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Marvel's Hero Project Clip: Roving Robbie


[MUSIC PLAYING] ROBBIE BOND: National Parks are the best way for everyone to experience nature Wow! That is huge! So when, in April of 2017, the government tried to reduce the size of 27 national monuments, I wasn't very happy about that

WOMAN: Robbie's like, Mom, we have to do something about this That's when everything changed [MUSIC PLAYING] [VOCALIZING] The parks will only be here once If you got rid of them and turn them into cities, or oil drilling sites, or something like that, you can't get them back to the way that they were And I really want to keep them pristine and beautiful

[VOCALIZING] Kids Speak for Parks is a non-profit organization that I started And it's dedicated to educating kids about the importance of the national parks and monuments, and also, how they can protect them I went across the country visiting those National Monuments Hi, everyone Robbie here

And we just got to Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument We just got into Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument We're an hour away from Bears Ears And we just got to Utah [INAUDIBLE] Go, Bears Ears

WOMAN: I think 10 different states, he visited the senators and representatives from So I think he was nervous You know, was it going to make a difference? Probably the biggest part of Kids Speak for Parks is making sure that kids believe that they have a voice and using their voice for the good of other people [CHEERING] WOMAN: Watching him through that process, like going to DC and speaking to different congressmen– What is your opinion on the downsizing of some of our national monuments? MAN: He's got the potential to make other people make a difference [APPLAUSE] We are unstoppable! Tons of people either don't know about the issue or think that other people will solve the issue for them

And that's not true [SPARKLY MUSIC]

Source: Youtube

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