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Louis Tomlinson – Breaking Down Walls: Chapter 1 Reflection


how are you? All right? Start with a full cup Ahh I'm glad to see you again It's been a long time to meet you, right? Maybe I last met 5 years ago I've been listening to the songs for some time The impression is that you have a firm grip on the music you wanted to do The album will be released at the end of January, but it feels like it's full of the joy of living Since I was honestly one direction, there were times when I was convinced that I had to write songs that would meet everyone's expectations You might not have been able to escape from the concept of radio uke, magnificent rust and big hit single that was emphasized in one direction Collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki and BB Lexa was awesome But I was searching for my place, worried about Radio Uke, which was not like me The song was pretty good, but it wasn't a big hit, so you should do whatever you really like What I really want to do is I've been talking about this story many times, but I listened to it as a child And the pop music that was playing on the radio at that time was completely different from the pop music that is currently playing on the radio For example, Arctic Monkeys Oasis Amy Winehouse used to be on pop radio I didn't learn music formally but I thought that was the coolest thing in pop I also wanted to do that kind of music One Direction is temporarily out of music after hibernation I've always listened to it all, relying on mainstream music However, the music played on Radio1 and Capitol no longer echoes But since I was a kid, my new musical discovery was through the radio so I thought I had to go back to basics Dig into the music of a favorite artist from the people involved in work and furthermore the artist that the artist loves And it was suggested that we should go further Who is it? Who will be your idol? He's Liam Gallagher right now, he's important to the industry My favorite gallagher? Oh, your favorite gallagher (laughs) I love Liam's novelty, as I said outside, I think the world should be a little easier, honest, it's rude, and it's interesting He's a self-confident man who is confident in himself and being part of a group like you suddenly broke his own destiny As I grew up through the experience of steering my life myself, I started to make decisions myself Not just musical decisions but everything in my life After I have to learn more over time, there are many people around me who say a lot, so it's important for me to believe in my intuition I understand well It's important not to make a compromise "Kill My Mind" is a work that I can really be proud of, it's a live performance and it's a really lively song It was the first single that seemed really proud to me It's like you Yeah Did you feel open? I've been in ninth year since I met you for the first time at XFactor, but finally came here to do what I wanted to do It may be weird but always within the group especially two or three years after I started, I knew my position well That's why I didn't care so much Of course I always wanted to show the coolest one direction But when it came to solo work, I was writing songs with American producers for another 18 months to 2 years There was a feeling that I was somehow fit into American radio, being guided in the direction of Charlie Puth I don't mean it's bad, but of course I remember when I wrote “Kill My Mind” and spent the whole day vocaling and listening again I was so relieved I was convinced at this time that even if I actually made the music I was drawing in my head, I wasn't very happy to hear it again It took a couple of years to get there Yeah, and I'm not used to this one Direction because it's a work flow, releasing an album once a year and going on a tour Why American and not British? I had a contract with a different American record company, and before that I went through two record companies One of them, a label boss, told me, "You are about 10% too British" Huh? ? What do you mean? ? Do you remember thinking "I don't know what to say" I felt a movement that encouraged me to listen to American radio songs It was a strange experience for me I do not think I gained experience value I started out as a solo artist and suddenly became a member of the group and developed rapidly from that point onI couldn't decide on a solo contract afterwards, but decided to try it after all That's why I learned while I was doing I think that at the beginning of my solo career I relied too much on others But now, after that statement, I'm always trying to be "10% too British" "10% more British" Yes Yes

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