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Marvel's Hero Project Clip 2: Unstoppable Adonis


Go, go, go! Most players rely on sight to even learn plays How do you learn plays? I just listen to them

Based off the description, I imagine them in my head It's about just practicing and figuring out where I'm supposed to be at what time He's not a charity case That's not what he wants, that's not what he's about, that's not what kind of kid he is When I see him in his uniform, you know, for those three hours, his Jersey is like his cape

He's my hero [CHEERING] He was brilliant Adonis, we understand what kind of running back he is, and he really is hard to bring down When he's called to do his job, he wants to do his job at the very best that he's capable of One day, he scored two touchdowns

[CHEERING] I've never heard a crowd be so loud

Source: Youtube

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