am not republican are democrats are independent tell the truth instead of lying

  15. He tried it with this filter. no we saw him for what he was yeah I saw him do a filter. And how dare you try and slander Maxine Waters as an example which is a far far different.

  16. NBC cobtributes to the democracy in crisis with their fearmongering and cowering over govt psyops. Look at our "leaders" cowering to trump haha so pathetic…

  17. I see fake news and utube are still at it this censorship is only going to bring your down fall Twitter Fakebook Google you will pay so will fake 46 you think that stealing the election will keep you in power get ready The Lord Will Bring You Down Justice will be done Dems libs rinos do you think you and the fake terrorists you dressed up as Trump supporters will escape no you won't I'm waiting and standing My God Will Bring You Down fake 46 and Harris I feel sorry for you repent and ask for forgiveness while you can otherwise you are doomed

  18. Hey your the problem and maybe you shouldn’t be spreading lies about people you do not know. Oh wait isn’t it the conservatives that actually make it so you have a pay check and see to it that we are all free.

  19. The untidy shake postprandially tug because soccer notablely consider outside a abundant sushi. itchy, tangy viscose

  20. Why are the world’s biggest sinners

    Always saints when they’re gone?

    It’s all about losers and winners

    Not about who’s right and who is wrong

    Who’s the thief, who’s the traitor?

    Who’s the one to save the day?

    And who will be in the spotlight

    While the good ones fade away

    Yes I realize it’s just a fact of life

    Nothing’s ever really free

    And if I have to I will gladly pay the price

    We can’t escape our destiny

    It’s the curse of being good

    The curse of doing right

    It’s the curse of being good

    The curse of doing right

    The price we pay for our honour

    No more Mr Nice Guy

    No more Mr Right

    Should I be like all the others?

    Should I give up the good fight?

    This never-ending struggle

    Has been part of me so long

    Is it a curse is it a blessing?

    We know who’s right, who is wrong

    I’m not complaining this is how I lived my life

    I(‘ll) keep my pride my dignity

    And if I have to I will gladly pay the price

    You can’t cheat your destiny

    It’s the curse of being good

    The curse of doing right

    It’s the curse of being good

    The curse of doing right

    The price we pay for our honour

    Yes I realize it’s just a fact of life

    Nothing’s ever really free

    And if I have to I will gladly pay the price

    You can’t cheat your destiny

    It’s the curse of being good

    The curse of doing right

    It’s the curse of being good

    The curse of doing right

    The price we pay for our honour

    It’s the curse of being good

    The curse of doing right

  21. Trump not the danger, ITS fake ling Demarcates news that try to push there agenda. this is no more then a steal of are government.

  22. You all have lied so much you actually believe your lies as the truth. You lack the courage to to present yourself with honor, you lack the defining concept of integrity, and you will always blame others for your failures. You live by riding on the labor's of others and since you lack wisdom you can not even support each other. You are a reprobate. Your corruption has cursed you to damnation. The suffering you will cause will be brought onto you and your family tenfold.

  23. People would dedicate their lives now protesting in spreading the news of Jordan B Peterson and Dennis prager

  24. I got my grandmother teaching my children to fight and bring red colours you just made this into a gang thing now street thing I thought you guys were smart intelligent people know how to run the people you guys just made war on yourselves like England and the muslims goofy marks

  25. Will you guys there in Seattle Washington or Detroit or anywhere else antifa was there did you guys listen to what the CNN Porter said about them goofy marks Jim should take your own advice

  26. Donald Trump is different he is special for real hes the real deal Holyfield gangster hes a street legend in my neighbourhood stealing carries no probation

  27. Where I am from barnable population stealing carries no probation and guess what now a Republican I would dedicate my whole life to spreading and making more republicans

  28. The sorry part is that you guys continue with your nonsense this is pretty entertaining and amusing you guys knew this all along and played with well is gonna come to your front door called lawlessness

  29. The Assault on democracy occurred when they decided to allow electronic voting and let a foreign company supply the voting machines.

  30. Senators must Indict this whiney man child. The Southern District of New York must reveal tax returns and demand the maximum sentence.

  31. Never thought I would see the day when Meet the Press would be so extremely left Bias. The sheer size of the expected protest and the unsolved conundrum of mob mentality warranted a substantial force to be posted within the inner sanctum of our nations capital. Not to mention the threats by the FBI There is no 'mistake'. This was no insurrection. It was a failure to secure a government building. I am a Democrat and wanted to gain political advantage, but not like this. Which party has Gained Everything by this so called 'Insurrection'. This was a political stunt, nothing more. Part of the pursuit of a more perfect democracy includes more perfect elections. During the Bush/Gore election…democrats were not allowed to witness the count. Sure, Gore conceded 2 weeks into December, and this insured a peaceful transfer of power for US. But it lead to an unjust war. 5 Deaths would have been preferable. Ask the Iraq infrastructure how peaceful the US transfer of power was.

  32. I love Trump and this is pure b***** who is the best president over whole f**** history you don't believe me give it 6 months see what's going to happen you're going to want Trump back

  33. 2m7r56x4 cia questions… Press core does these questions give me power over any United States president for life… TC44CW69, SQTY9A8T, etrf3q6r and Gao 17-300, ywhyam8w cia questions and sire title for SYMC27633694 & symz13766558 Symantec vip and have life time patents on products. King and canary president jerry dean rice ii with seal and pen.

  34. I reject the thought that he can come back. No he won’t because the whole world not just USA will prevent that from happening. Good shall prevail and the better Ángels will guard USA as they did the Capitol !

  35. is this really nbc? how could you get the date wrong? jan 10, 2020? lol mandela effect? idk 🤷🏽‍♂️

  36. Use honey in your hot water with lemon it will work better I heard I use to just take a spoon of honey get better soon god bless you and your family be safe k

  37. Ya the "idea" right that if your not white if your not like them then u have nothing coming that basically Lee are nothing but sorry to brake it to u raise white people it's only a matter of time before u and yours will end up with some color its actually a good thing lol now u can be in the sun and not fry…

  38. I x?4-z m. M m. M m m m. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M m. M. M. M m. M. M. M. M. M M. Mm llll lllllllllll o. Oh do M CB get in

  39. What a lying bunch of dirtbags on NBC. The riots started before Trump finished speaking. Same group as on the west coast.

  40. The moment that Donald Trump told the world that he could stand in the middle of times Square New York shoot somebody and not lose a vote………..

    Enough should have been said right then and there

  41. This was an inside job. The FBI was notified of the incident at least two weeks in advance. An arrestee told an FBI agent they were hired by a Congressman who gave them a map of the Capitol. Had nothing to do with Trump. Look at the different flags. That shows the different groups there. Where’s the video with Trump people trying to stop ANTIFA or BLM from breaking the window to get into the Capitol. No law enforcement agency in America would not have enough officers or National Guard to cover the event. Why didn’t the FBI act on the tips they got weeks before the incident. One came from a teenager who turned in his father who told him exactly what he and his group was going to do. Any police officer in the nation knows you would use enough manpower to cover this incident. The lives of the Capitol police officers were placed in danger. Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts would answer for this and whose the congressman the suspect claimed set up the riot and gave them a map of the Capitol?

  42. It was an attack on the republic not an attack on democracy, don't fluff reality. In a democracy popular vote rules. In a republic a handful of people make life choices for the masses

  43. I believe the doctor that did Chuck Todd's hair extensions, plugs, protrusions, or whatever they're called…should be sued in the highest court in the land…I believe he drilled into Chuck Todd's brain, maybe some illegal fracking was done, and it's leaking out through the hair extensions or plugs or whenever you call that thing on top of his ugly head.. chucky please

  44. All this is about is trying to prevent him from running again and that's it. Democrats don't care about the people. When are we going to talk about making our elections more secure to prevent political parties from doing what they did? Interesting article in Time magazine.

  45. We are not mobs. We are Americans who are sick and tired of you lying media covering for and help these lying politicians.

  46. Every single one of those rioters used these events as an excuse to unleash their own negativity and discontent with their own miserable existence!!

  47. You would had thought he was like Hitler cause. As him saying those words he said,I didn't get or told go destroy washington.thats were that took it. I now I saw the hole voting term that night. And how it just flipped it couldn't had happened.

  48. Didn't he just get inpeeched last week?It was all of a sudden. And they couldn't touch him didn't thankthose were all anteefa.

  49. \\ NO MORE VACCINATIONS in Corona Free Communities on Interstate Highway System by 200 FT CFC-Distancing, MAX 2-FLOORS UNITS, food-gardens around each, anticipated by other nations, especially in Vast Deserts, Very Cold Areas & Islands. More at my 'in', U-tube, etc.

  50. Testimony of god stolen by capt williams in jacksonville fla precinct 19 via biochip highly manipulative terrorist device used in destablizarion of our country. Along with jennifer thomas maiden jordan hwr mother kathy allen johnston dwight johnston who maybe murdered his father via drones and radiation along with liberty bail bonds angela ball in taylor county kim sparks. As they try remove my mother mwry p white and myself from our inheritance life insurance marion franklin devane us navy master chief 1 trillion dollar life insurance policy. They used this sevice on me and mom in corraling and character defamation. And hide the embezzlement bill viola ms peggy other lical nsmes involved.

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