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Master P Tours the Skywalker Ranch w/ George Lucas (2002) | MTV News


– It's Master P and I'm 'bout to go find out the dark side to Mr George Lucas and how Imma get the next role

And I know Imma probably gone have to fight through a lot of great actors next year, but, I can do it baby I can do it, come on George I could do it Imma have all my fans writing letters to you saying, "George I need to be in this movie and you need to see Master P in this movie" We're gonna start a campaign

Maybe you'll take me serious – Yeah well, internet said that Nsync was in the last one so(laughing) – So what do you think is your dark side? – I don't know, I think whenever you try to hold onto too much, you begin to go to that greedy kind of self-centered place that gets you in trouble

That's the thing we all fight all the time – So how do you come up with all these different Star Wars? Is it just in your head, are you just constantly keep creating these characters I mean, somebody told me you already have five episode already done already – Well, I've got one more to write, and all of these were written 30 years ago I had the stories and everything laid out 30 years ago

– So you a genius, that's what you're telling me? – No, no, I sat down and worked out the story, and now I gotta fill in the blanks So, you know – [Master P] He's a genius I'm just telling y'all this guy's a genius – [George] Ope, I'll go this way

– This is Skywalker Ranch which is where our offices are mainly Besides the office complex, then we have a big research library, and we have a post production facility which is where we do all the sound work, have a big recording studio, and a lot of dubbing theaters, and editing rooms, and all that kind of stuff – Do you live out here? – I don't live out here, I live a ways away in a little town – Okay – Sort of out of the way We have a really nice recording studio, that everybody under the sun has used at one point or another

– So maybe, you'll have me come in here with no limit and do some music for the next Star Wars you know what I'm saying? Have Yoda dancing on there getting down – Right – You know what I'm saying? Let's take it to the next level George – Well we're working on a – To that space hip-hop – Space hip-hop, we're working on an animated film that's got some sort of space hip-hop animated film – See man, we need each other George, you know what I'm saying? You know with Yoda, was he high or something? – Oh in this one? – Yeah – No – Cause he talked slow, you know – Well he talks slow in all the movies, people don't realize how slow

– You know people from MTV, all the viewers out there was like, "Man what kind of herbs was Yoda smokin?" (laughter) I don't think George did nothin like that to him – No – He's just, that's the way he talk – You hear him in "Empire Strikes Back" and he's old – Who played that role? – He's 800 years old, Frank Oz – Is he that small? – No, no, no In another life he was Miss Piggy – Oh, okay, see I told y'all, I was gonna get the goods, you see I'm getting all the secrets from Mr

George himself – So this is where we do all the recording and post and everything This is our little technical building with statues – This my special order cast right? – Specially for the press tour, we put them out – So these are the people I'll be working with in the next episode

– Yeah, they're shadows of their former selves – Y'all heard that, Mr Lucus said it himself MTV You ever thought about a ghetto Star Wars? – (laughing) There may be some ghetto in this one, on one planet or another – You could come up with something, it could be a little branch off, you know Yoda come to the hood

– We get to go to a lot of different planets in the next one, so – You could tell me any insight on the next episode, that I can give to my MTV – Next episode, well Anakin becomes Darth Vader – Huh? – Yeah Let me see Padme gets pregnant

– See that, oooo weeee (laughter) – We finding out the low down I told ya I was gonna get y'all the secrets – I know, we should go in the control room first, might as well, it's on the way This is the control, we've had it locked – You do all the sound effects and stuff here? – Yeah, I have lots and lots of groups in here Everything from the Kyoto Monks to the Kronos Quartet, to Mick Jagger to, we've had everybody here

It's a favorite of drummers because it's a very live room It has a five second delay – Yeah – So you can really have an organic, real echo which is great for orchestras and that sort of thing Great for drummers, great for choral groups It's an adjustable room, so we can shut it all down, and have a 1/5th of a second delay

– Okay – We'll go inside – Even Mr Lucus got a studio I told y'all music is the way of life – Sometimes we put orchestras in, do the scores to movies, sometimes we have rock groups, sometimes we have choruses

– Now this is a vocal booth – A bunch of isolation booths up there – You can't get vocal booth no bigger – [George] The secret to this one, see – [Master P] George ballin man – [George] The secret to this one, is it's adjustable – How come we ain't never seen your MTV Cribs, you kind of like laid back, you don't wanna what you got – This is my office The secret to this room which you don't find in many recording studios, is that it's dead and then when you open it up, the ceiling and everything it comes very alive

It's real bright – That's why you gotta get out the hood man (laughter) – See this type of stuff, I'm thinking I had a studio George said this his office – Now we are at the lake and the vineyard

– You just like the country life? – I like the country, I grew up in the country Just a little bit east of here – [George] I live in the valley, the central valley, which is the delta – I know you have to be something to keep coming up with these different episodes – Well, I like a nice quiet place to work, I don't like to be distracted too much when I'm trying to think this stuff up

– So, I can't be calling you every day asking you about the part and all that stuff – No, cause I don't have time to write it (laughter) – I got one more thing to say I got one more thing to say George – What could that be? – May the Force Be With You – Ooh yeah, ooh yeah

(hands smack) (laughter) – Peace!

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