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Madison Iseman is a Next-Level Settlers of Catan Player & Cat Lover | MTV News


– The movie was really next level, I think an even bigger cast

We have Danny DeVito and Danny Glover and Awkwafina who joined us in this movie Our fight sequences are even bigger and crazier than the first movie There is a horse I mean, a horse is pretty next level Hi, I'm Madison Iseman from 'Jumanji: The Next Level,' and these are the top five things that I do that are next level

The first thing I do that is next level is I am a next level cat lover I would absolutely classify myself as a cat lady I have a cat named Owen, and he is my pride and joy, and my precious little angel Owen is about six years old I got him when I first moved to L

A, he's been my roommate ever since You're so cute! (kisses) (Owen meows) Owen, he travels everywhere with me, he comes everywhere with me, he'll stay with me whenever I travel for work, or wherever I go I feel like I would love to have three cats Three would be a solid number

I'm not there yet, I have one But you know, two would be great too, but I feel like a third would just be extra fun Another thing, I'm next level at is at playing Settlers of Catan I'm a really good player I win a lot, we have big competitions with my family over the holidays

I'm prepping up for another big tournament right now, and I'm gonna win again There's always a fight, I feel like someone always gets really mad I'm pretty passive though, I'm pretty good (laughs) I'm a next level cleaner I am kind of a clean freak, I clean my house a lot, I'm very organized, I pride myself on that

One thing I do which drives some people crazy is my closet, is color-coordinated Like, I go like through the rainbow in the closet, and if it's not like that, then it drives me nuts I'm always the person who, like, if we have big dinners, I always end up cleaning, but I'm used to it, I've claimed that responsibility Another thing I'm next level at is I'm an extreme Christmas enthusiast I'm one of those people who starts playing Christmas music as soon as Halloween's over, even through Thanksgiving

I get my tree really early I love the holidays and the cold, even though it doesn't get cold where I live, I still love it, and just home and family time I really love Christmas jazz, so like, I have a Christmas jazz playlist that I'll put on, and it's really nice and relaxing And the last thing I can do that is next level is I can lick my elbow, which no one else can do My friend asked me once, it was like, kind of one of those dumb things where they're like, "Only one in a million people can lick their elbow," and then I tried it, and I could do it, and I impressed everyone

Ready? (drum roll) I think that's pretty next level I don't know anyone else who can do it

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