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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – February 7th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News


  1. Schiff u are the one tearing this world apart ur a bottom feeder make ur own stop taking everybody elses ur sick and u can't lie worth a schiff u should be in jail

  2. The insidious mailbox inevitably hug because rake early refuse of a merciful adjustment. smiling, barbarous south korea

  3. Why not talk about three(3) years ago of how US Congress punished a 29 year old black male Congressman Representive by having him recline his seat as a US Representive and leave US Congress.

  4. There are so many things that that news reporter could have sited where the GOP have not worked across the isle. I dont understand why the questioning is so soft, when so much happened under the GOP watch over the past four years. For instance look at how many bills was on Moscow Mitch desk for four years. Why don't you ask about this…

    The impeachment was rushed???? what about the last supreme judge???

  5. I am an emancipated man whom served in two-branches of military service an only have the privileges of the rights of the constitution. America has went around the world fighting wars for freedom, justice and equal rights if the “GOP” doesn’t convict Mr.Trump and his followers for their open acts of treason upon the constitution, the HOUSE of GOVERNMENT and the Flag what good is the constitution. It would mean everything was a LIE THAT AMERICA STOOD for against EVIL.

  6. Asking who's the president the president is going to beach a preachment on the president is right now asking divided please

  7. You feel what you said the system's that's what's it worth do you feel somebody innocent person in the NHL right now are you feel britical system nightclub I need to know that

  8. La Mas que yo doctor f**** cannot do nothing your ducted you'll say it. You did that but they cannot do nothing you know what go home and sleep

  9. She's not qanon friendly she said that before she even ran to office apologize and announced it meanwhile you got some Democrats talking about pushing Jews into the sea so Jerusalem can be a Muslim State again

  10. She didn't reject that school shootings happened she was in one of the first school shootings after Joe Biden made him a gun-free zone

  11. See their own video trying to prove Trump guilty of something asking him dozens of times will he commit to a peaceful transition of power after the election think about it how did they know for sure he was going to lose it's almost like they had an Ace in the Hole and was it planned out by a secret cabal of people and businesses

  12. They always cut that off the rest of the speech he was telling people to do it peacefully now they're saying that was too little too late but the beginning of it wasn't too late and that's his fault
    So people worship Trump so much they ran out to commit violence and never listen to the end of his speech where he told him don't that doesn't make sense come on now

  13. he's trying to set this guy up all ready saying if he voted it's unconstitutional how's he going to be open minded but the Democrats are going to be open-minded you already said convicting Trump is a safe vote for them politically and they lied during the first impeachment where there is no evidence

  14. USA can’t move on because of voting fraud and Democrats are just criminal have to arest them and have trump to fix up corruption Biden and the rest of them should be in jail trial for treason

  15. I beg each individual to research how the Media handled riots in the 60's compared to today ! Its like turning the the two different worlds upside dowwn Watch the 1968 Democratic Convention riots and see how different the Press treats each incident

  16. Of course the Democrats are on the side of state and local Aid they have the failed policies and their states are going bankrupt they wanted higher stimulus checks for their states have a higher cost of living two

  17. Yep shift was the lead Democrat in the last impeachment and he lied on TV networks he said he saw proof but under oh he said he saw no direct proof let's see if the host asked him if he can remain impartial

  18. But he's not in the office so what was the rush to impeach in it's the rush that Joe Biden is sucking and they need to keep Trump in the news today stracta everybody that stuff is not getting better

  19. have you ever had a prosecutor try you when they knew they were going to fail so isn't Adam shift admitting it's political theater when he said they know they couldn't convict them cuz the Republicans wouldn't vote but they're making the case for the American people

  20. Is playing political translator Adam Schiff says who he thinks they should call and then saying it's up to the prosecution whether they should call more witnesses and other words they do not want Donald Trump to call witnesses

  21. So many lies to break down and he's already admitted to lying twice that we don't need mice to save them for his Elite friends and if we're so worried about teachers getting it how come they shut down one vaccination site that was giving it to teachers look it up I'm more interested in right now he's asking how to open school safely maybe he should ask how to let in them caravana 9000 people that walked across three countries and safely

  22. Liar communist And we the people will not comply with the satanic child predator globalist wanting to be Hitler!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The satanic child predator traitors in the Democrat party need to be executed for treason against our country a long with the CIA ran communist fake news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. If Trump has a lawyer that will win this case against the Congress that the majority is against him….that LAWYER IS GOING to make history to had win the whole congress of The United States but I will be almost impossible!

  25. Come on is a process! We all had seen for 4yrs Trump process plus the embarrassment that his mob cause around the world 😫

  26. Throw all of those GOP thugs in jail all of them they set this crap up with trump every step of the way, whats done in the dark always comes too the light, they impeached Clinton a democrat president cause Monica Lewinsky decided too give him a head job , and the GOP set her up in the president office too do so this party been sneaky , evil motives, and some of the tackiest folk I've ever seen that are supposed too represented of we the people

  27. NOW HEAR THIS: NOW HEAR THIS: Many States in the United States today have already made their decision. The last election cycle showed that the Red States now glow a brighter shade of ruby red than ever. Their State Legislatures already Republican; have demonstrated that they are now going extra-constitutional to accomplish their objectives which seems to be a surprise to the Democrats and the MSM. These remaining spots of red are not so much fascist as they are authoritarian and mystical in their belief systems. Talk Radio, religious broadcasting, and Fox NEWS are popular in these flyover States; and they seem to gain pride in that fact — the pride of the excluded other. The Republican voting counties across the United States add up to less than twenty-nine percent of the Nation's GDP and this by itself could be a recipe for disaster. The often heard phrases "Stop The Steal" and "We stand with President Trump" is just code language for the fact that they never believed in the US Constitution in the first place.

  28. How I see it is that common people are crazy for supporting either of these political parties. These people work in castles, throughout history Democrats and Republicans have done everything they can for themselves.

  29. Reoublica leader McConell refused to reconven the Senate & then Republicans want to stand on TRUMP is out of the office & impeachment is not conditional, & since I'm on this Republican appointed , head of the Supreme Court (Roberts) didnt not want to preside over this case, constitution states him presiding over this nasty, ugly case is his job ( Roberts does not want to punish Stupid Trump) all I could see from Trump& the filibuster in the Senate (REPUBLICANS) is Trump is a dictator {socialism) wanna be! Republicans quit saying stuff about Dems that is true about the Republicans ( disinformation , distortions of the truth, in short quit lying)

  30. Faucci I love you for you as a Dr. & Person but J&J stands for John Son & Johnson. (Correct pronunciation is John Son & John Son) J is pronounced.

  31. My orders thru Federal Express keeps being off 3 days. 2 days USPS. SO CAN YOU INVESTIGATE this these are federal offense.

  32. Trump  is a coward. 
    He has threatened people all his life and uses others to do his dirty
    work.   Trump's former lawyer testified
    Trump had him make  "hundreds of
    threats.  Trump is a con man."  The excuse Trump's lawyers are making this
    time is Trump can't convicted because he is no longer in office.  Next time what if the capital is blown up and
    kills all 50 Senators by someone who wants to be President?  Are you going to say "Gee Golly."
    We can't keep him from running for President because he is not the president
    right now. Get real. Stop making excuses for Trump and being a coward.  Stop protecting Trump from being punished for
    inciting a riot that killed a  cop.  Next time will it be your funeral caused by someone
    who wants to be president?

  33. As a Canadian, an outsider looking into the absolute madhouse of deregulated sell your own mother Capitalism/ Fascism that is the US I cannot for the life of me understand why Trump isn't locked up. After 5 years of spewing hatred, division, insanity and race baiting what case needs to be made? Its all been done in the public eye. Of course he incited the attempted coup, if you can't see that its because you're covering it up. The Democrats are not actually trying to seek justice anymore than the Republicans are like to vote against Trump. It is much ado but nothing is meant to happen about it. Those 7 people died for nothing, America will fall and become an open totalitarian state. This is a kangaroo court in a puppet show.

  34. It is amazing to me how you can spend billions on wars. An then give out contracts to your friends to rebuild a country

  35. Sen. BILL CASSIDY:

    Trump WASN‘T THERE?


    Where WAS HE???‼️

    As the members of the capitol PHONED FOR HELP!!!!‼️



    And after 5 people DEAD:

    „YOU‘RE VERY SPECIAL, WE LOVE YOU“ ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


    Criminals and liars should have no place government

    And that’s MORE than only Trump himself 🤢

  36. Is the PHONECALL TO RAFFENSPERGER to „FIND“ 11.780 VOTES he need


    No words what’s all allowed 🤦‍♀️

  37. We absolutely need witnesses. Put Eugene Goodman in the witness stand. Also, that Qanon shaman guy. We need it on the record why the mob was there and what they wanted. And why they left. Put White House staff that know what Trump did and did not do while Trump was watching his mob carry out the storming on tv. Put in the witness stand the chain of command of the national guard. etc etc etc

  38. Maybe Its time to lockdown the white house and its time to replace everyone there lets vote on that America,,!!! Lets vote

  39. Snowden warned about the " measures " never going away. Well- it has been a year!! EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!!! Nooo mooore!!!! Enough is enough! No more of this this P!e(E of $#!T Fauci! Under the pretense of "protecting" thousands of ill people, millions of healthy people got hurt listening to this " expert ". WE QUARANTINE ILL PEOPLE, not healthy people!!!! Did all other fever causing diseases simply evaporate off the planet? Why are all medical doctors telling us that at the peak of so called corona crisis hospitals were gaping half empty, that masks do not protect from microbes ( UV light kills microbes, the filters like masks do NOT protect against viruses, masks are detrimental for health, especially for psycho emotional development of children, why are all these medical doctors CENSORED?!!! Why is Facebook censoring truth about side effects of vaccines? Why are healthy professional dancers policed to cover their noses while performing high energy physical movement with reduced oxygen?!!! RIDICULOUS!!!! Even the World Health Organization website is stating that the test used to determine the presence of corona virus can test positive even if there is no infection. The "measures" are based on case numbers not mortality rate. FRAUD!!!!!!

  40. Just talking about republicans as if they mattered any more, is a mistake at anytime . Doing so today is giving in to the bully , moving the country another giant step off the democracy pedestal . Trump has to go down hard , now, and in SDNY, and other states he tried to tamper with the election results . 50 years of bad republican policy both foreign & now domestic has to be Addressed .

  41. I came here simply to comment that meet the press is a joke propaganda production and Chuck Todd is The Coward Robert Ford.

  42. No party should be more important than your country.
    Donnie Trash invited them to a party and then threw them under the bus.

  43. Adam Schiff who takes bribes and launders money for Ukraine Burisma, The criminal is worth over 10 million now..
    Now it is time to put Pelosi, Adam, and the rest of these discusting criminals on trial for treason, money laundering, and just for being nazi anti American traitors!

  44. Will you all ever stop misleading the people?. Everyone listen to whole speeches, and fight to find unbiased reporting. I assure you this channel is not unbiased. I'm starting to think they are agents.

  45. The media has been lying to you and lock you in your house and you're still supporting them you deserve what you get

  46. Everyone thinks they understand politics and the constitution. I do not believe even the media understands it.

  47. It wzsbad enough trump lied to the American people now faucii lie about vaccinating santa claus, come on really.

  48. As long as Americans have their smart devices and their streaming service subscriptions, they will be happy and do whatever the media tells them to do, lol.

    I really hope many of you wake up and realize who the real enemies are.

  49. The pointless fear intrinsically stay because anime previously moan worth a erratic mother-in-law. flagrant, pushy bathroom

  50. Republicans learders government sending massege to the American people it is ok to lying to the whole world and trouble the government of United states no problem like trump did as long a sitting president does

  51. This impeachment is such a waste of time a day money. Its obvious the Dems and RHINOS are afraid of what Trump has on them all! NSA data ill come out! Eventually. All files open to the public.

  52. Schiff is a liar, he's been proven a liar, he even admitted he lied about Russia Colluding. We know we can't trust anything Schiff has to say.

  53. republican BS  “Once Keystone is completed, only 35 permanent employees would be needed to operate the pipeline along with 15 temporary contractors,” CNN reported back in 2017. “So, the Keystone XL isn't expected to be a boom for the job market by any stretch.”   and TC Energy announced suspension of the project following the permit revocation, and Keystone XL President Richard Prior told the Associated Press

  54. Journalists, like this POS Clintonista BFF has a damnable skill set; to lie and try to "get us" to accept their interpretations of reality. MSM and DNC expect us to believe and swallow their "Reality" Last time I checked, GOD, did not give or bequeath the mantle of Truth to these Criminal, Marxist, and Globalist' DNC,RINO, MSM, and NGO's.

  55. These people are full of hatred, not true journalists either , wasting money on impeachment matter
    They are not doing and you people doing only what goes against Trump, you people didn't do anything when Antifa and others were doing riots for long time
    Do you have any least shame that you have keeping two faces?
    Do something good for Nation

  56. \ 100% COVID-CURE // 2 ISRAELI HOSPITALS: #1, 30 of 30, #2 Phase-3-Recovery [in]. 56 nations to WHO, JHU: 62% LESS US DEATHS of diagnosed: OCT 22 2.75% v 1.69% on Jan 6 by TRUMP REGIME. BIDEN REGIME 1.76%, Feb 12. We r what we eat, differ by DNA-DIET (ABRAHAMIC-SEEDS-SECTIONS REPAR & IMPROVE?) ['in'; 10M+citations to own work Google. Clicking U-Tube-comments-name opens free, own, videos-books] // Deaths/1M since Jan 6: BLG 1,729-1,894* UK 1,148-1,762* ITL 1,263-1,548* US 1,118-1,517* SP 1,101-1,386* FR 986-1,219* SWS 941-1,145 // % Fatalities of diagnosed/ GROUP B/Jan 6 v Feb 13: FIN 1.55-1.41* NL 1.42-1.44* U.S.1.69-1.76* SWS 1.72-1.80* SWD 1.91- 2.04* SP 2.51-2.12* FR 2.47-2.37* BRZ 2.53-2.43* CND 2.62-2.58* GRM 2.05-2.80* UK 2.75-2.90* AU 3.19-3.15* ITL 3.50-3.44* MX 8.78-8.74 // Feb 12/GROUP A/%-FATL: SNG 0.05/ MONG O.10/ BTN 0.12/ FARI 0.15/ QTR 0.16/ SVN 0.26/ SBRT 0.28/ DBAI 0.29/ MLDV 0.33/ BARN 0.36/ TLND 0.33/ MLAS 0.37/ SYCL 0.42/ CURC 0.46/ ICEL 0.48/ CAYI 0.48/ SRLNK 0.52/ KWT 0.56/ CYP 0.68/ SMRT 0.69/ CUBA 0.69/ Bora-Bora O.73/ ISR 0.74/ NPL 0.75/ UZB 0.79/ ARUB 0.92/ VNZ 0.96/ TWN 0.96.

  57. Why do they give disgusting 🤮 Republican liars a platform so you can make us angry enough to keep watching!With out the news and media who made Trump an Broke Icon,By the way if you spend more Millions than you make you are broke.Do not trust these Treasonist!

  58. If there was such a mass of information on Bill Clinton then how come the con’s impeached him for screwing with an intern instead of White Water, which was a real witch hunt that cost the tax payers around 50 million dollars? There in fact was a mountion of evidence of donald trump’s insurrection, so how come Mitch McConnell dragged his on the senate trial and turn around and state that trump can no longer be tried because he was no longer president. Just more right wing BS. The con's usually lack evidence but always have a mountain of BS

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