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Louis Tomlinson – Breaking Down Walls: Chapter 2 A Weekend In Southend


how are you? All right? Is the MV of "Kill My Mind" Charlie Lightning (directed)? so For those who don't know Charlie Lightning, Charlie is a videographer for Paul McCartney and has worked on numerous MVs for Beady Eye and Liam Gallagher, working with many great artists I work with me and Louis Yeah lol) It would be encouraging if you told me to work with you and in between meanwhile, Retchiri and Ellie Goulding, and so much more, want to express your work? of course! I want you to leave the visuals of your songs Of course I like this kind of music and if I make this kind of music, I can understand the snob temperament of the music industry through my skin, so I thought he might have that kind of thing I was quite surprised if I didn't expect it to be interested (take it) I was confident that I was going to do it What did you talk about him? What I dislike is of a quality that can be refused

In our current relationship, he can suggest something and discuss each other's thoughts straight, but “Kill My Mind” was really good Is Usually when I get a video proposal, I say, "I don't like this, I don't like this," but he knows his proposal is almost perfect There are people in your life who have good tastes and respect, such as music and fashion art, but who do you like? Who is your culturally inspiring partner? I love soccer Danny Dyah's shows are fun, but I've been watching his "Real Football Factories" recently Danny Dya is your idol No! But I'm excited when I see an anarchy hooligan and it's fashion Fashion is also important to you From my point of view I was thinking deeply, but to be honest, I want to see it like a high sword Like a successful artist Exactly! About two public houses can be renovated Yeah so I bought the M4 "Oh my ugger jackpot! 』 "It's like a gambler" "I've poured all my money" Returning to Charlie Lightning, but when is the release of the album where you've been working on videography in addition to MV and have completed the album? What else are you planning? It's been a long time since I released the album that will be released at the end of January, so I'd like to release a whole bunch of new singles in two weeks Six weeks later, I want to release a new single and one more and then clarify my musical identity before releasing the album Which song best describes you as an artist? Actually, do you feel you know the answer? It's fine Isn't it the title song "Walls"? One of the best songs on the album that also captures the influence of Britpop and your personality? "Kill My Mind" is actually a two-track statement of my will It's a strong start Yes, but it doesn't represent the whole album because it's the best advert for the album, so it always comes back to "Walls" It's my favorite song and it always comes to the beginning and end of the song What's going on the first one? "I'm not as surprised when I wake up alone" What Is it so deep?

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