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Maailmanlopun Ensimmäinen Päivä – Osa 4/8 "Väestönsuoja 14" | Tuhkafilms Entertainment


Based on the script of Teemu Nygård and Karoliina Inkilä The First Day of the End of the World What I saw was more horrifying than any of this Part IV "Shelter 14" Script by Mikko Heikura I was on my way back to the city but police stopped me and told me to go to the nearest shelter

I didn't know what was going on but I did as I was told Hello? Is anyone here? Hey! Is someone there?! Hey!? What on earth – Number Three to Base

Base copy – Shelter 14 has fallen Executed lockdown Roger that Any survivors? Negative, no survivors

– Roger Hello? I need help I'm alone and there is dead people here Someone help me please! Who's there?! I was told to come here, but there is no one here! And there is dead people here! This is staff sergeant Mäkelä, please calm down Can you tell us where are you? This is shelter 14 and ths rooms seems to be some sort of control room

Hold on Yes I think I can see you in the control room 2 Are you sure that you are alone? Yes, I'm alone I haven't seen anyone

Roger Please stay where you are We'll be there in a moment Understood? Yeah – Good, see you in a moment

Thank you What the heck was that?! No, no, no! Let go! You alright? Have you been bitten?! I'm fine and no, not that I know of We need to go back now! Hostile! Downstares, elevator, move! Go go! No! I thought nothing could go worse than this, but No, wait! Help me! Please let me in! Negative! This tunnel leads straight to the barracks and there's hundreds of civilians and soldier out there! I'm sorry, but you're on your own! Sorry! – No

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