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Mater Saves the UFO! | Pixar Cars


(crickets chirping) (sinister music) (wheels squeaking) – Oh, no, Mater! – [PA

System] Maintenance to the loading dock, please (whirring) (clunking) – Van, we'll meet you up there, come on! Get me 10 men right here, on the double! – [Army Truck] Private Smithers, come here right now! – [PA System] Dr Schleppenwagen, report to Hangar 10 (gasping) (dramatic music) – But don't get too close

– Everybody, say, "Cheese" – [Group] Cheese! (camera clicks) – Dad-gum – Dad-gum? He's trying to communicate Where is Dr Abschleppwagen? – Here I am Guten abend fräuleins

(giggling) So Herr Doctor, what does dad-gum mean? – The dad-gum means, "Let's get out of here!" (clicking) (electronic whirring) – Dad-gum (whirring) – Follow me, Mater! (whirring) (blows raspberry) (alarm blaring) (crashing) – Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Do you really expect me to believe that? – Well, you should You was there, too! (grunting) – Ow! Ow! (grand music) It's beautiful! (whirring) (whooshing) – [Group] Dad-gum – [Mater] Thanks for saving us, Mrs UFO You think you can drop us off at home? Whoa! (whooshing) Thank you

(upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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