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Martinez Twins on 'Paraíso,' 'La Dieta' & Their Debut EP | MTV News


– We didn't know, it was our first time putting a song in Spanish, you know? – Yep – Like all the Martinators, they talk English

I mean, they're international, you know? – They're worldwide – And then when we put it out, it was like (exhale) – Yeah – It's out, you know? – Yeah – Whatever happens

– It's out – It's out – When you were recording "Paraiso," when we were in the studio, and you were like, "Wow, this is our first single" What did you think at that time? Like, what was your goal? – Just to talk about what we feel, you know, with girls When we go to the disco, to the clubs

The first love, you know? – Yeah – So, that was my vibe So, I put my vibe and you put yours, you know? – So, when you were in the recording, you were like, "That's the one" – Yeah, that's the one What was your, like, your best moment when we were doing the music video? – [Emilio] I was like, really, really, really nervous 'cause we were gonna meet like, all the girls, like, all the dancers but– – Yeah, they were our vibe

– They were great And like, having them next to us, it was like, kinda like, "Wow, this is the moment" Like, "We're doing it," you know? And it was, like, a special moment for me I feel like when we were outside with the cars, – Yeah, with the cars – For us, it was the– 'Cause I love cars and just like, driving the Ferrari was– It was amazing

So for me, that moment, it was really special but the whole music video was, like– – Yeah, really special – Really special for us – You know, we're putting out the next song We have to talk about it – For me, "La Dieta" means "The Diet

" She breaks the diet with you, you know? Like, she doesn't care, she's just, like, natural And she's like, you know, that's like the best person with you and you feel great – [Ivan] We did the song, we're the singers of the song, and we're gonna be in the music video – Yeah but we won't be the– – Yeah – The main characters

– Yeah – It's a song that you can play everywhere, you know? – Yeah – You can be in a club and dancing, and then the next part has like, a relaxed– – Yeah, you know, like, slow – But, it's always vibing, you know? – "Paraiso" was our first song, we were really nervous But this time, "La Dieta" is just, like I think it will break the rules, you know? – Yeah, yeah

It's our first EP – It's called 'The Revolution,' 'La Revolución' in Spanish For us, it means, like, the beginning of something new, the beginning of our dreams come true, the beginning of our lives – Yeah – But having the first, like, contract for the EP being in Spain, and then just like, flying back in L

A It was like– – It was a dream – It's a dream come true – Yeah – So 'La Revolución' means a lot for us, and I hope you guys like it, and I know it will be amazing

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