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Bro did you ask her? Who should I ask what? as I said Anjala! Of course bro You know me I do what I say I know that face well Say the truth! All right, I'll tell the truth So it all started this morning

I set the alarm, but the battery was dead Hold on, hold on, hold on! If you tell stories for hours like last time, I'll kill you Bro, only if I say it like this, you'll understand the story So it all started this morning I set the alarm, but it didn't work

Battery was dead So my mother came to wake me up Get up, you lazy bastard! Look at him sleep all day without a job My name is Akilan and I'm a you know the rest But back to the story So I got up, washed my face, got myself ready, wanted to take my keys and glasses and go out, but my mother yelled at me in Slow-Motion: "Lazy bastard" Anjala had school today so I decided to tell her there I arrive at school Since I wanted to confess my love to her, I just drove in on my bike I don't get it bro As I said bro, I went in on my bike You're usually on a bike, though? Exaclty bro, I really went in by bike

You're not serious? Your fly is open, brother! You're talking to much that's my motto Take that! Usually "Thalapathy" does it, but here's where this idiot does it A beautiful rose, for a beautiful girl And she was like Oh my god, I love you Akilan Wait, wait, wait, wait

I don't believe you That doesn't sound right Maybe, it could have been a little different That's what I thought Continue, continue! A beautiful rose, for a beautiful girl

And she was like Brother? That's it! Sir? Is that you? Now it's getting interesting Brother Akilan How are you? Are you having a romantic time together? What are you doing right now? Are you still unemployed? Sir! Don't talk like that I will talk like that, Are you stupid? I'm giving a lecture right now And you burst in here on a bike! I'll start crying Oh no, so sad What's that on your head? What's that? A necklace on your neck and earrings on your ear? First of all, take off your glasses! I will, I will Who are you doing all this for? For your friends? For the girls? Akileeeeeeeeey! Education is important, Akiley! Education is important!

Source: Youtube

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