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Luis asks Alice if she is keeping a secret from him | TKB (With Eng Subs)


The Christmas tree decorating will happen during the day And the lighting will happen at night, so everyone can see the result of their hard work

I hope I can count on your support Of course, Luis Thank you, Grandma I'll have to check my calendar I think I'll be busy on that day

Tatiana! Don't worry Leave Tatiana and Mama to me Thank you, Mom Uh Mom I got home pretty late last night Grandma said you did, too Yeah

I had some paperwork to do for our properties in El Casco And I had to meet with our relatives, so we got carried away with our conversation Are you keeping a secret from me, Mom? What? You heard me I want you to tell her to stop going after him She's manipulating his feelings

She's just playing with Elias! And she doesn't love him! I do! What do you know about whom I love and don't love, Luna? What would I hide from you, dear? After what happened to your dad and uncle I will never, never keep anything from you [SIGHS] Secrets have long ruined this family

[PHONE RINGING] [EXHALES] – [RINGING CONTINUES] – I'm sorry, dear I have to take this – Okay – Okay [RINGING CONTINUES]

Source: Youtube

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