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Louis Tomlinson – Breaking Down Walls: Chapter 3 The Shows and Fans


How are you doing All right? Unfortunately we can not cover Madrid due to budget, but please come back next time Yeah I want you to talk about that experience As I said before, the live is going to be a little bit A radio show or a one-track performance But this was the first headline show that performed 10 songs How many are mobilized? I guess I should know I don't know, but it seemed to be a lot Many Many seemed to be having a lot of fun More than Doncaster? Was it small? There are so many! Many, but that does n’t make a valid comparison 120 pieces or pieces I was tired of wanting to go on a tour for a long time It ’s been a few years, right? Oh, usually I'm super nervous before a popular TV show Don't get me wrong But it was more exciting than that I was excited to do it because I thought it was worth it I was looking forward to the fulfillment from the end But sometimes I didn't think so differently Sometimes I was about to lose pressure on stage It ’s almost full I basically don't do flashy productionsI want to leave it to the flow of that time rather than the decided production Liam you love is called a “ meister of stationary ism '' because it stands still without trembling Certainly he is a Meister and powerful with incredible power Many of your fans are from the one direction era Fans' lives may have changed drastically and may be moving in new directions And have you noticed a change in the audience since your music was a mature new song? Interesting question, I don't think I've done many live shows yet But, for example, looking at Spotify and Instagram data analysis, I was glad that the ratio of men and women was narrower than before By the way, Spotify earns amazing numbers One single has 45 million views The newest singles are already catching fans who have already played 6 million or 7 million views Certainly I'm not having fun separately because my songs are not particularly for Spotify It's not a kind of song that will be streamed massively with Spotify So it's luxurious to have a fan who follows me It's interesting that you know that the fans are following me Many bands we meet on radio stations are desperate to get such fans But do you want to do that in your case? For example, would you like to take a band and live in Dublin Castle or Putney Half Moon? It's a bit, but it's my personal feeling It's important to balance my needs with the needs of the fans If you take the middle, both will be happy If you bias too much, things will be complicated I have a very good relationship with my fans I experienced a lot of difficult times, but I didn't think I was the type of person that said After all, the support of the fans permeated my heart most during hard times Some people have a really good relationship with their fans, but some people say it's for the fans, but it makes sense When you go to see your (live), you can expect to be full of young women You could lose that fanbase, you got interested in something else But isn't it very encouraging for fans to follow me? Of course, it's important to believe that it's important to be in trust I think that if you start a full-fledged tour activity with music and comments in interviews, you can feel a sense of accomplishment with your fans Because the enthusiasm of the fans is amazing Fans are smart and I have to be charming too I have to eat the sweets I got because I'm thin Really? I'm glad I got that saying because I gained a little bit

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