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Marvel's New Magic School: Learn From the Best—and Worst


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, I'm Skottie Young, and this is five reasons that you should read Strange Academy One, it's going to teach young characters how to use magic and the mystical arts

Everybody's favorite day, parent-teacher conference day, could get a little awkward when certain giant dark lords from other dimensions have to show up and see if their kids have been doing the right kind of homework Along with math, and, like, third eye 101, one class m ay very well be Hell Literally, just Hell You're going to get to see a lot of cool substitute teachers from all over the Marvel Universe, which will be really cool Who doesn't want to see Illyana and her Soul Sword doing some magic-y stuff

This is a book about school, so there will most likely be tests every three to five issues So study So there There's five reasons for you to read Strange Academy Stop watching this and go to the store and buy it right now

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