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Luis Alberto Spinetta – Live Stream Replay MTV Unplugged – 1997


my do b boom here we go what's happening guys anybody in the house chilling chatting getting ready play little luis alberto so i ran a poll over on my youtube page 756 people responded and it was running charlie garcia right up till i decided to call it earlier today i thought it was going to be charlie and then i went and checked and luis benetta had jumped in the lead now i know they tied it up about a half hour ago but then there was a couple more votes so i was going to stick with spanetti either way i had to make that decision at that point but yeah 250 twenty percent spinetta twenty seven seven i thought for sure it would be popple but hey that's how wrong i am tomorrow night soda stereo so we're gonna check out some spinetta today see how that pans out a lot of this is going to be new to me i've done three or four spinetta tunes so looking forward to hearing a good variety of style from him the best way to roll just fire it up get her rolling uh i went through something at length that seemed to be the best one short notice mtv's were always good so i thought yeah let's roll them unplugged mtv i did do the one reaction to him which was uh from the show so i'm familiar with the one two and from the show but other than that it's pretty much all going to be new to me i am going to fire it up get this party going get this listening party going sorry there's a little bit of lewis banana here we go oh a nice soft opening i was looking at a video of him today running around a siren on his back exactly it was actually pretty funny but it was good too really good is on foreign very nice soft opening to the mtv unplugged session like the fact the flexibility of his vocal is nice to start you it's kind of peaceful with that nice piano the nice acoustic piano ariel how are you dad just sitting back enjoying a little spendetta this evening latin american experience very nice opening i'm liking the way he's extending his vocal here very nice i should try to learn how to play that right there i like that yeah it's a it's a stream you can play in the background a little music if you just need a little background music it's gonna be a good hour or 15 minutes of some nice music i'm just chilling stone relaxing easing my pain and enjoying it those is it's been a nice weather day here today not so much oh it's nice you start off nice mellow nice sound mellow that's fine sit back and enjoy the music cowboy okay foreign wow there we go another song looking forward to seeing him spice it up a little bit yes is i like i really like the soft guitar sound on these things foreign my yeah it's very enjoyable nice oh yeah you i really like how i really like how he started off nice and mellow really enjoying how he started off with three nice mellow soft musical songs because i've done a couple of his reactions but very powerful very strong very fast so i'm looking forward to hearing maybe some of that but being that it's a unplugged session maybe he slows it keeps it nice and mellow going with all the bellow stuff let's find out vera b i need a pick when i play foreign nice good is there we go now we got a little yeah unfortunately i thought it was going to be charlie as well but spinetta beat him out just barely but my next one will be charlie though my next one will be charlie yeah i won't do i won't do another poll the next one will be the next stream uh probably monday or tuesday will be will be charlie because tomorrow so it is stereo and then oasis on saturday but yeah here's the poll here the poll was really tight um i thought for sure when i first thought did it i thought for sure it was going to be uh popple so i was surprised now it's tight again um but yeah here's the poll here so it's tied again people kee people are still voting but definitely up instead of doing another poll i got enough info here that next my next my next dream is going to be charlie garcia absolutely because i certainly thought it was going to be popple first but then i when i went to bed and i woke up it was still charlie and then spinetta grabbed the lead today so they charlie just tied it again a few minutes ago so either one was a win i had to pick one at the time and at the time when i had to pick it it was panetta up by one percent so i went with it and charlie will be the next one i stream without a doubt no issue with that looking forward to that big time cannot wait but i did have like close to 800 volts that's great love that gary is is i do like your name willie bong and thank you for following yesterday i appreciate that here's my smokey bomb ariel thank you for following i do appreciate that thank thing is i just copied that link put it in my discord under maybe i'll do that maybe i'll do the charlie and spin that at the end of the show and copy the link i have the link thank you has charlie and spanetta did a full concert together for like an hour and a half well there's a video of that would that be something i'd like to look at down the road as well so tomorrow night will be soda stereo nice accordion nice guitar foreign either way foreign man i want to grab my guitar and start playing i love this guitar oh did they a little bit's good but too much is not good right that was beautiful so nice that was pretty i like that i enjoyed that that was soft very nice nice accordion sounds mtv sessions are so peaceful moment is is i am really enjoying his his voice here it's just nice and soft well willie did any part of that album they worked on get released or did just nothing ever came of it this yes yeah i i am a little surprised only because i've done like four or five spinetta reaction tunes and one of them was really explosive and they've all been very fast paced except the one mtv unplugged when i did the all the others have been fast paced exciting fast loud so it's been it's been kind of nice to sit back and just chill and relax and enjoy this soft peaceful sound i love it incredible i will upload this to youtube later with subtitles so hopefully that'll work as well we shall see let's go what was that diego how are you my friend good to see you just enjoy some nice softness of spinetta here man very calming which is nice yes it's very nice though i love it very grande how's your thursday going diego know is is is is greetings friends hope you're enjoying the great sounds of luis uh um i think it's all it's just beautiful soft music now love it i wasn't expecting this i thought it would be louder and faster i'm really enjoying this i came off of india the last couple of nights really good hey bo i'm loving it man it is softness beautiful smooth slow calming loving it i can't believe i got nearly 800 votes on that ball oh did you see the pole i ran uh for this stream i was gonna take one more look at the pole in case you haven't seen it i ran i started a poll last night because i wanted to try something different so i thought yeah let me run a poll so i ran this paul it's tied now but spanetta's led most of the day charlie led up until this morning but now it's well it's hard for you guys to see that hold on yes you should be able to see that now hold on so yeah i thought i'd go go this way and i thought for sure when i put this pole up first i thought for sure it was going to be popple man i thought papa was going to run away with this it was going to be popple like 80 percent popple boy was i wrong i just know even last place damn but i figured charlie would be good uh i thought spanetta but yeah charlie was way ahead late last night and then charlie uh spanetta just took off today man but the thing is what i'm happy about is 759 voters you know that's what i'm really happy about right there 750 that's awesome about 59 of them couldn't have shown up for the stream to enjoy it with us because this is beautiful sound i love the sound i thought for sure it was going to be loud and boisterous and rocky like it has been with the reactions that i've done to him but i am really really enjoying the softness yeah i'm gonna i got a video i'm gonna play at the end of this this this mtv session i got a video of charlie and spanetta together i'm going to play that but my next live stream tomorrow is going to be soda stereo saturday be oasis so maybe sunday or monday will be charlie garcia would sunday be a good day for charlie garcia is that a good day in argentina for uh you know like at maybe six seven o'clock or is that i don't know maybe sunday i'll do uh charlie garcia on sunday possibly i don't know we'll see but he's coming up next though he'll be soon it'll be the next one i do outside of my regular uh soda stereo tomorrow so looking forward to that and probably saru garu i think it is something along that line whatever i can find a good video link i will roll with let's roll unless he's done an mtv as well because these always seem to be really good i want to get back to this beautiful sound i love this guitar sound i love his vocal here his vocals really nice man but he's just so calming very calming outstanding beautiful music beautiful sound i have been told to stay away from the neutral later charlie stuff because of drugs apparently good to see you is that's the way to do it i find just do what you want to do and do it probably the best way to lead life foreign ariel doesn't understand my english well can you let her know that i do reactions to this type of music over on youtube there on my links if she or he's not familiar with my youtube channel that's a really nice piano beautiful guitar we got accordion it's really nice i can honestly say i don't recall ever seeing an acoustic bass once again soft beautiful very nice luigi video good job okay i'm going to copy that i'm going to copy that put that in my discord ball and if i ever need it i got a copy of it the carlos awesome oh violin this is nice up like this front of an orchestra oh really i'm sure spanetta loves that didn't get it is foreign just such a s awesome softness to this whole session so far outstanding i had no idea what mtp mtv unplugged was before i started this channel yeah that was pretty sweet him up there with that orchestra like that wow and like i truly blown away that he's just been he's been so soft here man because you know i did the one reaction to him on youtube to this session i don't remember what song it was i'm hoping i'll remember if i see it shortly but i thought i was going to be because the other ones i've done was a lot of action man he was like whoa fired up so yeah man i'm really taken back by how soft and smooth and subtle this is and how how relaxing it is man i am loving this this is just very nice so awesome big time i love him just standing up there like that just being it man yo steve what's going on buddy how you doing ah doing good enjoying some spanetta from argentina tonight the winner i may try a little fortnite later maybe your man this is so relaxing man this is awesome yeah i've seen the box tournaments coming up so that's good keep practicing bro keep practicing me okay man i didn't know spinetta was like this man i didn't know he was like just able to kick back like this because it reminds me of what freddie what freddie mercury could do from queen man you just throw them up there with a mic and let him do his thing and he's just smoking it man he's just killing it vocally it's outstanding man like seriously fuck i love that i had no idea was doing this man i'm so happy got to see this because i can't react to everything on youtube it's so hard to get so many i got to mix it up so it's nice when i can alleviate some of that pressure over here on twitch and see some stuff but man i definitely look at reacting to some of this over there oh my lordy yes oh my lord yes i wanted to say something to stephen when i paused there and i forgot hmm okay look we'll come back to me in a few minutes natural i love them just hanging here like this chilling man me i forgot bro i wanted to say something that was directed to you which was favorable um i didn't but i didn't want to say it drew and him singing so i paused to say it say it to you but then i got talking about spin out of there then i forgot what i wanted to say to you it'll come back to me i hope probably just had to do a commitment and keep fighting keep rolling keep grinding i think but it might not have been when i get finished with the uh sort of stereo album i want to do part two tomorrow to advertise tomorrow night's stream when i finish show the stereo dynamo remind me and i'll i'll look at this album as a review next so keep on me about that please like in a week and a half and i'll do this i'll do that i'll be your match no tomorrow will be dynamo part two album review i did uh part one i did the first four songs on the album already i don't know if you saw my reaction i did an album review already i started dynamo i'm not going to stream it i'm going to continue that on youtube and then down the road i will stream i will stream uh the album here but right now part two will be the next four songs on the album i did part one check it was like last week i don't know if you saw it or not but i started that album review last week so i did the first four i'm gonna do the next four tomorrow to promote tomorrow night's stream and then later on down the road i'll stream dynamo as a complete package but right now i'm just gonna break it down on youtube part two and then i'd probably be four parts yeah one moment let me check it let me make sure it didn't get blocked so where's that album with you okay yeah it's right there so it didn't get blocked yeah so i did sort of stereo album review dynamo part one five days ago so i'm gonna do part two tomorrow morning neutral i'm not sure yet what i'm going to stream tomorrow night for soda it might be two different things i might do a documentary plus a 50-minute tv special i have with them my oh thinking so differently than what i've seen but i'm loving it i've loved the softs and stuff it's sound and the local big time just there in his own doing his thing man making beautiful sounds you know when i did the poll i thought for sure it was going to be popple riff i thought yeah i'm going to get the rock to some riff oh i was looking forward to that then this then the poll started three four hundred votes like charlie running away with it man like charlie was at 37 percent spinetta was at like 18 everybody else was like really low and i woke up and it was whoa okay it changed real tight it was tied but then spinetta pulled the head when i had to make my decision i said okay i gotta make the decision now at three o'clock i went i looked and he was up one point so i had to go spin it um because i had to get ready so i thought for sure i'd be rolling with some maybe papo first uh and then i thought for sure was gonna be charlie so i was getting ready for charlie mentally and then with spanetta popping up in the lead i was like okay you know i did four or five of his songs i get a little taste of what he's about but it wasn't about all this this this is beautiful like i know i did the one song from this session that i reacted to on youtube but i was just one song at like 15 tunes it's tunes you're just rolling through tones here but i'm really enjoying his softness his uh his smoothness is chill his chills is crazy man if you know what i mean by that his coolness he's a cool dude fuck i'm just loving it man i'm really happy you know so good great sounds new sounds to me man just makes me relax i feel i'm just so relaxed right now i'm stoned nice relaxed hear great music that's got some names in here i enjoy talking with when they're here outstanding man well it's all about loving it got to do this keep rolling every day yeah i can't wait for soda tomorrow night though baby and a waste of saturday can't wait for them that two days baby i'm gonna love them these dreams yeah probably charlie maybe sunday hey steven are you still here i just remembered i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna back that up stephen are you still here uh just reminding myself so don't forget again yeah the fifa on my desktop my right desktop there that's my but that was a buddy of mine he's another reactor he was streaming he was streaming gaming that wasn't me i was just i just i was hosting him i just finished streaming and it went to host to him so yeah that's the only fifa i've done i'd like to play some fifa soccer i would i like it but i don't have it but that even on instagram other people i will feed for fifa yeah that wasn't me that was my friend of mine that's what i wanted to talk about man i love paul comes in providing you some nice lyrics and understanding what i'm listening to man i love that what it's all about nice connections even though it's small right now i'll get back i'll get back to my 19 average why were they clapping there i appreciate it man those beautiful lyrics they mean them so softly is well i know there's a bee by that end so thanks bro i appreciate that this beautiful guitar man all night i love it it gives me hope that i can play mine a little bit nice david aerodynamics you know you gotta love these sessions you know being up there by himself like that you know yeah he's got the piano guy and other people behind him they're but you know this last few he's pretty much focused on himself so he doesn't have the full band rocking and rolling with him where he can fuck up and just you know just go with the floor he's got to be on he's sounding so good man he's i can't get over how good this at a lot i love i'm not i'm so happy i got to hear this whole session man incredible because i'll tell you man spanetta got a lot of love request comments for me early on once i once i started with soda stereo man i started seeing that name spanetta right away right away you know i went with indio second laranga third radablanca fourth and then i think i would i did rift fifth or sumo i did fifth um but uh throughout all that spinetta spinetta spinetta spinetta spinetta spinetta and then i did a spinetta i did a few spinettas and i did one i couldn't upload though because i i really enjoyed it i was pumped i was happy about it but i didn't understand the lyrics and then i found out it was there was family tragedies so i didn't want to upload it because i was laughing it's like just loving it man loving the excitement loving the anger loving what i was seeing but without knowing the background storyline so i just i didn't feel right uploading it with me being that happy about what i just watched you know what i mean but i loved it i think it was maybe fido piez charlie spanetta and somebody's wife and child tragedy something yeah yeah i just couldn't upload it it just didn't feel right it was a great reaction loved it but i didn't know the storyline i could upload it without issue probably uh people probably would have understood but i just i didn't know the storyline so i didn't go with it okay but i'm loving now seeing the the complex lyrics that beau has been providing and others have been providing earlier and the way he's singing it so softly and abruptly and breaking and just suddenly it's it's it's like loving loving this choice tonight man so let me do this regularly now with the polls man but like i said i got an idea and charlie you know the they pretty much ended up tied um but when i had to make the call it was spinetta but that it's charlie's gonna be the next one i'm not doing another poll i'll do another poll after i do charlie and then i'll break it down between because i want to get laurenga in there i want to get radha blanca in there again and lorenga for sure i need lorena there's the third one i want to get sumo in there i don't know we'll mix it up tomorrow night baby can't wait till tomorrow night sort of babies gustav oh do you think this time's a good time eight o'clock argentina time is that a good time which is seven o'clock my time which is fine i just don't know how you guys roll over there i don't know if you eat late dinners at eight o'clock at night i don't know so yeah let me know if eight o'clock argentina time is good and i will roll with that that's my time let's go let's roll i'm just i love this man i i'm digging this big time yeah somebody earlier mentioned that uh that they tried to do an album together maybe willie went and they couldn't do it didn't get done they wanted to kill each other a good time okay i've seen that they there's some videos they've done individually on youtube that i've done i've looked at like even ariel earlier who seemed to be a spinetta fan i believe had said that they hadn't heard the softness of this music he was playing so yeah it looked like he put a nice set together for this i don't want to leave me foreign play space live me when are you doing that stephen oh you want me to mod you okay hold on see you thank you yeah i'll talk about that after this song stephen i don't want to pause this at the moment how are you my friends oh okay i want to talk about flacco as well a really nice soft baseline in the background massages okay outstanding okay i want to hit up on a couple of things here yeah what says a what's the elf the al flaco i saw when gran when bo came in he mentioned grand flocco spina spanetta i when i hear flacco i think of joel flack or a quarterback from the uh whoever he playing for now denver maybe so what's flacco mean in spanish because then grand digno just came in and said el flacco if you're gonna let me know what flacco means without me having to translate that that'd be awesome because google sucks flacco spinetta is a thin is a thin person thin thin person sounds good grand dick though awesome bo grand dicto here's uh i don't know if you're familiar with him he's from a band uh in argentina who i reacted to uh i think kakanini or something i think yeah something along that line enjoyed the reaction big time loved it okay uh one moment to talk about moderation uh stephen yeah i could definitely think about that look at that i when i do my music stream when i do my music stream it's all i don't know if you can see it with all the windows i do my music stream it's all done let me see an obs okay so i have full control of my stream so no matter what i'm doing somebody comes in and there's a dick i get more i always give people two two posts if they come in with a post that could be go either way okay i'll give them the first one the second one the third one i just gotta click if you can see way over on the right in the chat where i'm pointing in the chat i'm on bo's name thin skinny i just gotta click that once and they're gone so i have full control when i do the music but when i'm gaming it's different because i'm not looking at this i'm looking at the game i need to alt tab to get to this so i definitely need moderators for what i'm gaming uh but for when i'm doing music it hasn't been an issue because i have full control of it man trust me one click they're gone i see somebody come with a stupid name one click they're gone see somebody post a stupid link one click they're gone uh i can't do that when i'm gaming though so yeah i'm definitely into that bro yeah i'm definitely into that man like you know i i have two mods right now but they're not as active as i'd like them to be uh but they they're doing their own thing it's understandable and the time and for me my main mod is the time thing like he's like eight hours ahead of me so it's like four o'clock in the morning for him right now so he's always available in the round when i play earlier in the day and do stuff earlier in the day but yeah yeah i could see i could see that happening even i just hang tight i wouldn't be gaming more so yeah but just i just want to let you know because a lot of people ask me about that and just i have just such great control doing it this way in uh obs with my music gaming is a different story gaming i got all tab out and fucking in the mcdi when i'm doing it type thing you know what i mean but here it's full control so i what i'm doing my music i really don't but it'd be nice to have yeah so yeah we'll talk about it okay let me get back i'm gonna get rid of that i love that display though man okay so once again we'll be popping in late i ran a poll i ran a poll i'm gonna look at it again let me look at my poll again i ran a poll on my youtube page on my community page i got like 760 votes which isn't i i love that yeah i got 30 000 but i love seven you know 700 people clicked i picked you know love that we're gonna have a look at that i want to have i want to see how it's sitting now an hour and a bit into it okay so about to hit 37 000

um yeah so it's still tied man 772 votes yeah you can't see it hold on i gotta kill that but yeah so like 28 comments close to 70 up thumb 772 votes spinetta and charlie still i'd like to know the actual night doesn't give you the actual number of votes though man i'd like to see if it's like 328 votes to 327 votes so at the end of this stream with spinetta i got a five-minute video of a video of charlie and spinetta together that was given to me at the beginning of the stream that i'm going to end the stream with being that they were tied so i'll do that video and then my next stream outside of soda stereo tomorrow night will be charlie garcia baby oh yeah absolutely dvdos did well radablanca i'm looking forward to it okay let's get back finish this great music sound off i don't want to lose my vibe i'm feeling it enjoying it let's roll baby oh all right hovering over my link hovering over that lake baby i'll i'll do that as the charlie stream what do you think bo hover over that link oh hover over that link man i i've never seen an acoustic bass before and i was heavy to the music scene when i was in my club scene when i retired in 2004 i just i pretty much stopped listening to the music but from 1981 to 2004 i didn't listen to any new music because everything went in one ear out the other at my club i just had to make sure that a lot of the music playing we were happy so i didn't watch a lot of new music anything i listened to was old school so when i started this channel a year and a half ago for the first time i heard some incredible bass kicking from japan on drumming from uh baby metal camiband and with band made the first band i reacted to japan five girl female band named band made mesa first time i saw a six string bass now i'm seeing a four-string acoustic bass man i've never seen one i gotta buy one because i love bass i had a wrecking backer back when i was a kid 17 before i got to the club business i can play a little bit of bass but my god look at that i love that thing i'm going to be going on amazon after the stream and looking at what something like that might cost i would love to have something like that i could sit here playing along every stream i do with that the guitar is different but the bass i could play softly in the background man i love that let's roll um nice to see ariel still hanging and chilling enjoying the music that's fine bo i'm dropping frames so it could could be a little something on my end look at that john how are you my friend good to see you popping in thanks for popping some soda stereo tomorrow night yeah now it's up to 345 drop frames i usually don't see any drop frames only 01 but still could be affected no issues bro it's all good buddy it was good i'm hoping they call me tomorrow yeah so i don't forget yeah i had a job interview yesterday it seemed to go well the place is impeccable it's a mold tool and mold machine shop and it's a driver job which i'm really good at doing but it's also if you're not doing driving you're kind of cleaning up the place but the place is spotless man so i'm like yeah okay i think i can handle that it's nice to know when i come back from doing some runs in the truck that i just not doing stuff to try to look busy and keep busy without really focusing on getting anything done so it's good to know that at least yeah i come back i can you know i know i got some stuff i need to do you know take the lawnmower go cut the grass around the building you know clean up the park do my thing you know and then do delivery so i think i'll enjoy that uh looks like the pay will be great uh he said he said he's gonna put my uh resume in the pile for the next round of interviews um but when he taught we talked about passports i don't i don't have a passport i don't want to cross the border i don't like crossing the border but i told him if i have to you know i i'll do it if the pay's right he asked me how much i wanted i told him he seemed cool with it so we'll see if i get the call tomorrow but then i got a call from my ex my previous boss will help deliver flowers for many years over she needs some help next week so maybe i'll help her out a little bit but yeah i need a full-time job man i just i'm not making enough doing what i'm doing online not that i want to stop doing i just just i gotta pay bills and i gotta you know get the right shit done so it's good it's getting there slowly but it's getting there um yeah and plus a job for me is great for my my my five injuries man because it keeps my shoulders loose keeps my arms loose my knee and my hip my back loose he's just sitting around doing this shit all day every day ain't good for me man i ain't moving so i got to get moving again and the money's good then you know just go shopping not worrying about brands or pricing get it you know it's all good but yeah we'll see i hope so it's a it's a 15-minute drive but each way so it's not too bad um the hours look like they'll be decent so if i do get the full-time job i'll still be able to do three videos every night i'm hoping and live stream hard on the weekend all day all day saturday all day sunday if i can okay let's go thanks for the luck on that i hope i get it no we'll see yeah like my rat's very low but oh i would love that video man i'm gonna copy that see if i can find that on youtube be a nice documentary movie night hey trust me if i had if i had 4 000 people paying me a dollar a month for my patreon i wouldn't be working if i could if if i could do this full-time all day every day and especially if i could do it all day every day on youtube streaming this like right here could you imagine if i'm streaming this on youtube instead of here you know those 756 people that voted maybe 400 of them are hey they're on youtube man they took the time to where they may pop in and check this out but it's not easy to get people to go to a different platform from a different country you know what i mean so yeah i'd love to do this full-time i just i can't afford to do it full-time you know i have been trying to do it full-time with while the time available to me to do it but it's it's it's not a easy adventure for me i'm an old white guy man you know i just try to stay on top of it keep it active keep it out there you know what i mean and anytime i've really got rolling my health has kicked me in the ass and shut me down so i deal with that but we try but yeah i would love to see that video man charlie spinetta and serati like a documentary i'm gonna search that that would be definitely a nice movie night absolutely man absolutely like i said i think i'm just gonna keep doing this so they shut me down if i lose this twitch channel but i don't lose my twitch and gaming channel i'm fine with that at least i had a good run playing some good music here you know a lot of they don't lose my youtube channel i gotta try my best not to lose my youtube channel so i'm actually gonna start i'm gonna start up a new channel outside of everything in case i lose my channels but there's a high probability uh reactors lose their channels often but i'm gonna make a link in sync channel and i'm gonna do a bunch of argentinian stuff link and sync i'm gonna utilize my 60 of viewers that use android and pc that can do link and sync and and try to build something there with full 100 no copyright i may i can make something good with that i won't get the big views but at least i can run my own ads so i'm thinking about that i may start a new lincoln sync and make everything lincoln sync maybe you need to click a link to hear what music and see what video i'm looking at it's the best way to do it watch the best videos don't gotta pause and there's no copyright and the channel that the video comes from gets the view which is also awesome so there's a it's a win-win for everybody so i'm going to start that soon so you're going to see me doing some you want to see some lincoln sink spanetta lincoln sink soda popping up in a new channel i don't know what it's going to be called yet um but i'm gonna get that ready in case i lose my channels on youtube because they're gonna be a big purge coming gotta roll let's go all right what's going on speaking of moderators here's one what's happening yeah which is why i stopped back to work good job i had a job interview yesterday i'm hoping i may get it's a great great looking tool mall shop marcelo torres bass player dude i love him man i love him just coolness man he's just like yeah he reminds me of a few people in my life foreign i don't know what number four is okay so i'm going to back that up a bit i don't know if i'll catch that but please i can say french and oh no now i'm speaking think under twat and the twa cassexy set quattro yo got a new phone what kind of phone you get ryan yeah i got a i got a new phone a few months ago i got a samsung s10 i love it the battery's amazing man i just gotta charge it once a week it's fucking great okay let's roll cinco says oh no subtitles okay well we'll check it out you know i could this is what i could do i could download those videos i have a download i could download those videos without subtitles and then i could download them and then i can probably add subtitles where it'll pick up the subtitles from the audio but then my vocal would be over top of it so there'd be a double subtitle to be my subtitle and then there will be his subtitle the the subtitle of the video that is possible oh so yeah you got the bigger bigger fatter one the note i don't like that the real big ones i like the the note concept yeah i used to have an earlier note foreign ah it's too hard to see it's one of my big buds oh yeah they're good man we've had piano action violin wonderful backup vocals accordion keyboards incredible beautiful bass guitar line uh spinetta just killing it with the guitar man i play the guitar i it's not great that's not great acoustic so i love acoustic so much i played bass when i was younger i actually got it right i got it behind me pull it out every once in a while like if you check the channel points i actually got you can cash in points for me to play my guitar click that little blue red color circle channel point and you can cash in points that you gather from watching my stream i pulled out my guitar for five minutes just lay it now and then i haven't done it yet though no more dabs ryan i nearly fucking passed out one night man i did a dive without thinking about it my head started spinning and i wasn't good i got 44 000 on my other pc over here i was thinking of adding one where you could make me switch to a gaming stream or if i'm in a gaming stream i can switch to music streams now i don't know his background i know gustavo like to indulge in drugs or maybe alcohol what about spinetta is he possibly high here is he possibly drunk here what was his info take on that sets about him or was he clean i'm not sure who the drummer is but he's been nice cigarettes thank you willie ball with the f4 thank you how about that he's kicking it up now cigar the albert rogers as well hey what's that car show ryan yeah i don't i don't need that much because i got my wi-fi and i get to use google maps if i need without wi-fi or data that's a good deal though uh oh so 125 complete 970 among 10 gigs but i've been with them for a long time cigarette and that's how the best are man they wake up they do what they do the guitar you know that thing's always in his hand near him guaranteed man how good was that i couldn't pick out the tune that i reacted to on youtube from this session i only heard it one to one time and it was like maybe a month and a half ago and 140 videos later but they're all great man i love that i hope i get to upload this to youtube man if not i'm gonna post in my paul community thing my link here just to show them how the stream right you know get a little extra marketability but yeah tomorrow night so the stereo guys probably gonna do a uh short documentary and then i got a 50 minute stream from them on a tv show that's really good no copyright issues at all so it's a very uploadable video to youtube after but how awesome would it be to be in on a session like that eh you know the shoulder session you know the nirvana session and all these great mtv sessions these tight sessions like this man it'd be awesome to be there and experience that alive even me not knowing who the dude was i'd be fucking loving that big time first time hearing it like i did tonight i'd love it man somebody said yo man let's go check this dude though ah let's go i would have loved it i'd be up there fucking yo without a doubt bro outstanding oh i know you can be goofy and funny too i saw him running around on a video earlier today with a fucking siren on his back crazy it's funny yeah good stuff man okay so we're gonna i got one more video to play before i finish this stream it's a video of charlie and spanetta together so i'm gonna give me a moment to load that up i'm gonna we'll watch that uh simply because the pole ended up being a tie uh between both spinetta and charlie garcia boxcar what's going on let me see it al guardo i'm trying to test my memory bro i don't think i think that's the same one i said last time isn't it hopefully i'll get it right one of these days i just got to see a post on youtube one more time okay so i'm going to play this video let me grab this video on my discord this is a video of charlie garcia and spanetta together let me load this baby up let me just make sure it's a good link first i know it's a good link but i like to get the i don't like the mobile links man they trace that crap differently for me so we're going to end this stream with this little video of charlie garcia it's been that uh and it's called who oh and i guess pedro azanar whoever that is so charlie garcia spanetta and pedro aznar paluca telefonica public telephone no public's not polka right yeah your name i'm still trying to get it bro i thought i had it the other day and it wasn't okay so let's check this out we'll hear a little bit of charlie uh because my poll ended up being a tie each at 28 so yeah let's check it out enrique no it's not enrique is it enrique no miles what's going on enrique okay enrique okay what did i say i said in guardo didn't i i'm getting close how are you good to meet you good to see ya thanks for visiting my channel and enjoying a little bit of spanetta earlier for an hour and a half i'm going to finish it off with a little charlie is i may have to do a baby metal stream like helen helen no oh they're just they're having fun here aren't they okay ariel thank you thank you for popping in i appreciate it have yourself a great night we'll see you again soon i hope okay thank you thanks miles good yeah that mtv unplugged was outstanding in english not skinny i might do a game one i'm not sure yet that's not charlie on the left that don't look like charlie that i've seen oh i love argentina man i try to do it hard to see the video every day man and an album full of this would be outstanding wasn't it yeah i've got a lot of people inviting me to argentina man so i know i can definitely go to argentina and have uh okay so charlie on the right oh the box cap we got some oasis coming saturdays tomorrow we got soda stereo soda stereo yes banana looks good there man i i wouldn't have thought that was panetta on the left i would have thought that was about to write first my initial thought but yeah great stuff man yeah while we're on this i'm just going to tell you a little story so i got i got it about about about three weeks ago i got a twitter message from a guy in argentina and his dad his birthday was coming up or his uncle that or uncle's birthday was coming up which was like a few couple days ago so he asked me if i could do a video for him so i thought okay i'll give me a link i'll react to it and he wasn't responding like everybody throws me 10 links so then i realized no i think he wants me to make a personal because he was a big subscriber he enjoyed my videos panetta and charlie so i thought okay maybe he wants me to make a personal video wishing him a happy birthday and that was the ticket so i made a video i had a nice picture of charlie and and uh spinetta in the background and i just i talked for like a couple of minutes just wishing the guy happy birthday thanks for being a subscriber thanks for enjoying my videos you know so i sent it to him and and and uh and the father the uh grandfather messaged me yesterday loved it man loved it loved it you know that was awesome you know see you guys you know people don't see that behind the scenes that's not a video should that maybe i should put that video up on my channel i don't know did i put those happy birthday videos on my channel i don't know i should ask him if i maybe i should ask him if it's okay if i upload that to my youtube channel what do you think i think i should do that and then but then i'm gonna get so many requests for that but it's good you know i guess i'm a funeral maybe a passing i'm i'm up for that i've had people say yo rob man that too it's so good to hear that too my dad died we played that at his funeral was so beautiful i hear you react to it again and make me think of my dad i get a lot of that yeah maybe i'll maybe i'll ask you if i don't know if i still have it yeah i think it's on my google drive still maybe okay ryan have a good night at work bro well i'll catch with you on the weekend we'll play some games on the week i'm close installing gta 5 again i'm freeing up some space for it yeah like i wouldn't just do it like that's what which is why i haven't done it i would ask him first you mind if i upload that to my channel that was a personal thing maybe he doesn't want to share with anybody maybe i get a million subs in 20 years when i die well that's his personal moment with me you know what i mean let's finish this dude off outstanding night man loved it hey if youtube would let me i'd be doing this 10 hours a day on youtube man well one day on youtube in 10 hours i would stream fucking all the five bands i listed in that poll today an hour and a half each baby all day long but they don't let me do that it's unfortunate but i understand why not my cockpit i'm surprised i get to do what i do here on twitch man i know this is going to end soon i'm going to have fun with it while we have it okay guys man how about that that was outstanding i'm gonna try to get this uploaded i hope this video i just played at the end doesn't copyright me but we should we will see i'm gonna upload this to youtube oh if i stream listen box if if youtube said yeah i could stream music all day every day um every day man it'd be my full-time job stream every day the music my four close to forty thousand subs or sub two instead of streaming over here for you know one point four thousand oh big difference uh let me see if i can get the title here i'll give you give you an idea of the title it's called soda stereo bada and cia 1988 and it's oh it's only half an hour and it's a half hour show and i'm told it's from a tv show they're on tv so i'm probably gonna look at that and maybe uh hour plus documentary maybe again i'll see what's available i'll see what i'm feeling like tomorrow uh but tomorrow i'm gonna do part two tomorrow of dynamo so there'll be two or three songs three or four songs from dyno mode tomorrow part two um promoting the stream tomorrow night but people not gonna be streaming sort of tomorrow night uh dude i love this fucking spinetta man that was outstanding uh 2100 seven o'clock eight o'clock eight nine ten eleven twelve yeah i think twenty one hundred eight pm argentinian time seven pm my time you're one hour ahead of me yeah i'm not really fast on military time i know sixteen hundred is four o'clock eighteen hundred six o'clock yeah eight o'clock your time if you're if you're in argentina seven o'clock eastern standard time right now fadia is our ed sullivan show oh is it really okay so yeah that'll be fun so yeah i'm sure that's a big show for them back in 88 man that's maybe the earliest i've seen them do i think i'm looking forward to that okay guys gotta roll i'm thinking about playing some gaming i'm not sure yet i gotta see how i feel i uh just gotta stay on track in case i get that job i don't wanna be i've been sleeping crazy the last few days that's not good sleeping in i gotta get back on track okay guys gotta roll loved it hopefully i get this uploaded to youtube man would be awesome and uh we'll see you tomorrow night if you're into some more soda stereo tomorrow man can't wait uh stephen you'll see me pop up if i do something okay guys unless it's offline okay guys i gotta roll have a great sounding evening and i will see you again soon love you all man take care

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