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Making Of — Breaking Benjamin – Diary of Jane Cover (Lisa & Alex)


hello everyone i got some questions about our cover from diary of jane and It's been about ten years since I made this format but I thought I just want to answer the questions today and that's why we take a look at the computer And there we are in the computer

I already have the session open and I just start at the beginning It actually starts with a kick that we only used around to synchronize the videos when recording the and not over the letting boxes run otherwise it starts with piano the whole thing is a media shot by me Steinberg the flashy plugin and then it comes bit controversial right away with the us at least according to youtube the us are apparently not so popular there at least we have a mega drop-out rate or that's actually because the video is right on me changes you do not know in any case interesting with the us two traces of lisa at the beginning of the whole series maybe let it go now that sounds better than it does with me here most exciting the deep voice is still deeper in october sounds like it works and from there it actually goes on now with acoustic guitar too unlike the video, the whole thing is not recorded with food 7b but with two octave microphones in the configuration sounded a more directional hole and one direction all in a small compressor on it a little more boom besides from piano, we also go straight into the lead vox series in the first verse sung a bit more reserved what we have a little tea simulation the eater was a bit important i mean we have it I had only recorded this in 7 b because the nt 2 from gastrode what I've just been a little too spicy the good purpose compressor at the end but also takes 12 db down doesn't really make a lot of exciting and then actually we really are the stories and that is software that is just hump chamber that is only the holder generally makes you a little more reverberant here so I have it just settle down and then I keep going drums actually come out of the can simple discovered electricity sounds like this know that very mechanically but in the overall context since we don't have a vehicle yet have drummers in the world reports you there is that except can right now at the same time, the watch fits perfectly into the interface grades plugin is a simulation from sam i think is totally good That's how it actually sounds and with a little plugin we have it in the future again the cl 1b the liebig and then the ball is too already scratched guitar typical double here roms teams the guitar directly in the winter interface amplitube actually means money otherwise the soldiers sounds a bit flat but we have the basterds and that the whole thing fits so and actually everything and so on the whole in the verse runs except the second voices here with their like that they are here the one with the main voice in it is and then again or other co more the whole with the main voice that is on the braker we really experimented a little bit until he was on the idea just came back to make a piano actually this was here this guitar part that was really recorded with the smb back then just as a demo story that's why it sounds so wonderfully thin somehow it fits yes piano and vote so and that's actually a classic favorite production element of mine this is such a story reverse tank with hold on it and the whole thing sounds like this Wow that is solo it is also just a little space up in hall and down the game and as we have already seen, I already happen that I solo solo be and gm up to digital purchase because I have double guitar again and again we have heard not only the two titles current guitar but the whole thing again octave higher that always works wonderful and makes a little more mood together the whole thing sounds so and especially here and there now really come in the last refrain and there we have 15 voices you don't hear it in the recording but you should look a little bit at the whole so of course the normal take the main voice does not need to increase that much say 5 totally awesome I like it then we have a dub and actually wanted to subtract what is deep just octave turned down the whole thing sounds like this and then we have a lot of two and judge me is also I think I actually play it now not in front of a beautiful second voice and then comes now sometimes the last chorus before I eat in this voice have already seen each other and think what the hell is that and then have I distorted the voice it's supposed to be the last trick and the elements are simple my voice and lisa voice through namibia the whole thing sounds so well that was even in the background so that would be what I mean I did not speak for long if you feel like I can just say and then I could just say a little bit about my own video recording and otherwise I say goodbye and I wish you a nice evening and see you

Source: Youtube

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