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LL Cool J Joins Steve On Stage | FOX ENTERTAINMENT


– All right, everybody, listen– I'm here with one of the legends of the game, who's going to be performing later on tonight Yeah

I got two time Grammy winner LL Cool J What's going on, baby? What's going on? Good How you doing, L? Feel good What up, what up, what up? Hey, listen, man, in a couple of hours, man, we're going to be ringing in the new decade Yeah

What's one of the highlights for you from the last decade? I mean, this whole decade has been amazing But I think, you know, for me, just this new Rock the Bells station that I've been doing on Sirius XM has been amazing That platform, it's channel 43, it's all the classic, timeless hip hop Like, I'm going to be performing tonight And you know, it just feels good because there's so many artists out there that are getting heard again

And I think classic hip hop is having an amazing renaissance and resurgence And it feels good to be a part of that, and to be spearheading it, you know what I mean? – Absolutely – Yeah Now look, man, you're a native New Yorker No question

How does this feel for you, to be right here, New Year's Eve, Times Square at the [inaudible]? I mean, it's unbelievable You know, I remember being a little kid with the pajamas, with the feet in the bottom You know what I'm say ing? Watching TV, waiting for the ball to drop Now I'm here with the tux on, and all that It feels great

It's an amazing feeling New York, make some noise! [cheering] That's how it feels Yeah, see, you can do that I do that, that won't get the same thing Hey, man, what's your favorite thing about New York City? I love the people

I love the atmosphere I love the vibe I love the energy I love the electricity in the air You know, everybody– you know, there's a certain level of honesty here

There's a certain amount of passion here You know, fans of sports, fans of music – Yeah – Culture You know what I'm saying? New York

And shout out– extra shout out to Queens, too, by the way You know what I'm saying? Yeah How much– how much has New York changed since back in the day? Do you still recognize it? Well, you know what? Times Squars– this is very different from how it used to be – Yeah I mean, you used to have to walk around, you needed plastic on your shoes

You needed a shower cap on your shoes around here But now it's like– it's an amazing vibe The city looks beautiful It looks amazing tonight, as you can see And man, this is a beautiful city

It's the best city in the world, you know what I'm saying? My favorite city – Yeah No question Yeah Yeah

It's changed a lot, man It's changed a lot I mean, there was a time when, you know, get your gazelle snatched or something, you know what I'm saying? – Yeah You know what I mean? I came up, first time in New York, and I was 15 Yeah

I came here with my church choir to [inaudible] I stayed up till 6:30 AM Yeah I didn't even make it to [inaudible]

Yeah, you could disappear back in the day Yeha, I was at Times Square, letting 'em have it Sure Hey, man, what can we expect from your performance later on tonight? Gonna get busy, do that classic hip hop

Have a lot of fun You know what I'm saying? Make sure you stay tuned in You know what I mean? We're gonna get busy All right, let's do it I love you for it

– My man Much love No question No question [music playing]

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