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Maher Zain – Break The Chains


I know how it feels to lose everything everything go I faithful war so high the ground uptrend for hours I was about they thought the day when I can't say nothing I will fight through all the pain it's a you can try but you never break this heart maaan again sometimes it feels like freedom is far away oh I will break the J's sometimes like nothing will but I I will break you wanna tear me apart I am strong or to try to see my tears I finally found the place ah be honest or bummer fear I will fight through all the pain it's a journey I will make morning girls I feel like freedom is for but uh no I will break feels like nothing but I will play it's not easy mo just God we go I will fool Oh because I am free yes I'm free sometimes feels like the side I'm going I will drink the chain but you you

Source: Youtube

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