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Marvel Celebrates International Women's Day!


WOMAN 1: Inspiring WOMAN 2: Powerful

WOMAN 3: Triumphant WOMAN 4: Resilient WOMAN 5: Fearless [MUSIC PLAYING] My favorite female character is Captain Marvel She is my absolute favorite

She blazed the path before her It's so important as a new mom to have these strong, empowered female role models Persistence embodies everything Carol Danvers is and does She really has become this sort of beacon of light for women and diversity and allies here at Marvel My favorite female Marvel character is Mantis

Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman Pepper Potts I love America Chavez because she is fiery I'd have to say I have a lot of favorites But Storm Ororo Munroe– she's up there as top

She's powerful My favorite Marvel Super Hero is Gamora She is the deadliest woman in the galaxy Gamora is badass She really knows what she wants, and she'll do anything to get it

My favorite character is Kamala Khan She represented a new kind of hero, breaking stereotypes and not letting other people's labels limit who you are Ms Marvel has a lot of heart The thing that makes Kamala the most relatable is how much she loves

That is what drives her My favorite is Rogue Spider-Gwen Agent Peggy Carter Kate Bishop as Hawkeye

She's remarkable to me because she taught herself how to be a Super Hero I relate to Gwenpool because she's not afraid to have fun on the job while she kicks butt That's ultimately my goal in life My favorite is Scarlet Witch She keeps going, even when things are difficult

And not only does she keep going, but she keeps thriving My favorite character is Jane Foster's Thor Even when she's knocked down, she gets back up Whether it's cancer, whether it's death, she's going to come back because she's Jane Foster And that's what she does

My favorite Marvel female Super Hero is Silk because she's resilient My favorite female character is Black Widow Natasha Romanova is complicated She is someone who has to struggle to be good And I find that much more relatable

My favorite female Marvel character is Jean Grey– Phoenix Just a lot of things have been thrown at her And she continues to still fight it and not give up She's come back from the darkest depths as she strives to harness this power that she didn't want But she's learned how to deal with it and use it for good

My favorite character is Squirrel Girl I think Squirrel Girl is awesome and fearless because she has the powers of a squirrel and a girl I love how, like, feisty she is And she's very fun I think she tries to look at everybody is good guys

She uses her mind before she uses her fists She first empathizes with the villain and sees if there's some sort of relatable problem that she can solve Like, Galactus is hungry He doesn't necessarily need to eat Earth He just needs something to eat

So she uses that creativity to then say, oh, you need a snack, which obviously would be nuts The unbeatable Squirrel Girl – [CLICK] – Women of Marvel– –celebrates– –International– –Women's Day [MUSIC PLAYING]

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