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Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow & Jonathan Daviss on Their 'Outer Banks' Love Triangle | MTV News


– I like this I like being in the middle of this duo, this is cute

– I mean, look, Kie, if you want, you know, this is totally cool, but also, you're your own woman, too – I feel like, you can like– – You know what I'm saying? – totally own yourself, and maybe Kie doesn't need a man Maybe Kie's like, "You know what? "All y'all are coming at me" – I think we all know Kie doesn't need a man, but like– – So, Madison, in real life, are you Team Pope or are you Team JJ? (laughing) This is your time to decide now This is a very, very important decision

– Por que no los dos? – What do the fans want? – Listen, OK Listen I'll keep it real I'm Team JJ because it's unexpected It's unexpected! We did not plan it at all and I think it would be so interesting to see something that was completely created, 100% by the fans, and also the editors

But like, to see that come in to fruition because like, they didn't plan that – [Jonathan] We didn't shoot with a love triangle in mind It wasn't written into the script It just kind of like, got a life through social media and the internet – So, what do you think about the show and the Pogues connected with the audience? – I think there's something about the Pogues that empowers young people

Where it's like, "I'm gonna live my life "how I want to live it" And I think what that enforces is that young people have a voice, they like, want to be heard – You don't get a lot of accurate depictions of what teenage life is like in television You get a lot of your high school, where the drama is kind of overdone They're trying too hard to like, be young and hip without actually achieving it

Like, they try too hard to like, "Oh, I think a teenager does this "because they're on their phones all the time" It's almost like you're making fun of teenage culture instead of embracing it They don't have to 100%, every time be the cool, bleeding, I'm in my feelings all the time – Yeah We're not done up, we're not like, on our A game all the time, we're just like, we're chillin'

– What's the weirdest request from your fans because I've been requested to be adopted about three or four times? (laughing) I'm just wondering, are you guys getting adoption requests, as well? – I had people ask for me to adopt them, not for them to adopt me and I'm like, "I don't know if I'm ready to be a mother" – The weirdest request I get are people asking me to set them up with you and Maddie Cline (laughing) – I'm like– – You think that's gonna work? – I appreciate the boldness – We love you guys – [Jonathan] Oh, we do

– There's no show without you guys, so keep the requests coming I mean– – [Madison] 100% dude I love the fans Just reading how much love we're getting from everybody is really hyping me up for season two I'm actually like really excited

– What are some good memories you have of us just kind of like being friends, not even related to set, just kind of off of it? – Oh, JD (crying) – Why'd you have to hit me with that one, man? – You know, it's real It's real – [Rudy] I know it's real – I hit the whole camera

– You got water coming out of my face right now (laughing) – Here I'll give you a second Okay, I'll answer – [Jonathan] He's leaking

I think the bond, oh my God, wow, what? Okay I think it's just like, we start every morning in hair and makeup, you walk in, I go around and kiss all the boys on their heads and like, "Good morning" You know, we beat up the scenes in our trailer together, we laugh, we eat breakfast, we hang out, and then we go to set And in between every take we're like constantly messing around and then we wrap, and then you think, "Oh, we're gonna go home "because we're all sick and tired of each other," and it's like, "So, we're all going to Rudy's place, right? "We're gonna go play Mario Kart?" – "We're all gonna play Mario Kart" (laughing) – Yeah, like, "Are you guys hungry? "We should definitely get food

" We constantly are like trying to hang out with each other a little longer (laughing) – JJ– or should I say Rudy? Rudy Pankow – You should address me by my real name – Your relationship with your father on screen is very, it's very, let's say, turbulent – Yeah, a little bumpy

– Getting into that emotional head space as an actor is very you know, difficult, you know So, how did you go about just kinda getting into that space, but bringing out those emotional moments and making them feel real and not hokey or forced? – Part of the process is really, really, really accepting the fact that there is somebody out in the world today who is being abused, who is being taken advantage of, who has felt completely abandoned by everybody By everybody And you need to portray that as real as it can be when somebody else is feeling it because the truth of the matter is you're not yourself anymore You gotta be connected to your character that is really struggling and going through that

So, that is the best way I can answer that question JD, I just want to say something You gave up everything when you were Pope You gave up so much Like, you gave up your trust with your family, you gave up your trust with kind of the Pogues for a second there, and then you gave up on your dream

When you were going through that process to say like, "All right, I gotta come through with my friends" Was the feeling for your friends or was the feeling like, the responsibility as a person to do this for these people? – I think speaking for Pope, as the character, kind of the back story I gave it, you know, he has more of a conscience than people think he would like to think he has and that people would believe he has, you know? He does care for his friends, you know? I see a lot of people like, "Oh, he's the softest Pogue" You know, it's 'cause he does have that emotional connection to everybody there The fact that he didn't hesitate when he figured it out speaks volumes of how he feels about his friends and the people he loves He's willing to make the sacrifices, the ones that have to be made, and he's willing to be the end of it

He's willing to take that short end of the stick for his friends, you know? A lot of the time, he's the butt of the joke, but he's also kind of, in a way, sort of like one of the most caring It's like, in his own way – And I see so much responsibility in Pope and that kind of, I want to say, maturity He's definitely the most mature out of the Pogues, I would say (laughing) And I see that– – Still sunk a boat

(laughing) And I see that as you, as JD, for sure, is that like– – I agree It's crazy how you're the youngest person in the cast, but your maturity stands out so much – Thanks, guys – [Madison] In everything – So, I want to give you a hypothetical, OK

– OK Because I would do the same for you in this situation, because you're my brother and I love you and you're basically family – We are family – [Madison] Absolutely – I would definitely let you know when Sony was casting Miles Morales

(laughing) But, like, I just heard a whisper of it, like, I'm in an audition If you went to that audition and all of a sudden you heard that, I don't know, Sony out of the weird blue, was casting 'Spider-Man' for the fourth time– – Again? – [Rudy] Just randomly, would you run to me? – I would say, "My best friend Rudy Pankow–" – [Rudy] Out of everything you do, if you're in the middle of your audition, you'd drop what you were doing in the audition, and be like, "I need to tell Rudy this" – Yeah, I'd be like, I'd finish and be like, "Guys, guys, I gotta say, I gotta say "If you're looking for 'Spider-Man,' again, "Rudy Pankow is the best Spider-Man "I've ever seen in my life" – Oh my God

– [Jonathan] And he would sacrifice his body for the role – The real question is, if for whatever reason either of you guys found yourself talking to somebody at Disney, and they were casting for live-action 'Moana' If there was anybody just like, on the top of your mind, I don't know, anybody that you could think of– – Top of the list I need that audition for live-action Prince Naveen (laughing) – [Madison] Okay, fair point

– Y'all freaking know that I'd be Prince Charming in 'Shrek,' like it just wouldn't be fair (laughing) – I thought you were the Fairy Godmother? (laughing) – No, you should be Kristoff in 'Frozen' – Ah, I've been compared to him, actually – Rudy should play Puss in Boots (laughing) – If there's a season two, how are you guys gonna prepare and do you feel like there's gonna be more pressure on us? – The challenge, I wouldn't say wouldn't be pressure of doing anything different? It's the pressure of trusting the writing, trusting your intuition with your character because I think all of our characters are going to be going through very, very new things

And that's what carries us and dealing with that pressure It's completely new If you're doing something similar as season one and it's going to be the same thing as season one, the pressure is 10x harder because it's like, then you have to nail it even better – Once we get back in it, we're gonna be there– – [Rudy] Yeah, we have our characters down – I don't think there's going to be an adjustment period, I think we're just gonna, "Okay, and we're back

" You know what I mean?

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