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Live Rescue: Breaking Into the Bank (Season 2) | A&E


– All right, right now we're responding to a forced entry at a Wells Fargo Bank I guess the ATM, there was a couple people trying, I guess, using the ATM and the handle is busted

So they're locked inside PD's on the scene as well Let's go see what we have We're going to wait for a ladder company to get here, see if we can force entry – [inaudible] – Hey, what's up, guys? How are you? All right

How you doing, all right? – This place usually locks it in the wintertime – Nope, not– not even with the card – There should be a motion detector, no? – No, not right there – Huh? – Broken – This one? – Yeah

– And isn't there like a motion that will automatically– – No – –turn it off? Not this one? – Not even with the card? Not even with the card? – Yeah – Everything locks, locks in And this is done – OK

– We got somebody from Stanley Security coming, but– – All right – They do have it? They don't have an ETA? – No ETA – All right – You try to open it? You tried to– – Yeah, this way – –like, push it out and push it in? – Try

Try Try – Yeah Let's try that first – [inaudible] – Go like– [clanking] – OK

[clanking] – You haven't really started, right? – Yeah – OK – OK – NINH – All right, can you hit it with the Halligan now and an axe? Here, grab that axe

Try to hit it up now We'll see– yeah, let's see what we got [clank] Did it go up? Beautiful [clanking] Next Trying not to damage the door too bad, you know? [clanking] We're just trying to figure out the hinge situation here before we do any damage to it first

– Just pop it out – It looks like it wants to come out, man There you go – I'm about to say that [inaudible] – Here we go He's here, right? – Get the door

[inaudible] – All right, you can come out That top thing is– there you go [inaudible] – Man, just they got locked in, that stupid ass [inaudible] – Hey, the white shirt wants to see you

– OK You're good? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – All right – I just came over here for my wife to put some money for her move And she said before 8:00

– Yeah – So I looked at the time It said 7:50 – Mhm – OK, I got time

I opened it up I went inside – All of a sudden, I come out – Click – It wasn't open

It was locked – Yeah, it's designed to close after 8:00 o'clock OK? – I never– I never experienced anything– – No – –like that – I know

I'm glad you guys are all right – I want to thank you I appreciate it – No, no problem Have a good night

We didn't cause any damage to the door It was able to be secured We're going to leave it on the scene with the security officer from here And all occupants were safely removed And they're happy to be out

Source: Youtube

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