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'Looking for Alaska' Cast on Relating to Their Teen Characters | MTV News


– Hi, I'm Timothy Simons – I'm Denny Love

– I'm Jay – I'm Charlie – My name is Kristine Froseth and we're on the set of 'Looking for Alaska' – [Miles Halter] I go to seek a great perhaps That's why I'm going

To start seeking a great perhaps What is this story about? This story is about a kid from Orlando, Florida who comes to this boarding school in Alabama – It's about him falling in love and some shenanigans that he gets into with some other people from the crew Including me! – To me, it's one of the more realistic portrayals of what it's like to be young, to have friends, to go to parties, to pull pranks – All of the emotions they go through and being that age and not really understanding all that

It's all of your firsts, like your first love, and your first friendships, and struggling with your own identity, and with depression, and loss, and how you deal with that – For us, we wanted to make sure that these characters stood on their own outside of Miles' point of view And that Alaska exists as a fully realized, three dimensional character and that you will understand Alaska more than Miles does and more than you get the opportunity to in the book – Alaska Young she's also quite difficult to summarize She's an enigma

Nice meeting you, Pudge Next time laugh at my story I'd say she's quite different from a lot of people her own age She's an old soul, and was pretty lost, and pretty hurt, but trying to find her way – My character is Miles Halter who is the kid from Orlando, Florida who comes to the school and he's pretty sheltered when we meet him

– The character I play on 'Looking for Alaska,' his name is Chip Martin, aka "The Colonel" – I play Takumi Hikohito

He is kind of like the know all of the crew So he bounces between the different social groups at the high school, but he is devoted to Alaska and the crew – It's been really fun to just be super honest She's very direct She doesn't (laughs) she just says it like it is and I really like that about her

I'm trying to get better at just being, you know, straight up – The Colonel, to me, is like the engine He's like a force of nature Most of the people who'll be seeing this have read the book So he just reads as just hilarious, he's crazy, he has temper problems, but I believe that he has like a heart of gold

– I relate to the character so much so I really feel like, I really was this guy when I was 16 and, you know, I was very shy and to myself, but at the same time really did want to live a pretty extraordinary life if I got the chance to – I think Takumi's journey goes from one of being kind of reserved because he holds so many secrets to eventually revealing how devoted he is and how committed he is to everybody as the story progresses – I relate to The Colonel in multiple ways I think when I was in school I considered myself to be a little bit of a class clown

I was kind of the kid that a lot of my teachers kind of loved to hate, you know? I would create a lot of mischief, but I made the environment in class very light and fun which at times can be great and at times can be very disruptive – I think I relate to his way of thinking, but I think he and I navigated high school very differently – I definitely see myself in lots of the characters, but probably the most in my own – I play Lee "The Eagle" Starnes, who is the Dean of Students at Culver Creek He doesn't fit in with the group of friends at all

Outside of the fact that I think he's a little bit of an outcast himself, but he is the main antagonist to these kids throughout – The chemistry of the cast on these shows is always critical Whether it's your 'OC' group or, you know, the 'Gossip Girl,' whether it's Serena and Blair or the full group together

"The Runaways," the first time we had all "The Runaways" together in a scene bouncing off of each other like that is really what sells it That's what makes it feel like these relationships are lived in That these kids are real That these friendships are real It helps you get invested and immediately the chemistry of the group they're doing secret handshakes, they had codewords, they're dancing together

Just all of it, they gelled so quickly and fell into their characters so quickly that I think that it's gonna really be fun for audiences to see – The campus They will love seeing a visualization of that It will be taken out of their heads and actually put in front of them I think they will love that

And I think they'll probably love seeing the gang do pranks and stuff like that They'll love seeing that – I hope that everyone is able to pick up on the friendship that we have and I think they will just because, you know, you can't really hide that – If you've read the book you will have an experience that hopefully honors the one that you had when you read the book, but also gives you something different And if you've never read the book, hopefully it will be as emotionally satisfying, and funny, and rich as the book is

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