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Louis Tomlinson – Breaking Down Walls: Chapter 4 Don't Let It Break Your Heart


How are you doing All right? Tell me about your new single I'm looking forward to the new single The title is “Don't Let It Break Your Heart” I thought “Kill My Mind” should be a fan's favorite This song is a great chorus with a great chorus and the lyrics are relatively sweet so I'm confident Musically compelling and cool "It's the best support for everyone! Thank you for coming to the live today ' "Thank you for the live" "The next single is" Don't Let It Break Your Heart "" "Make it automatic! 』 "What's wrong? 』 "A manual that wasn't automatic wasn't driven for months" "At what pitch are we? 』 How was the first line born? A year ago, it was a year ago when I wanted to make a song as hopeful as possible Let's keep working hard even if we face the challenges of life

Source: Youtube

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